Legendary Area Must Ghost Sword Spirit Chapter 14 Invisible Natural Danger

“If you want to visit the earth immortal, first look for the black sheep; in front of the frightening stage, the yin river is in the sky; the immortal bridge has no shadow, it is hard to find it with the naked eye, it falls off the rock and sacrifices itself, and climbs to the sky in one step; the iron wall is silver screen, the heaven and the earth are on the list; the black mountain cave dwelling, the divine tower is wonderful A hundred coffins in a copper tower, and the tile-lord comes to the door; kowtows eight hundred, and grants longevity.”

We read it several times, but most of us couldn’t get the point. According to our previous experience, we went down the road and saw it for ourselves, so we copied down the “Guanshan Zhimi Fu” on the remnant tablet.

Professor Sun said to the crowd: “It’s good now, after many years, I finally saw the whole picture of the mountain view in Dixian Village. The cave at the end of the Hundred Step Bird Path may be the tomb of the Wuyang King. The old site.” He then pondered: “In front of the frightening platform, the Yin River is in the sky… We may have to cross a high platform and an underground river next, so let’s be mentally prepared.”

Fatty said, “Did you mention the Taurus or the treasures in this fu? Just these two words sounded a bit useful. The coffin gorge is all the way to the sky, it’s too dangerous, and I still feel it now The calf is twisted, if there is really a golden ox in the tomb, even if the fat man is not afraid of it for nothing.”

Yaomeier had heard the legend of the local ghost fairy tomb, and after hearing Fatty’s words, she asked the crowd: “If you kowtow to the earth fairy, you will be able to live forever? Believe it or not?”

Professor Sun said, “Can you believe this? How can there be an immortal person in the world? The absurd words that appear out of nothing, such as condescending the spirits and recruiting ghosts, are mostly the nonsense of Shinto gods. Of course, they cannot be believed.”

I couldn’t help hearing Jiuye Sun, Fatty and the others talking in my ears. I looked down at the nameless corpse, and then at the tombstone engraved with “Guanshan Zhimi Fu”. What happened, he immediately interrupted: “We haven’t entered the mountain gate yet, let’s not think about being an abbot first, the situation in the ancient tomb of Dixian Village, it’s not too late to care about it, have you ever thought that this is a bit strange… “

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The cave at the end of the Baibu Bird Road is wide open, and the “Guanshan Zhimi Fu” is clearly displayed here, as if the “Dixian Village Ancient Tomb” is afraid that others will not find it. Although the turning labyrinth is difficult and complicated, there have been people who are proficient in math in all dynasties, and it was even more prosperous in the Qing Dynasty.

The ancients said: “The tomb is hidden, and if you want to be a person, you can’t see it.” Most of the “Guanshan Taibao” are veterans of tomb robbers and mounds. In addition, only the descendants of the Feng family know the contents of the Guanshan Finger Mystery Fu. Who is the corpse in front of the ruined monument? Could it be that there is fraud in it?

When I said these words, everyone was at a loss. Professor Sun thought about it, and then expressed his disagreement with this statement: “The Earth Immortal should be a person with a very high self-esteem. Building tombs in the mountains hides the truth, and Guanshan refers to the mystery, which has the meaning of immortals guiding the way. Judging from these arrangements, the tombs of earth immortals are intended to save people and gain the Tao, and cannot be judged by ordinary tombs buried with bones and treasures , Moreover, Guanshan Zhimi Fu is not something that ordinary tomb robbers can easily decipher. People who really know astrology and counting techniques. In modern times, Liao Ruochen has no special chance and will definitely not find an ancient tomb. There were so many robbers in those days. Dig out the ghost sword spirit in the legendary area of ​​​​Tianshu in Dixian Village , this is the best proof.”

Professor Sun also said: “We just took advantage of the idea of ​​the Earth Immortal in his vain attempt to save people. It is said that there will be ghosts and swordsmen in the area . Otherwise, the terrain in the coffin gorge is very dangerous, and I am afraid it will be difficult to find this place, this nameless corpse…” After hesitating, he obviously couldn’t think of how to explain the corpse in front of the ruined monument. Since the mysterious deceased could find this place and saw “Guanshan Zhimi Fu”, why didn’t he enter the ancient tomb? But to die in front of the monument?

At this time, Shirley Yang had carefully examined the mummified corpse. Seeing Professor Sun’s mouth stunned, she expressed her opinion: “The environment in this cave is gloomy, and it is impossible to judge how long the corpse has been dead, but there are several rolls in its arms. Daozang of bamboo slips, I think this nameless deceased may be a member of the Taoist sect, if he knew the meaning of Guanshan, but failed to enter the ancient tomb when he was alive, there is a possibility that should not be ignored.”

