Wuxia Coffin Mountain

“Guanshan Taibao” excavated ancient tombs in various places and filled the “Dixian Village” with different treasures and goods. These incomplete murals should be decorations in an ancient tomb in the Tang Dynasty, but although the three of us have read countless ancient objects However, it is also difficult to determine which “mountain mausoleum” these two murals came from.

Going along the slightly sloping tomb passage, the incomplete Tang Dynasty murals continued to appear, all of them were plump and numb ladies and the little old man like a ghost. , the mural colors are still bright as new. I was in a hurry to find Sun Jiuye, and I didn’t have time to pay attention to the evil paintings in the tomb. I just waded forward, but secretly raised my vigilance, and did not dare to be slack in the slightest.

As far as I know, the tomb passage at the bottom of the tomb of the “Wuyang King” is an extremely ancient tomb structure. The word is still second, the ancients paid the most attention to the “good and evil” on the soil.

Because no matter whether the tomb is backfilled or not, a large part of the soil in the tomb will still be excavated, and the soil at the “hole” is extremely valuable. Therefore, in relatively large tombs, several shafts will be dug at the bottom to remove the original soil. Part of it is buried in the well, which can keep the vitality inside the tomb, and can also be used as a “drainage channel” to penetrate the underground lake water that invades the bottom of the tomb passage. Because the groundwater has been soaked all the year round, the tomb bricks under the feet have been loosened and broken, and the terrain cannot be seen through the stagnant water. Every step has to be explored three times, which is extraordinarily laborious, and the speed of moving forward is also very slow.

I had to walk against the tomb wall in order not to be slipped by the underwater rocks. The tomb bricks were cold and slippery, and I couldn’t breathe well. After walking a few steps, I suddenly heard a sound from the wall, which made me feel strange. , I put my ear against the wall and listened, and I faintly heard someone shouting in the depths of the tomb passage. The voice was transmitted along the tomb wall. Although it was not real, it was definitely a human voice, and it was also a woman’s voice.

In our five-member expedition, only Yaomeier and Shirley Yang were women, so my first reaction was that Yaomeier was at the far end of the tomb, and quickly said to Shirley Yang and Fatty, “Listen, it seems like Yaomei sister…”

The fat man lay on the tomb wall and listened, nodded and said, “Yes, but the distance is far enough that I can’t hear what I’m shouting. In this situation, I must be calling for help or something, so let’s hurry over. Get her, wait a little longer, in such a dark place, I can scare my sister to death.”

I said that Yaomeier is a very courageous girl. She has passed the true biography of the Honeycomb Mountain and participated in the militia training. It is estimated that she will not be scared to death. If she calls for help, it means that she is not a big deal, but she did not hear the voice of Sun Jiuye. I don’t know if the old man is dead or alive now.

When I was talking, I was about to grope and walk forward again, but Shirley Yang grabbed me and said: “No…you listen again, the younger sister is Chuanyin, but the sound from the tomb passage is not like it, like… A middle-aged woman, I can’t judge what she’s shouting, but it’s definitely not a girl.”

I heard Shirley Yang’s ear is far sharper than me and Fatty, but besides her and Yaomeier, how could there be a third woman in the ancient tomb? And still a “middle-aged woman”? I can’t help but wonder in my heart, if it wasn’t for Shirley Yang’s messenger, would it be the “people” in the ancient tomb of Dixian Village? In that case… it’s hard to say whether it’s a “human” or a “ghost”. How could there be a living person in an ancient tomb that has not been in for hundreds of years?

I listened again on the wall of the tomb, and the voice of the woman in the depths of the tomb was intermittent, as if there was no sound, and the voice seemed ethereal and empty. If I believe that someone has survived in the ancient tomb for hundreds of years, I might as well believe that it is a “ghost”. The courage to wade in the water and go inside.

As soon as I took a step in the water, someone grabbed my shoulder from the back. At this time, Shirley Yang and Fatty were in front of me, and my attention was completely focused on the front of the tomb passage. , so that I was not mentally prepared at all, I was really surprised.

