Chapter Twenty

In the dim light, a bald elderly man with a ruddy complexion sat cross-legged on a bluestone platform in the corner of the cave, with wise eyes shining in his eyes.

Xian Lingzi took a few steps forward, while Secretary Xing and Ke'er stood still. Hanging on the wall of the cave behind the old man is a calligraphy and painting, written with thin brushstrokes, which is Wen Tianxiang's "Song of Righteousness": There is righteousness in the world, mixed with manifolds. The lower part is Heyue, and the upper part is the sun star. To people, it is called Haoran, and it fills the sky. Huanglu should be Qingyi, Hanhe Tu Mingting.We will see you when the time is poor, one by one

Professor Wudeng smiled slightly at Secretary Xing and Ke'er : "'It's such a pleasure to have friends coming from afar', Dexin in the shabby room, talking and laughing at Hongru, you two please go your own way." Examine Xian Lingzi's thick, red and swollen arms.

"Based on the old man's speculation, it seems that he has been poisoned by corpse insects. It's strange, how could there be such Gu insects on Bowang Mountain." Professor Wudeng said, tutting.

"Professor is really insightful. It was indeed a roundworm as thick as a thumb that bit the poor man. I wonder if there is a way to save him?" Xian Lingzi hurriedly asked.

Professor Wudeng sighed and said: "Corpse insects are actually insects that phagocytose and wisdom. They are very different from ordinary poisonous insects in the world. They can sneak around the blood vessels and meridians, so the true energy is difficult to block. It's a pity that the Taoist master is not learning my Confucianism. It can dissolve the insect poison in this area."

Xian Lingzi was silent when he heard the words. The Wudeng professor had tried to persuade him many times over the years to give up Zhengdao and learn his Confucian skills, but he never agreed.

"Xian Lingzi, if you switch to Confucianism at this time, how about this old man trying to get rid of the poison for you immediately?" The professor persuaded again.

Secretary Xing could no longer hold back when he heard this, and couldn't help but angrily accused: "Professor, thanks to you being an intellectual, the life of Daoist Xian Lingzi is dying, and everyone should go to save lives and heal the wounded like Doctor Bethune. How can you do that?" Do you use it as a threat for your own self-interest?"

Professor Wudeng let out a long sigh: "The Confucian middle-class kungfu created by the old man is unprecedented, and there will be no one in the future. For many years, he has only taught one disciple. It is said that he died outside the territory a few years ago. Now that the old man is old, if this peerless kungfu If it is lost in this way, you will die with regret.”

"In today's society, there are many young people who want to practice martial arts. Why do they have to find the old Taoist priest Xian Lingzi?" Secretary Xing was still aggrieved.

"Well, there used to be a few groups of high school students who went up to the mountain to learn art, but unfortunately all of them had messy hair between their brows, and they were no longer boys. It is difficult to find young people who are both talented and intelligent in today's world, so I had to abandon the small ones. Da, accept the fairy spirit son as a disciple."

Slightly Smiling Ghost Grandma_Ghost Concubine Ghost Emperor_The Battle of Ghost Grandma

"Is it necessary to be a child to practice Confucianism?"

"That's natural, yin and yang can't be messed up, Liu Xiahui has to be a person who can't be chaotic, in order to show the awe-inspiring righteousness of our Confucianism."

Secretary Xing shook his head and asked him, "Where are you a professor?"

"The Department of History of Peking University." Professor Wudeng was quite proud that it was the highest institution in the Central Plains.

Ke'er quietly tugged on Secretary Xing's lapel: "Sir, hurry up and find the old woman in Qiubo, the Taoist priest Xian Lingzi's poison seems to be on the verge of attack."

"Okay," Secretary Xing said angrily, "Since Professor Wudeng sees death and refuses to save him, we have no choice but to find another master." After speaking, he turned and helped the Taoist priest who was trembling all over, and walked up into the water.

