Jianwen Lost Track

“What’s the matter?” At this time, Qin Ge also walked to the statue with the mortar pistol.

“Not yet…” Zhang Guozhong and Lao Liutou searched through the gaps in the jade clothes, and found that the statue really seemed to be solid, and there seemed to be no gaps or secret doors around the body. Yang, wearing jade clothes on an iron statue is a legend , what kind of goddamn rules is this?” Old Liutou straightened up and took two steps back, looking at it horizontally and vertically, it was nothing special.

“Under normal circumstances, we all take this method…” I saw Qin Ge put the pistol behind his back, stretched out his hand and took out the dagger from the boot, and cut it from top to bottom along the gap in the jade garment at the back of the statue’s head. Then, with a gentle tug of his hand, the whole jade garment was taken off with a slap like “undressing”, and a lot of scattered jade pieces fell into the water with a crackle.

“Master Qin…you…” Old Liutou was also dumbfounded. Yuyi has always been a national treasure. You Qin Ge is known as an archaeologist all day long, and you specialize in ancient jades. How could you be so miserable? what about baby?

“This jade garment has no research value.” Qin Ge shook his head, took out a handkerchief from his pocket, lowered his head and dipped it in some water and began to wipe the statue, “There was no custom of wearing jade garments for burials in the Ming Dynasty, and this is not a tomb. , This jade robe is not a funeral object, nor a ritual vessel, nor a handicraft, but the props specially made for this ceremony are really worth studying. It is the statue inside the jade robe.” As he spoke, Qin Ge had wiped off the surface of the statue. On the floating earth, I saw a vivid iron man nude standing in the water. The size and proportions were the same as those of ordinary people. The whole body was naked and naked. The texture of the muscles was realistic and delicate. .

“This motherfucker is the statue of Zhu Yunwen?” Looking at this vivid iron statue, Lao Liutou was also surprised, “Could it be that this thing is standing here for the purpose of suppressing ghosts?” According to the traditional theory of Taoism, It is the theory mentioned in the allusion of “Yang Fu Fears Bamboo”. If the resentment died at the hands of someone or was surrendered by someone before his death, he would not only be afraid of the real person, but also the things he used, statues and even portraits and even these things. Replicas will become the object of fear of resentment. If Zhao Jinzhou was really restrained by Zhu Yunwen, placing his statue here would indeed have the effect of suppressing ghosts, but what does it mean to wear jade clothes on the statue?

“It shouldn’t be for ghosts, look here.” Among the three people in front of him, Zhang Guozhong had the best eyes. When Qin Ge first started to wipe the statue with a handkerchief, Zhang Guozhong noticed that there seemed to be some small holes on the surface of the statue. It’s thicker than the eye of a needle. It’s like a bronze figurine with acupuncture on the front and back. At first, Zhang Guozhong thought the statue was corroded by the moisture in the cave for many years, but after Qin Ge wiped the statue clean, Zhang Guozhong actually It seems that these tiny pores are not as simple as “corroded”, “look at these small eyes on the statue”

“Huh?” Old Liu head lowered his head and approached him, and there were indeed many small holes on the statue, which looked like acupuncture bronze figurines, but at least half of these small holes were not acupuncture points, “These eyes, are they? What is the mother doing? Acupuncture bronze man?”

传说区必鬼 剑灵_剑灵 鬼区_剑灵2018鬼区排行榜

“Could it be…” Zhang Guozhong’s heart moved, and he reached out and touched the top of the iron statue’s head, “Sure enough, senior brother, these are the veins of yin and yang, you can touch them.”

Hearing what Zhang Guozhong said, Lao Liutou hurriedly put his hand to the top of the iron statue, only to feel that at the position of the “Huiding” vein of the iron statue, there was a hole about the thickness of a straw for drinking soda. The small eyes on the body are much bigger.

“Senior brother, in this statue, the seven meridians are connected.” Zhang Guozhong gasped and carefully inspected the front and back of the iron statue. Sure enough, the small hole at the “seven meridians” on the statue was obviously thicker than those of other conventional acupuncture points. Xiao Kong, “Could it be using ashes?” Standing up, Zhang Guozhong suddenly remembered the stone bed outside that seemed to have burned animal carcasses, “Senior brother, I understand that this is the ‘Hundred Steps Resurrection Formation’ you are talking about, I know The so-called principle of immortality”

“Oh?” Old Liu frowned, “Tell me about it.”