I exclaimed, swung the shovel in my hand and looked back, I saw Yaomei’er standing behind me all wet, she panted and said to me: “What are you doing? Wait for me.”

I wondered, “Sister, where did you come from? Why did you run behind us? Didn’t you come from the shouting in front of the tomb?”

Shirley Yang saw that Yaomeier and I asked each other out of nowhere, and it was all to no avail, so I told her to take it easy and make it clear. Are there any injuries on her body?

Yaomeier calmed down and talked about the past. Just now, she fell down on the coffin lid, and when she arrived at the tomb of the ancient tomb, the groundwater poured wildly. She did not know where she would take the lacquer coffin. , for fear of drowning in the water, and when the coffin was washed into the lower tomb passage, she only felt darkness in front of her eyes, relaxed her hands and fell into the water, and was immediately brought into the side room groggy by the lake, and woke up. When I saw the lights flickering outside the tomb gate, I hurried out to find the source of the light.

At that time, Fatty and I were walking through the tomb passage with murals in the Tang Dynasty, ignoring the search for the half-collapsed side chamber, and heading straight for the direction of the surging sewage. In the tomb passage, the sound can only be transmitted upwards, and there is absolutely no movement at the lower part of the drop. She had to follow her all the way. It was not until we stopped that we were able to catch up. .

I saw that Yaomeier was safe, but I was still uneasy. First, the whereabouts of Jiuye Sun were unknown, and secondly, the cry of the woman in the depths of the tomb passage was indeed another “person”. At first, I speculated whether it might be the tomb passage. The structure is special, which produces some kind of distorted sound. The audio novel of the Mountain and Sea Demon Tomb of Ghost Blowing Lanterns makes people misunderstand and misunderstand Yaomeier’s voice, but the reality immediately denies this possibility, because in the graveyard The hoarse shouting continued.

I turned around in my mind, and a thought flashed through my mind: “The woman in the depths of the tomb? Could it be the lady in the Tang Dynasty murals?” I was really killed by the female ghost in the Tang Tomb. The matter has come to this point, and we can’t bear any more worries. I asked Shirley Yang to lead the younger sister to follow me and Fatty. Under the weak spotlight beam, wading to the end of the tomb passage seemed to feel some kind of alarm, and the cry of the woman in the ancient tomb suddenly fell silent.

This is a bucket room in a stone tomb. There is a shaft for backfilling the original soil under the tomb bricks in front of the room. Although the terrain is the lowest in the entire ancient tomb, the groundwater flows to this place and seeps into the underground rock in front of the tomb door. There was no stagnant water in the tomb, and two red lacquer coffins with pictures of Zhong Kui eating ghosts were stranded in the tomb.

I saw that the lacquered coffin near the door of the tomb was flickering faintly. Sun Jiuye was still lying on the coffin lid, and his hands were still holding the iron chain on the coffin board. The lighting spotlight on his climbing helmet was damaged. Flickering like a ghostly water.

I saw that Jiuye Sun was motionless, and he was shocked. Jiuye may have returned to his position. Everyone rushed forward and was about to check his pulse to see if he still had any signs of life. Who knew that Professor Sun was like a corpse. In general, with a “snap”, he sat up from the life cover, and his pale face was full of horror, which surprised us.

Before I could ask him, Jiuye Sun said, “You… did you hear it just now? Is there any strange sound in this ancient tomb?”

I know that Professor Sun may have also heard that “strange” voice, which is why I asked this question, but I didn’t say it right away, and asked him: “What voice are you talking about?”

Sun Jiuye said in a trance: “It seems to be… a ghost sound, yes… I’m sure it is a ghost sound! I was lying on the coffin and was washed all the way into this tomb at the end of the ancient tomb by the lake, and my head was dizzy. , I don’t know if I fainted, but I can hear clearly, someone in this tomb is singing ghost sounds…”

Shirley Yang interjected and asked: “Professor, you often say that the world should not mention strange powers, why do you suddenly say that the sound you heard just now is… a ghost sound?”