I hurriedly ask what is the possibility? Shirley Yang said: “Maybe the second half of Guanshan Zhimi Fu was an insurmountable natural moat, he couldn’t get through, or he couldn’t understand it, and he was unwilling to leave. There could be other reasons for dying here, and what I just said is just one of them.”

剑灵电信狂欢区鬼服_传说区必鬼 剑灵_剑灵2018鬼区排行榜

Professor Sun recited the last half of “Guanshan Zhimi Fu” twice, and even said that Shirley Yang’s words were reasonable. In religious legends, there are upper, middle, lower and lower levels to become an immortal, and the immortal must be transformed after death. Before Zhongxian attains Dao, he must first experience serious illness, catastrophe, danger, and catastrophe. “In front of the frightening stage, the yin river traverses the sky; the clouds and shadows of immortal bridges are hard to find with the naked eye; when a rock falls, he sacrifices himself and ascends to the sky in one step.” It must be referring to the desperate test and training. I am afraid that if you are less courageous and lucky, you will not be able to enter the “Dixian Village Ancient Tomb”.

Hearing this, Fatty immediately boasted: “If you dare to do the trick, even the King of Heaven is not afraid, I don’t believe it. What kind of natural danger is impossible to pass, what’s the use of talking here? Look at it in the past. We’ll see the difference when we see it.” After speaking, he raised his flashlight and walked towards the depths of the tunnel.

I thought to myself: “Fatty Wang often says stupid things, but this sentence just now comes to the point. How can you know what the name is if you don’t see it with your own eyes?” The people left.

This big mountain with dangerous bird trails on the cliff is towering as high as the sky, cutting both sides of the steep cliff for thousands of meters. It is impossible to see the end, and I don’t know how big the mountain is. In the ancient tunnel, I just look forward , What I saw in my eyes, there was no fork in the road, it was a straight road running through the mountains to the end. After walking for an unknown time, my eyes suddenly lit up.

At the end of the tunnel, there is a strange terrain. The entrance of the tunnel is open in the halfway of the mountain. In front of it is an inverted “T”-shaped canyon, and the exit is located in the horizontal and vertical “T”-shaped gorge. at the intersection.

On the opposite side is a high mountain inserted in the cloud and mist in the air, as if it was cut by the Heavenly Sword, and it splits straight up and down. At the bottom of the vertical canyon, there is a “Dragon Gate”, with hundreds of “black sheep stone beasts” on both sides facing each other. . It seems that it is the underground palace of the Wuyang King. The monuments of “Wuyang Stone Beast” can be seen everywhere near Qingxi. It also shows from one side that the scale of the underground mausoleum is very large, and there is a natural stone waterfall poking out from the Longmen. Hanging in the air, the stone surface is smooth and clean, full of strangeness, like saliva solidified, with two snail stars in big seal “scared”.

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This gantry, built between narrow and steep canyons, is just parallel to the exit of the tunnel where we are standing, and the horizontal canyon is cut straight down, cutting off the road in front of the gantry, and the clouds and mist below are bottomless. .

Professor Sun said to himself: “It seems that this is the frightening platform of Yuanyou’s Endless Road. It is really where the magic is. What does it mean that the Yinhe River is in the sky? There is a river in the sky? Where is the Shadowless Immortal Bridge?”

I see that this natural danger is indeed dangerous. There is no bridge between the tunnel entrance and the gantry. Although the distance between the ground is only less than 20 meters, it is only a line of clouds and sky, but it is difficult to cross the middle without special tools such as rope guns. Tiaoshengou, the Yinhe River and Xianqiao mentioned in the “Guanshan Refers to the Mystery Fu”, do they refer to the abyss in front of the Horror Stage? Is there really a yin river hanging in the sky?

I was going to get closer to Diantan, but as soon as I took a step, I was dragged back by Shirley Yang. Shirley Yang said, “Don’t go there. What voice are you listening to?”

I listened carefully. At the intersection of the “T”-shaped canyon, there was a faint sound of wind, as if there were countless resentful souls crying, and I asked Shirley Yang, “Is it the sound of wind?”

Shirley Yang didn’t answer, but picked up a stone and threw it into the deep valley in front of the dragon gate. Everyone looked up and was stunned. The stone flew into the air, suddenly stopped, and then seemed to fall into the “eye of the storm”. ”, floating in the air, “Drip Yo Yo” twirled, and then swayed a few times, and then I didn’t know where it was taken by the mysterious eddy current.

传说区必鬼 剑灵_剑灵2018鬼区排行榜_剑灵电信狂欢区鬼服

When we saw this situation, we were all horrified. The inverted “T”-shaped canyons seemed to be quiet and ordinary, but in fact, murderous intentions were hidden. No one had imagined beforehand that there would be such an incomprehensible and dangerous airflow. It may be the special terrain that made the mountain The wind gathered in the middle of the canyon, forming a shadowless and invisible vortex. Except for the faint and abnormal air shaking sound, I could not detect any other signs of danger at all. I am afraid this is the so-called “Yin River Crossing the Air”.