“Zhu Yunwen has indeed become an immortal here,” Zhang Guozhong said with a frown, “Do you remember when I said that there is a ‘Baizhang Pond’ for ‘discharging evil’ outside? Instead, let Zhu Yunwen leave the escape channel of this cold bone cave after being promoted to immortal.”

In people’s impressions or in ancient legends, if a person becomes an immortal, he usually walks on auspicious clouds or rides a crane and rides a lin, and the radiant image of the whole body is said to be a ghost and sword spirit . If defined theoretically, the criterion for becoming an immortal is not a crane, a unicorn or a radiant radiance, but the color of the soul through the eyes of wisdom.

In the eyes of wisdom, the evil spirit is cyan or blue, the yang energy is yellow or orange-red, the ordinary soul should be white or milky white, the soul with yin energy is gray, and there are a few people with deep grievances that are black. There is a purple or pinkish purple soul, which is the legendary “immortal”.

Perhaps it was a coincidence. According to legend, before Lao Tzu passed Hangu Pass, Yin Xi saw purple energy coming from the east and knew that a sage would pass the customs. Sure enough, Lao Tzu came riding on a green ox, and since then, purple has been regarded as a Taoist temple. The color of a saint, and after the emergence of some masters, their souls can often show such a color that completely deviates from common sense. It is said that when the Quanzhen Patriarch Wang Chongyang emerged, his disciple Qiu Chuji saw the Patriarch in the eyes of wisdom. Immortal body purple qi stacks up, and then Chongyangzi’s body does not rot, which is a sign of immortality. It is not difficult to find similar legends or records in other sects. The existing theories of Taoism cannot explain these phenomena, so only It can be attributed to “becoming an immortal”, which must be the core criterion for those masters and masters of the Northern Song Dynasty to judge Zhao Guanshan’s theory of “the tenth generation is immortal”, that is to say, that Zhao Guanshan is likely to show the soul of a commoner. “Purple”.

剑灵 鬼区_传说区必鬼 剑灵_剑灵2018鬼区排行榜

According to Zhang Guozhong’s inference, the method of Zhao Guanshan’s experiment of “Ten Goodness as Immortal” should be like this. First, find a cave like “Hangu Cave”, where the soul cannot escape, but can swim freely in the cave; The fire inside the cave burns the body, and although the soul has resentment, it cannot get out of the cave, so it can only be attached to the ashes.

After that, cast an iron statue according to the shape of the deceased, just like the iron statue in the cold bone hole at present, it is vivid and lifelike, and a hollow pipe should be reserved inside the iron statue. The path of the veins is roughly the same. After that, the ashes are poured into the iron statue through the hole at the top of the iron statue’s head at the “Huiding Channel”, filling the “seven meridians” inside the iron statue. Although the iron is separated by yin and yang, there are seven meridians. The holes at the place are connected to the outside world, and the soul will mistake the iron statue for its own body, and carry out a series of natural procedures such as revival through these holes. Burning the corpse.”

In addition, the water in the cave and the rushes also play an important role. According to the analysis of Mr. Ma Sijia, the rushes have the function of conveying grievances. The rushes all over the mountains and the fields and the underground lake in the cave are tantamount to forming a natural yin and yang. The circulatory network is very similar to the “seven gates and seven gates” in nature. According to Zhao Guanshan’s theory of “ten good things are immortals”, the soul must complete ten reincarnations in the narrow yin and yang network of bronze, water and rushes. The experience of Qiguan, if it is a man-made Qiguan and Qiye, it is easy to be sensed by the soul (only evil ghosts have no IQ, since “ten goodness is immortal”, the soul is definitely not evil, so the IQ is much higher than that of evil ghosts) , Compared with man-made formations, this almost natural yin-yang network is closer to nature, and it is better at blinding the soul and will not be perceived.

“This should be the formation principle of the ‘Hundred Steps Resurrection Formation’. The formation is set up so that the soul is falsely reincarnated ten times. After reaching the goodness of the tenth world, the soul will appear purple, and it will become an immortal.” Zhang Guozhong said, “We think ‘ The secret passage and the ‘Baizhang Pond’ for the purpose of venting evil spirits are the ‘back door’ through which the soul emerges after becoming an immortal.”

