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I remember it was the night of Qingming Festival, and I invited my two best friends, Yang Zai and Lu Qiang, to play poker at my house.

But the three of us couldn't argue about which way to play, and finally decided to play Zha Jinhua. However, we three poor boys didn't have much money, so it was a bit difficult to play with real money, so I had an idea and quickly ran to the living room at home.

I gently opened the drawer under my grandma's coffin and took out a large handful of money. I sighed to myself: "This is how geniuses are made!" I divided the money among the sighs of my brothers. The three of us started to show off our skills and play.

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Time went by so fast, and it was already past midnight before I knew it. The three of us were still playing with gusto, basically winning and losing, but slowly we discovered an unusual rule, that is, whoever is dealt the cards first will definitely lose, and the loser will be unlucky, because besides the one in front of us, There was less money, and we also made a rule: whoever loses shuffles the cards.

This is difficult for Lu Qiang. He hates shuffling the cards the most, but Yangzi and I always deal him the cards first, so he always loses. We both laughed at him because he was a professional shuffler. Lu Qiang looked depressed.

As time went by, we discovered an even stranger pattern. Every time no matter who shuffled the cards , the last hole card was always the Four of Spades. At first, no one noticed it, but later Yangzi casually After mentioning this matter, the three of us slowly noticed that this strange thing happened seven or eight times in a row, and we suddenly became more vigilant about it. Later, Lu Qiang suggested that everyone shuffle the cards three times before playing. Yangzi and I both agreed, but the trump card was still the four of spades, which suddenly made me feel uncomfortable.

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I immediately decided to ask Yangzi to put the four of spades elsewhere. This time it would be correct. But when we finished the game, Lu Qiang's face was very ugly as he was shuffling the cards. Yangzi couldn't help but ask Lu Qiang, and saw Lu Qiang slowly taking out his hole card, and it was the "Four of Spades!"

Yangzai and I immediately looked towards the place where the four of spades had been placed, and saw a playing card quietly placed there. I asked Yangzai to turn it over and take a look. Yangzai spat and reached out to turn it over. Suddenly it was thrown to the ground. Lu Qiang and I immediately went over and took a closer look. There was still a "Four of Spades" on the card! [Complete collection of ghost stories]

After a while of silence, the three of us decided to stop playing and go to sleep. I asked Lu Qiang to put away the playing cards, but I only heard Lu Qiang scream strangely: "Ghost. Ah!" Yangzi and I immediately went over to see what was going on, and saw Lu Qiang looking at all the playing cards on the table. Lying face up, each one has "Four of Spades" printed on it! Suddenly, the three of us all jumped into the quilt and covered our heads until dawn.

The next day, we went to look at the cards on the table again. The cards were still the same ordinary deck of playing cards. There was nothing strange about them, except that one card was missing – the four of spades.

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