Professor Sun shook his head and said: “If you can’t pass through, even a fairy with wings can’t pass through it. The Frightening Terrace is not a natural danger, but a natural barrier. If you use a rope to hook it, you will be caught in the turbulent flow in an instant. It seems that this way It doesn’t work, but it doesn’t matter, I am convinced that as long as we work hard, the iron pestle can be sharpened into a needle, so we put in a lot of effort and tried to find a way to go around the back mountain.”

I stopped Professor Sun and said, “In the vicinity of the Coffin Gorge, most of the mountains and mountains are over 1,500 meters above sea level. You can’t go around for ten days and a half months. Although it is powerful, in Qingwu Fengshui, this is the place where the wind gathers Qi. It is not a place with good Fengshui conditions. There will never be such a strange phenomenon. From the unobstructed heights, you can’t see the dragon energy situation in this mountain range. The Wushan Mountains are cloudy and foggy. There are also such natural dangers at the back mountain and the mouth of the gorge, but since we have discovered the place where the Tibetan wind gathers qi, it means that we have entered the mausoleum area with the ancient tombs. Touch the door.”

As soon as Professor Sun was in a hurry, his thinking became rigid, and he said worriedly: “Now that the fake letter of introduction has also been opened, what else can I think of?”

I said, “Jiuye, you look confused when you are in a hurry. If you want to enter this place, no letter of introduction will work.”

Professor Sun hurriedly explained: “Slip of the tongue, slip of the tongue, I was in a hurry to turn Guanshan Zhimi Fu into a letter of introduction, and now Guanshan Zhimi Fu has also seen it…”

剑灵电信狂欢区鬼服_传说区必鬼 剑灵_剑灵2018鬼区排行榜

I interrupted him and said, “Actually, I’m not wrong. Guanshan Zhimi Fu is a letter of introduction from Di Xian. As long as his letter of introduction is not fake, we will definitely find a way to overcome this natural danger.”

Shirley Yang said: “In front of the Frightening Stage, the Yin River is in the sky; the Xianqiao is invisible and hard to find with the naked eye; falling off the rocks, one step to the sky… These three sentences, I don’t know if they all refer to the natural danger of Frightening Stage, the Xianqiao has no Ying should mean that there is an underground bridge that ordinary people can’t see, but I can’t understand the last sentence. How can I fall to the rock and sacrifice myself to climb to the sky in one step? Where is the bridge?”

I pondered for a moment and reminded everyone, “Do you still remember the unnamed deceased in front of the stele? That master may be looking for the tomb of Dixian Village just like us, but he should not be a douchebag or an amateur archaeologist. It is estimated that it may be a cultivator who seeks longevity. It is hard to say how he died, but this person must have been frightened by this invisible and invisible natural danger when he did not enter the ancient tomb of Dixian Village. Make up your mind to break through.”

The fat man said, “After your analysis, Commander Hu, I think I can understand this comrade’s mood very well. This road… it’s really not for people to go through it. Seeing that the treasure trove is in front of you, I dare not go through it. , Eggs can’t touch rocks, and no one has any temper anymore.”

I said, “I’m not asking you to experience what the explorer felt back then, I mean to ask you to imagine whether that person was scared away by natural dangers, or… by that bridge? Why am I like this? What? Because we didn’t see the body of Captain Feng along the way, but the Bashan ape he domesticated was always lingering nearby, which means that he must have fled to Qingxi, and probably entered the ancient village of Dixian. Tomb, but…why didn’t Bashan Yuanxu go in with him?”

If Professor Sun understood: “Oh…you mean that Bashan Yuanxu, like the unnamed deceased in front of the ruined stele, did not dare to cross the fairy bridge at the risk of death? The head of the group was very bold and knew the hints left by his ancestors. It’s believable, so I just broke through? But you can see this deep gorge, how can there be any bridge in front of the frightening stage?”

Professor Sun immediately said that it can be believed that there are vortices formed by airflow in the land of Tibetan wind, because this is a special physical phenomenon, but “Xianqiao Wuying” is absolutely not credible. Missing bridge? Optical effect? Blind spot? Impossible, correct and objective treatment of facts – a matter of principle, never compromise.

He also quoted the original words of a certain authoritative person who criticized him at the time – this kind of folklore is extremely unbelievable, it is a primitive whimsical theory arising from “lack of knowledge, excessive superstition, and wishful thinking”, it is simply indescribably naive Imagine, whoever believes anyone is downright insane.

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