“I’ve become an immortal, and I still go through the ‘back door’?” Qin Ge smiled slightly.

“Are you as smart as you when you are a soul?” Lao Liutou said, “This hole is a trumpet, even if you become a fairy, you can’t get out, you can only go through the ‘back door'”

“Didn’t you say that there is another Zhao Jinzhou in the cave?” Qin Ge said, “What if he also ‘goes out’ through the back door?”

“Do you think Zhao Jinzhou is as smart as you?” Old Liutou looked disdainful, “The more evil ghosts are, the more stupid they become. After becoming an immortal, they must be much smarter than evil ghosts. Fairy spirits can find an exit, but evil ghosts can’t find them. “

剑灵 鬼区_传说区必鬼 剑灵_剑灵2018鬼区排行榜

“Master Zhang, I don’t understand, since this is where Zhu Yunwen’s immortality was, why did he put Zhao Jinzhou’s body in? Could it be that this is also part of immortality?” Qin Ge still seemed to have doubts, “Also, Zhu Yunwen’s immortality What is the motive of Xian? Such a huge project, it is not like he is capable of doing it as an incognito wanted criminal, who is helping him behind the scenes? Isn’t it Zhu Yunwen?”

“This…” Zhang Guozhong seemed to be a little puzzled, “I haven’t thought about it…”

“Master Zhang, I don’t think that Su Tieli’s matter has anything to do with this…” Qin Ge checked the iron statue, and it seemed that no words or patterns were carved on the surface of the iron statue. The secret is hidden, but if Zhu Yunwen really becomes an immortal and leaves here, this is not his ‘home’.”

“Not necessarily,” Lao Liutou said. “What they said is plain and simple. It’s hiding the ‘jixuan’, not the ‘corpse’. That is to say, the corpse is not here, but the clues are probably here.”

“This place has been isolated from the world for a hundred years. Su Tieli’s incident happened not long ago,” Qin Ge said. “How could there be clues about this incident in the cave hundreds of years ago?”

Just when the two were arguing, they only heard a clatter at the entrance of the hole. With this sound, the searchlight went out instantly, and there were only three flashlights left in the dark hole.

“Who?” Zhang Guozhong and Lao Liutou’s first reaction was to pull out their swords. Qin Ge also raised a 12.5mm m5oo mortar. Liu stupidly stood where he was, and seemed to be looking around.

“Brother Liu, what’s going on?” The old Liu head carefully walked to the entrance of the cave with the seven-star sword horizontally. He saw that the searchlight on the ground had been smashed to pieces. It seemed that a big hammer with a strength of at least 18 pounds could only be smashed out. Effect.

剑灵2018鬼区排行榜_剑灵 鬼区_传说区必鬼 剑灵

“I…I don’t know…” Big hand Liu was sweating profusely, “I just looked at you, I don’t know why it’s like this…”

“It’s Zhao Jinzhou” Qin Ge couldn’t help but pick up the 12.5mm mortar in his hand. Old Liutou and Zhang Guozhong also used their flashlights to take pictures up and down.

“Dodge!” At this moment, Big Hand Liu suddenly shouted, took a step forward and reached out and grabbed Zhang Guozhong’s clothes and threw it violently to the side. Zhang Guozhong had no defense against Big Hand Liu. The body lost its center of gravity in an instant, and with a gust of wind in both ears, it flew three or four meters and then fell to the ground with a thud.

“Brother Liu, you…” Zhang Guozhong struggled to turn over and took a look at it with a flashlight. He was so frightened that he immediately broke into a cold sweat. He saw a black shadow standing where he was standing just now. Big Hand Liu threw himself out, and I’m afraid he will be caught by this grandfather.

“Be careful.” Qin Ge aimed his gun and slowly backed away. Old Liu’s head also put on a posture to meet the enemy and kept backing away. Only Liu, the big hand, stood there and didn’t move.

“Brother Liu, step back.” Zhang Guozhong rolled and climbed to his feet and looked at himself, only to see that the grudge was covered with a layer of torn sackcloth, and the sackcloth on his body was not like a mummy. It was wrapped around in a circle, but covered piece by piece, “It’s not that Zhao Jinzhou has something else in this hole”

“Could it be…” Hearing what Zhang Guozhong said, Qin Ge was also taken aback for a moment. After handing the pistol to one hand, he took out the flare gun and slammed a light out. Under the strong light, everyone was completely stupid. Seeing the three people not far away, there were several shadows standing in twos and threes. The shadows were different in height, short, fat and thin. They seemed to be covered by rags, but I didn’t see the “human core” that Zhang Guozhong said was suspected of being Zhao Jinzhou. “.

