The Fourth Part Of Super Weapon 4: The Strange Words In Youhuangshui County

Suddenly, the strings in front of me were blown by the wind, making a "ding-ding-dong-dong" sound. This is the coldest time in late winter, and the cold wind cuts through the face like a knife. The originally bright and pleasant sunshine seems to have been blown by the cold wind, and has become weak and weak, unable to shine into this small courtyard filled with moisture.

The length of the piano body is about one meter, and it is purple-black in color, with a vermilion seal engraved on the left end. A friend of mine is the most famous musical instrument collector in Hong Kong Island. He once said that "the red seal on a guqin is a unique instrument." If it were not a unique instrument, the maker would not dare to engrave it with a red seal.

"The sound of the piano communicates with ghosts and gods. Those who are truly obsessed with the piano will turn their hard work into notes on their fingertips, and then they will play the last song that says, 'This music should only exist in heaven, and can be heard several times in the world.' Maybe. The ancients Boya and Ziqi gave their own emotions to the sound of the piano, so they could sing like mountains and flowing water, right?" – These are his original words, and they were said in the Guqin collection room of his mansion in Causeway Bay. , it still remains fresh in my memory.

The seal is engraved with the words "五湖". Perhaps due to the age, the edges have been worn away, but the vermilion color coming from the wood itself is extremely beautiful.

The sound of the piano was always playing, which made me feel fresh. At the same time, another clear and clear sound of the cave flute suddenly came into my ears.

The Japanese's preference for dongxiao can be traced back to the Tang and Song Dynasties, and the royal families of all dynasties have dedicated dongxiao singers. To this day, the Japanese dongxiao playing skills are the best in the world.

If the sound of the flute came from outside the bamboo wall or somewhere further away, there would be nothing wrong with it, but it was obvious that the sound was in this bamboo pavilion, right next to me.

There was no one around me, only a guqin blown by the wind, which was Tengjia's relic.

The sound of the flute and the piano echoed each other, sometimes high-pitched and piercing the clouds, sometimes sobbing euphemistically, and they were so in tune that they sounded like partners who had been working together for many years.

There was indeed no one in sight, and I knew that I was hallucinating again. Before Tengjia died, he also heard the sound of the flute – "Maybe her soul is immortal and comes back to strum the strings again. Since she was immortal for a thousand years, what about the next one? Where will she enter in the next reincarnation?"

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I didn't feel scared, I just lamented her ending. People who believe in fate can naturally face all life, old age, sickness and death with ease, but after her soul was imprisoned for thousands of years, the process of reincarnation was too short, and it actually happened in the most glorious days of her life.

A thin woman in black appeared on the other side of the bamboo bridge. She walked towards me blankly, until she arrived in front of the bamboo pavilion. She barely cared about my existence. She glanced at the guqin. Turning to the left, a red steel cable suddenly shot out of his right arm and went straight into a pile of rocks that was mostly exposed above the water.

When the steel cable was retracted, the great iron plate was suddenly pulled up and fell into her left hand.

We have met several times. She is the female ninja who has appeared in Youhuangshui County several times. She has also appeared outside the meditation hall and sent me flags.

She raised the iron sign and faced the sun. The sunlight penetrated those small holes with chaotic tracks, forming mottled patterns on her face and body.

"Teacher Tanye sent you here?" I didn't leave the bamboo couch, and the sound of the piano and flute in the hallucination still continued to sound.

The female ninja thought deeply, then suddenly sighed, turned around and strode into the pavilion. She gently placed the iron sign on the side of the bamboo couch, took out a black handkerchief, and slowly wiped the water droplets on it. When I accidentally brought it back from the glass box, I didn't realize how nervous it was.

From Tiepai itself, I can't help but remember the mysterious disappearance of Rishika. What on earth is she going to do? I came to Hokkaido several times, and without doing anything, I first entered the glass box and had the same magical encounter as Guan Baoling and I, and then disappeared silently, like a suspense novel that stopped in the middle, leaving behind A great and empty question mark has been raised.

