Lu Dongbin Playing Peony

It is said that Lu Dongbin, one of the Eight Immortals, was named Chunyangzi, and was said to be a native of Tang Jingzhao. In the legends about him, apart from Jianghuai killing dragons, Yueyang playing cranes, inn drunkenness, etc., there is also the theory of playing peony flower fairy. After a while, the Queen Mother ordered the Peony Fairy to present a flat peach to the Great Immortal. Fairy Peony came to Lu Dongbin hesitantly. Fairy Peony looked back and saw that it was Lu Dongbin. She hurriedly covered her face with her sleeves and said, "You, do you know the fairy rules?" Lu Dongbin said, "Really. When the Queen Mother saw the two great immortals talking about love, she said: "For the sake of the two immortals, the peony will not die, but it will be driven out of the Western Paradise and reduced to the common people! … Continue readingLu Dongbin Playing Peony

Continuation Of The Bright Moon In Liaozhai

Sheng was already hungry after a day of running around, and Mingyue smiled and said, “Young master’s five viscera temple is being sacrificed! It’s a very bright night, and Mingyue invited Sheng to enjoy the moon and flowers in the back garden. Sheng went happily. Sheng walked along with the bright moon, In the garden, there are jagged rocks, bamboo forests, lush flowers, green water flowing, bright light, gentle breeze, hundreds of flowers drooping, terraces and pavilions are well arranged, and there are small pavilions for people to take a rest.” Mingyue sighed to the sky when she heard it. “If you don’t use my concubine’s words, you will regret it. Fengsheng asked where the bright moon is, and the God of Wealth said: “You have been kind to the bright moon in your previous life, and the bright moon has repaid your kindness in this life. Be a resolution. … Continue readingContinuation Of The Bright Moon In Liaozhai