"Since ancient times, there have been many knights in Yanzhao, but Yishui Huannv has been worried. Every night, she still thinks about the person next to her pillow, and she is crying in Bowang Mountain." At this moment, I heard a faint singing voice coming from Tiansheng Bridge. The sound is faint and resentful, desolate and sorrowful, like weeping and complaining, it makes people feel extremely sad, and suddenly gives birth to the meaning of love and pity.

"This is the old woman looking at her eyes." Xian Lingzi panted.

Secretary Xing helped the Taoist priest to walk up a natural stone bridge. The bridge was several feet wide and more than ten feet long. It was deep and dark under his feet, and the sound of running water could be vaguely heard.

"The Daoist Fairy Lingzi was poisoned by the poison of corpse insects. The old woman has been waiting in the Bowang Mountain for decades, and she finally got it today." The voice of the old woman Qiubo was soft and sweet, like a little girl.

Secretary Xing was taken aback when he heard the words, and he didn't understand. In short, the most mysterious hermit in Bowang Mountain gave people a strange feeling.

Slightly Smiling Ghost Grandma_Ghost Concubine Ghost Emperor_The Battle of Ghost Grandma

"Who are the three of you?" A questioning voice came from the darkness.

"I'm Secretary Xing of the County Party Committee. This is Ke'er, and Daoist Xian Lingzi."

"The old woman spoke of another."

"Another one?" Secretary Xing looked back in surprise and told. "There is no one else."

"Oh, the old woman understands," the old woman looked at and paused, "Come across the bridge, please."

Secretary Xing helped the Taoist priest walk carefully across the Tiansheng Bridge, followed by Ke'er holding Xiao Wu.

Walk across the Tiansheng Bridge and enter a funnel-shaped tiankeng vertical hole. In the night sky, the waning moon and thin clouds, either dark or bright, appear and disappear from time to time.

The blurred moonlight shone obliquely on the stone wall in the cave. There was a sunken stone pit a few feet above the ground, and there was a person sitting cross-legged in it. It was hazy, and his face was not very clear, but his figure was slim. Extremely delicate.

At this moment, the insect poison in Xian Lingzi's body had already broken out, like a hundred ants biting his heart and spleen, spitting out water, in pain.

Ke'er was kind-hearted, looked up at the stone wall and said hastily: "Senior, the Taoist priest is poisonous, please help me as soon as possible, old man."

"Hey, this Fairy Lingzi doesn't practice hard on weekdays. He thinks about drinking and eating meat all day long. Even a small corpse can't handle it. Don't worry, just teach him some lessons to improve his memory." The old woman Qiubo said in a nonchalant tone. .

Ghost Emperor Concubine Ghost Emperor

"But that bear said that he would die of poison in two hours." Ke'er argued.

"Little girl doesn't know that there is a way to kill corpses and insects in the "Taishang's Sutra of Eliminating Three Corpses and Nine Insects to Protect Life". It is a pity that this old Taoist is not good at learning skills. It's really embarrassing to be ridiculed by the old lampless monster who talks so much in the day."

"Senior," Secretary Xing said righteously at the moment, "the first thing that Daoist Xian Lingzi thought of when he was poisoned was the old woman Qiubo, that's why he came to Feiwu Cave in the starry night. On the way up the mountain, he kept praising your appearance. Look at him now. The pain is unbearable, I implore seniors to heal as soon as possible."

"Really, how did he praise the old woman?"

"He said that the senior is reasonable, beautiful like a flower, hoeing the strong and supporting the weak, his eyes are like autumn water, willing to help others, both virtuous and artistic, noble in moral character, and his eyes are captivating. It can be called "Secretary Xing boasted indiscriminately.

"What is it?" the old woman looked at with a smile.

"It's the 'March 8 Women's Red Banner Bearer'." Secretary Xing suddenly burst out this vulgar term.

"Haha, it really is the secretary of the county party committee, and the flattery is loud. Well, for the sake of the local parents and officials, the old woman will get rid of the insect poison first." After saying that, the old woman Qiubo took out a stick from her bosom. Flipping through the yellow talismans, he found one and threw it away.

The yellow mounting paper full of cinnabar symbols flew down the stone wall lightly and landed directly on Secretary Xing's palm, which shows the deep inner strength of the old woman with autumn waves.

