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Yun Ling was floating in the air, and the sound of the fire truck arriving came to her ears. However, what was the use of arriving now? She had already been burned to death. She looked at her charred body, and a wave of hatred once again filled her ears. Bursting out from the bottom of her heart, she wanted to take revenge on those people. She must let them get their retribution. Those who she could not touch when she was alive would not make it easy for them as ghosts.

Yun Ling was an ordinary dancer in the nightclub where the fire broke out. When the fire broke out, she happened to be on the seventh floor. It was too late to go down the stairs, so she hurried to the elevator. There were already several guests in the elevator at this time. As soon as she entered, the elevator bell rang. The people inside were all regular customers of the store, and Yun Ling knew them all. At this time, a customer said, "Get out quickly, your life is not as valuable as ours, get out of here!" After that, Yun Ling was pushed out of the elevator.

Yun Ling begged and looked at the others with helpless eyes, but everyone was indifferent. There was a big box in the elevator , and Yun Ling said: "Everyone, please tell me, I'm not even 80 pounds, so I can get in if I take out this box!" Unexpectedly, the person who chased her out said, " Who do you think you are! I have all the important things here!" After saying that, he ignored Yun Ling and pressed the button.

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Yun Ling looked at the elevator in despair and closed the door. Why? Isn't the life of the dancer not life? Should the dancer be subject to this kind of discrimination?

The fire became more and more fierce, and the thick smoke choked her throat. Yun Ling ran toward the stairs, but the fire on the stairs was even greater.

staircase ghost story_staircase ghost story_staircase ghost story plot summary

A chandelier fell down and hit her on the head, causing Yun Ling to faint. Soon, only Yun Ling's ghost woke up, and it was his own body that died.

She followed the man who pushed her out and watched him enter a warehouse. The man opened the big box that cost Yun Ling her life, and it turned out to be full of white powder. He hid the white powder in several different places and walked away. Yun Ling sneered. Does this person think he is so noble? People who engage in such illegal activities are also looked down upon.

staircase ghost story plot summary_staircase ghost story_staircase ghost story

She floated out, and there happened to be a person talking on a mobile phone. She immediately possessed him after he hung up the phone and dialed 110. Soon the police came and seized all the drugs. Yun Ling described the appearance of the man who put the drugs on the phone, and soon the police found the man. Although he was arrested, the man was released within three days.

Yun Ling couldn't help but feel a little angry. She couldn't punish him in this way, so it seemed that she had to be more ruthless. She waited for the man on his way home, and Yun Ling suddenly appeared when he was approaching the door. The man was also surprised when he saw her and said, "Why are you here?"

Staircase ghost story_staircase ghost story plot summary_staircase ghost story

&ldquoThen I have to ask you. Yun Ling said fiercely.

"Are you okay? What does it have to do with me?" That person obviously didn't know that Yun Ling was dead.

Staircase ghost story_staircase ghost story plot summary_staircase ghost story

"Don't you know I'm dead? It's all your fault." I originally wanted you to spend your whole life in prison, but you came out so quickly. It seems that you are quite capable. You won't be so lucky this time, go to hell!" After Yun Ling said that, she rushed towards the man.

The man was so frightened that he pushed back and stepped on a slippery stone. His body fell heavily and the back of his head hit a sharp stone, and he died.

When his wife saw that her husband was not coming back, she called him, but no one answered. She thought he would not come home again, so she fell asleep by herself. Unexpectedly, she saw her cold husband as soon as she went out early the next morning. She quickly called the police station. After forensic identification, the deceased accidentally tripped over a stone and was hit on the back of the head by a stone, causing death. .

No one knows what really happened last night.

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