“Damn, it’s not just Zhao Jinzhou, his whole family is here…” The sweat of old Liutou also fell, “Brother Liu, get out of the hole first”

传说区必鬼 剑灵_剑灵2018鬼区排行榜_剑灵 鬼区

“Oh” Big Hand Liu nodded, just as he turned around and wanted to get out through the small hole, he saw a black figure descending from the sky and standing right in front of him. He felt that a person suddenly appeared in front of him, Big Hand Liu Meng raised his head, and saw the opposite one and followed him. Like a skinned rabbit, there is not even a trace of skin on the whole body. “Oops!” It was too sudden to say this. Even the big-handed Liu was so scared that he took a few steps back. This retreat didn’t matter, he just retreated into the arms of the black grandfather just now…

“Dangerous” Seeing that the big-handed Liu was still half a meter away from the resentment behind him, Qin Ge raised his gun and aimed at resentment’s head, and it was a shot. To say that the 12.5mm caliber bullet is really not a joke, a light gun The “bullet flame” at the mouth was the size of a basketball. The whole cave was like a flash. The bullet was shot upward at a 6o-degree angle and hit the rock wall on the top of the cave. “Master Qin… Where are you aiming at?” When Qin Ge fired, the old Liu’s head, who was standing on Qin Ge’s side, lowered his head involuntarily, and it seemed that the bullet landed right above his head.

“Ah…” With the sound of the gunshot, Qin Ge hurriedly took two steps back and almost sat on the ground, throwing the gun, clutching his wrists, grinning, and almost shouting. To be honest, although Qin Ge has full confidence in his marksmanship, he really underestimated the huge recoil force of this pistol. Qin Ge has also used many large-caliber pistols before, among which the most recoil force is the famous “Desert of the Desert”. Eagle” is also 12.5mm caliber. I thought that this gun would not have more recoil than the “Desert Eagle” anyway, but I didn’t expect that the recoil of this m5oo was really larger than that of the “Desert Eagle”. It’s not even a little bit, at least more than doubled, and this time I almost broke my wrist directly.

To be honest, Big Hand Liu was not far from the resentment behind him. Qin Ge fired, and Big Hand Liu took two steps back in fright, and leaned against the black grandfather behind him with a bang.

“Brother Liu” just now, the old Liutou also wanted to go forward, but he was dazzled by the fireball when Qin Ge shot. At this time, as soon as his eyesight was restored, he saw that the big hand Liu had retreated into the arms of resentment, and he stepped forward without saying a word. He waved the seven-star sword in front of him, and it was a sword according to the neck of the black grandfather in front of him. I only felt that the sword seemed to be chopped on the tire of the car. It was bounced back with a bang. Leaving his hand, he saw that he couldn’t cut it, so Lao Liutou simply turned his wrist from cutting to stabbing, and the tip of the sword stabbed the resentment, as if it had stabbed into a firewood stack. Pull it back, and the place where it was stabbed quickly returned to its original state, just like no stab.

To tell the truth, at this moment, the old Liutou was also shocked. This is a seven-star sword in his hand. It can be used to cut gold and cut jade to ward off demons. Chi” can’t cut the iron-locked corpse. It’s understandable. People are covered with iron nets all over their bodies, and bullets can’t penetrate them. Now this thing is obviously a layer of rags, so why can’t it be cut?

At this moment, I saw resentment shouting open his arms, and he hugged Big Hand Liu with a puff. This time, Big Hand Liu was also stunned, and his body struggled subconsciously, feeling that the whole body seemed to be locked by iron gates. He was caught, unable to move, “dodge” at this moment, the big hand Liu was also anxious, with a wow, the blue veins on his cheeks jumped up, but he still couldn’t break free.

“Big Brother Liu” Zhang Guozhong had already rushed to the resentment at this time, and the sword crossed his head and slashed Huashan with all his strength to suck the milk. He only heard a puff, and the effect of the sword on resentment was similar to that of old Liu’s head. …

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