"The poison of roundworms likes to eat the heart and spleen. You can put this 'worm charm' into its mouth and swallow it, and it will be cured in half an hour." Said the old woman with autumn waves.

Secretary Xing kneaded the talisman into a ball according to his words, stuffed it forcefully into Xian Lingzi's mouth, then pulled his throat to make him swallow, and then he slowly fell down and fell into a coma.

Ghost Emperor Concubine Ghost Emperor

"Well, the Fairy Lingzi is no longer in the way," the old woman Qiubo suddenly changed the subject, and said, "Now we can talk about the person next to you."

Secretary Xing froze for a moment, then turned his head to look at Grandma Youming with a slight smile , but there was still no one behind him, "Senior, who are you talking about?" He asked puzzled.

"Of course it's the person in the little girl's arms. Although it has turned into a pig's body, it can't fool the old woman." The old woman with Qiubo snorted, seemingly displeased.

"You mean little witch?" Ke'er smiled sweetly, "Senior made a mistake, it's just a cute pet pig."

Hearing this, Uncle Fei nodded desperately in Ke'er's arms.

"Hahaha" the old woman with autumn waves let out a long laugh, and flew down the stone wall, wearing a black tulle gown with fluttering sleeves, her figure was light and graceful, just like the flying sky in the Dunhuang murals.

She floated quietly and gently in front of her. At this moment, Secretary Xing could clearly see that the old woman Qiubo was wearing a black veil mask on her head, covering her entire face, so she couldn't see what she looked like.

Secretary Xing was a little puzzled. On the way to Feiwu Cave, Daoist Xian Lingzi was worried that he would not be able to hold back after meeting. Thinking of this, he asked, "Senior, have you always been wearing a mask?"

"Of course, no one in this world has ever seen the old woman's true face." Qiubo old woman replied coldly.

"But Daoist Xian Lingzi said that senior's eyes are like autumn water, and his appearance is as beautiful as a fairy, so he must have seen it before."

"You can't believe what the world says," the old woman Qiubo snorted disdainfully, her eyes fell on Ke'er, and she said slowly, "This little piggy has already cultivated into an adult, but somehow he was beaten back to his original form. It's a pity."

"Are you talking about little witch?" Ke'er looked at the little pig in her arms in surprise, and couldn't believe her ears.

Uncle Fei was extremely panicked at the moment, this old woman with a glance at her eyes was really a master of the world, she could see through her at a glance, whether it was a blessing or a curse, it seems that today she might not be able to avoid it.

"Senior, the little witch is a witch pig raised by Mr. He in Langzhong. It is very smart. It can not only understand human speech, but also smell corpse insects. It helped us a lot on the way to Bowang Mountain." Xing Xing The secretary explained.

"Hmph," the old woman with a smirk seemed a little annoyed, and said angrily, "Do you think the old woman's 'disabled eyes' are vegetarians?"

"Broken eyes?" Secretary Xing didn't understand what she meant.

"The old woman's 'crippled eye' is the highest level of cultivation 'yin eye', not to mention this little piggy, even a nightmare can see through it."

"Senior, the so-called 'opening of the third eye' is superstition. With the advancement of science today, no surgeon has discovered a third eye during craniotomy, haha." Secretary Xing laughed.

"You creepy-headed man is purely absurd, and this little girl is also possessed by a ghost. How dare you talk about science and superstition in front of the old woman? It's ridiculous." Qiubo the old woman said angrily.

The eloquent Secretary Xing was also dumbfounded at this moment. Since the old woman Qiubo can reveal the real body of herself and Ke'er, then the story about Xiao Wu should also be true.

"Xiao Wu, is what senior said just now true?" He lowered his head and asked.

At this moment, Uncle Fei only nodded and admitted, what does this nasty old woman have to do with her, why is she meddling in other people's business?

Ke'er was even more surprised when she saw this, and asked curiously: "Xiao Wu, then who are you, male or female?"

Uncle Fei helplessly raised one hind leg, revealing his two testicles.

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