Professor Sun said: “What? Don’t you know? Ghost Sound is a singing style in the Tang Dynasty. It was sung by a woman’s voiceless voice in the quiet night without an accompaniment. , Now the ghost music has been completely lost in China. The Tang Dynasty once flowed into Japan, but Japan has retained it to this day. I heard the ghost music performance when I went to Japan for academic exchanges last year, so I heard it as soon as I heard it.”

Only now did I understand what Professor Sun meant by “ghost sound”, but no matter whether “ghost sound” is an ancient piece of music imitating the lament of ghosts, at least it shouldn’t appear in this ancient tomb, wouldn’t it really be a veritable “ghost sound” sound”?

Along the way, the horror murals of the Tang Dynasty and the “Ghost Sounds” that have been lost for thousands of years, as well as the empty tomb of the “Wuyang King”, the missing “Dixian Village”, only the first half are real “Guanshan Fingers”. “Mysterious Fu”, countless questions are tangled in one place, and there is no clue at all, making people do not know where to start, trying to steal the “Pill Cauldron Heavenly Book” hidden in the tomb, but it is easier said than done, and we must try again. Find a new “breaking point” to solve these mysteries.

Thinking of this, Fatty and I waited and looked around, trying to find the source of the “ghost sound”, but the tomb at the end of the tomb passage was as empty as the entire ancient tomb. There are only some shabby masonry and pottery, otherwise it is the two red lacquer coffins.

The coffin under Professor Sun was still in good condition, but the other lacquered coffin hit the tomb wall, and the front end of the coffin cracked open with a large opening that was buckled upside down. There are also accessories such as jade bracelets and rings on his hands, which are dazzled by the beam of the “wolf eye flashlight”, which is very jewel-like and eye-catching.

Fatty’s eyes went straight, he swallowed and said to me: “Old Hu, Lao Hu, there is a truth – the people of Pili in the deserted village left their arrows, and the ghost of Wanmu Xiaoshu sang. Could it be that the zongzi in the coffin are singing? We might as well light a candle on the spot to open the coffin, and pull it out of the coffin to see it clearly, so as not to suspect that the dark ghost will become more afraid the more he thinks about it.”

I shook my head and said, “This time I entered the coffin gorge to fight, and I came to Dan Ding and Zhou Tian’s hexagram. It’s important to do the right thing. It’s best not to have any side effects, and don’t care about the ghost sounds and bird sounds, it’s all with us. Relatedly, if there is any concern, just set fire to these two lacquered coffins.”

I didn’t do it for a while. I thought that the ethereal “ghost sound” was bad luck. I might as well try to get rid of the hidden danger in advance. I wanted to go and set it on fire, but when I got close, I suddenly saw There were some writing on the life board at the bottom of the coffin.

Shirley Yang saw that I was behaving differently, so he followed me. He focused on identifying for a moment, and then read out the inscription hidden at the bottom of the coffin word by word: “The girl is ominous…” Professor Sun lay on the coffin and heard one clearly, and said in surprise: “Is it the content behind Guanshan’s Guiding Fu?” He was about to ask something, but Shirley Yang made a mute gesture to everyone: “Shh… There is a voice in the lacquer coffin!”

While Shirley Yang was talking, I could also hear something different in the coffin, the sobbing “ghost voice” reappeared, and she was busy dragging her back a step, the faint voice was like a “ghost” , It makes people jump, but how can there be a sound in the coffin?

Sun Jiuye was astonished by the phenomenon in front of him that went against the common sense of physics. The view of the universe formed over the years was overturned at this moment. He jumped off the lacquer coffin and hid behind me and said, “In the coffin… …What is it?”

I was indeed a little flustered at first, and then my blood slammed. I thought that there were “people” talking in the coffin, and there were only three possibilities. The first was that it was really haunted; The third is that there is a “tape recorder” in the coffin, Mr. Hu, what strange things have I never seen in my life? The only thing I haven’t seen before is these three things. Today, I have seen and learned the mother, and I have also taught the ears and eyes to hear . Showing panic, so as not to convey this emotion to Yaomeier and Professor Sun, he told them: “I think there is probably an old tape recorder in the buried coffin, you can listen to its babbling. Most of the broadcasts are dramas about the little widow crying to the grave.”

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