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Yang Dong's mother is a warm-hearted person. Whether it is a homeless beggar or a passerby who is thirsty and hungry, she always brings a bowl of rice and a cup of tea with a smile. When the neighbors and villagers encountered difficulties, big or small, Yang Dong's mother was even more helpful. Everyone praised it, saying that good people will be rewarded with good rewards.

The young Yang Dong was dissatisfied with his mother. Because one day when he came home from school, he found that his beloved little bamboo flute was missing. It was a beautiful purple-red short bamboo flute, which was bought by an uncle who was on a business trip in Shanghai as a gift for Yang Dong's tenth birthday. In the countryside at that time, it was an absolutely rare foreign gadget. Although Yang Dong can't play a complete piece of music, it is like a magic flute. As soon as he plays it, Yang Dong will follow a group of friends behind him, only the one who plays the best with Yang Dong Partner, Yang Dong will generously let him blow it. Now what about the flute?

Yang Dong panicked and asked his mother, who said, "A pair of mother and daughter passed by our house just now. They were so hungry. When they came to our house to rest and eat a bowl of rice, the little girl fell in love with your bamboo flute and refused to leave. , crying with tears and snot, I gave her away, by the way, that little girl is really pretty, with watery eyes…"

Yang Dong burst into tears with a "wow", turned around and ran out. He wanted to recover this most precious treasure, but the mother and daughter had long since disappeared. Later, Yang Dong ignored his mother 's ghost and beautiful soul for several days, but his mother was still willing to do good.

Yang Dong has grown up, but his mother was lying on the bed due to a serious illness, quickly depleting the family wealth that he hadn't accumulated much. Yang Dong worked desperately everywhere to pay for his mother's treatment. He didn't have the time, energy or financial resources to fall in love. His family conditions also discouraged the girls around him.

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The son's marriage has not been resolved for a long time, and Yang Dong's mother left with regret. After dealing with his mother's funeral, Yang Dong also left his hometown and worked hard outside alone.

On this day, depressed Yang Dong came to a mountain village to play and relax alone. The scenery of the mountain village is famous far and wide. From a distance, the red leaves all over the mountain are really beautiful, but when you get closer, you are shocked by her poverty and dilapidation. The late autumn in the mountains is almost cold, and Yang Dong found a little girl with bare feet! He really couldn't pretend he didn't see it, and immediately led her to the store, bought her a pair of beautiful cotton shoes, and gave her all the money left in his pocket.

When Yang Dong did this, he also hesitated for a moment. Yang Dong is not the only tourist here, and there are many people with better financial conditions than him. Why should he do this?

But after thinking about it for a while, Yang Dong realized that it was because of his mother, who didn't leave a penny of inheritance, but passed on her warm heart to him.

Yang Dong continued to walk alone admiring the red leaves, and before he knew it was getting late, he hurried down the mountain, but he stumbled and fell to the ground, a sharp pain hit him, bad, his right ankle was sprained!

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At this time, there was no tourist around, and I took out my mobile phone to check, but there was no signal. Yang Dong finally struggled to stand up, tried to step on the sprained foot, and immediately cried out in pain, unable to walk at all, it was over!

Just then, a girl appeared on the mountain road. The girl came towards him and asked softly, "What's wrong with you?"

Yang Dong smiled wryly and said, "I twisted my foot."

The girl looked around, walked under a half-dead tree, and tried her best to break off a thick branch. The girl was so tired that she was out of breath, and finally managed to break off the branch. She handed it to Yang Dong and said, "If you hold on to this, there will be a solution if you persist until you reach the bottom of the mountain."

Yang Dong was overjoyed, and immediately took the branch, but he still couldn't walk, he couldn't jump down the mountain with one foot, right? The girl was stunned for a moment when she saw this, and then said with a blushing face, "Hold me!"

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Yang Dong was startled and ashamed, he was really embarrassed to help him, but the girl grabbed Yang Dong's hand and put it on her shoulder…

The two hurried down the mountain before dark. In the clean and warm home of the villagers, Yang Dong asked the girl: "Why did you help me just now? Are you not afraid that I am a bad person?"

The girl pursed her lips and said with a smile, "I saw the scene where you bought shoes for the little girl earlier, bad guys wouldn't do that."

Yang Dong suddenly realized that it was his unintentional Xiaoshan who saved him, no, it was his mother who saved him.

The girl's name is Xiaojing. In the following days, Yang Dong and her had a sweet relationship. As time went by, Yang Dong found that he was deeply in love and couldn't extricate himself. He knew that Xiaojing also liked him, but Xiaojing would Wouldn't you hate yourself for having no house or car like the girls you knew before?

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After thinking about it for a while , Yang Dong decided to take her back to her hometown. Although her mother was gone, the old house was still there. It was Yang Dong's roots. Every time he went there, Yang Dong felt a sense of security. I believe that my mother's spirit in heaven will enlighten me.

The hometown has changed a lot, and Yang Dong, who hasn't been back for several years, is a little unrecognizable, while Xiaojing's face shows a surprised and thoughtful look. When Yang Dong took her into the old house that had been stormy for decades, she couldn't help but exclaimed in a low voice: "My God, is this your hometown? I really feel like I was in a previous life. Really, I It seems that I have been here before, but I can’t remember whether I have been here in a dream or in reality.”

Yang Dong was inexplicably moved when he heard this, and felt that the two of them were getting closer invisibly. Maybe this is called "fate"?

What happened next made Yang Dong unbelievable.

Xiaojing screamed again. She looked at the photo of Yang Dong's mother on the wall without moving, and said repeatedly: "Is this real? Is this real? God, am I dreaming again?"

Then, she turned around and hugged Yang Dong gently. Yang Dong found that her body was trembling slightly. For unknown reasons, Yang Dong hugged her and patted her to comfort her. After a while, Xiaojing raised her head from Yang Dong's embrace, and said with tears in her eyes, "I have definitely been to your house, and I will always remember your mother's appearance, because in my heart, she is the kindest person in the world, and, She also gave me a treasure that I have treasured for years."

Xiaojing carefully took out something from the small bag she was carrying.

It was a bamboo flute, a purple-red, short bamboo flute.

Ten years of long time whizzed by in an instant…

Yang Dong held Xiaojing's hand and stood in front of his mother's portrait, weeping uncontrollably. It turned out that his mother left Yang Dong the most precious legacy that would enrich his life.

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