3 Nether World

"Miss Toka is gone, and this brand has lost its effect." I tolerated her indifference, or every man and woman who became a ninja has a creed that he has to abide by.

The figure on the left side of the sign is no longer a weirdo with six arms, but a strange and slender fish with fins and a tail, but it clearly has a human head, arms, and legs. This is a combination of a person and a fish, and it is definitely not the mermaid, the evolved form of fish in myths and legends. It looks clumsy and weird, and does not have the freedom and agility of the mermaids described by cartoonists at all.

In the upper right corner of the sign, there is still a cloud where the direction of the celestial body cannot be seen. It's a pity that I didn't take pictures of the new changes in the brand in advance, because after all, this is very, very precious information.

"Tanino-sensei said it will work for you." The female ninja raised her head and stared at me with her narrow eyes, her face full of anger.

I sneered: "Thank you, Mr. Tanye, for your kindness. It's not him who has the final say on whether it's effective or not." Tanye had just left the hostage of others, and he was concerned about a lot of things, so he immediately sent someone to follow me.

The female ninja had already wiped the sign, but had no intention of leaving immediately. She stood beside him with her hands down. The meddlesome elephant monk also appeared at the end of the bamboo bridge either early or late. Tengjia's death did not shock everyone, but on the contrary, the restraining order in Youhuangshui County was lifted, and everyone could walk around with arrogance.

The elephant monk was holding a bulging black plastic bag in his hand. He just passed the bamboo gate and held it up as if to report his merit: "Teacher Feng, these are the necessary clothes for you."

The sound of the flute stopped, and the sound of the piano also weakened with the wind and stopped ringing.

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I waved to the female ninja: "You can go."

The female ninja shook her head stubbornly: "No, Teacher Tanino said that Youhuangshui County is gloomy and weird. Maybe you need my protection." Such warm and sweet words came out of her mouth as cold as ice.

I repeated again: "You can go now. Please reply to Mr. Tanano that Ms. Fujika is dead. I don't have any subjects that he is interested in. It's better to give up."

With Gu Ye's body skills, he condescended to ask me for advice, and spoke out without reservation about the results of his dome detection – if he hadn't asked for it from me, he would have had no reason to do so.

The female ninja turned around and walked out. She didn't have the humility of Tanino, so of course she wouldn't take me seriously. When she passed by the elephant monk who was coming towards him, she slanted her body to give way, and then walked slowly across the bamboo bridge. The long knife was inserted diagonally into her back. I don't know why, but I always felt that her expression looked very strange, her mood was extremely low, and she was not at all as domineering as when we met several times before.

The elephant monk stepped into the bamboo pavilion and smiled doubtfully: "Teacher Feng, what are you looking at?"

I withdrew my gaze and opened the plastic bag thoughtfully. It was a brand new gray suit, socks and leather shoes.

"Teacher Feng, what happened in the temple last night was really shocking, but luckily Teacher Tanye came out. With his dignity, as long as he says a word, everything will be reduced to a trivial matter. Hmm. , he has already taken care of Tokyo, and someone from the royal family will come soon. After all, the death of Princess Toka will cause quite a shock…"

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He kept talking non-stop, which made me feel temporarily bored.

I stood up and walked out of the bamboo pavilion, stepped on a stone raised from the water, bent down, first washed away the blood on my hands, and then washed my face with water. The reason why I didn't rush back to the small courtyard was because I was afraid that Guan Baoling would be worried and frightened when she saw the blood on my body. The water under your feet turned red instantly, then slowly rippled away, and the color gradually deepened.

"The big shot will definitely come back. How credible is what Tanino Kamishiba said before his death? He once said that Toka is the child of the big shot and Tenjo Jubei, but currently we can't see anything special between the big shot and Toka. Intimate relationship——"

The elephant monk plucked the strings boredly and made a "ding dong" sound.

Just when I was about to turn around and scold him, I saw a blur of flowers in front of me. A dozen lines of clear Chinese characters appeared on the red water: "Sneak into the 'Well of Psychics', swim for thirty-five days, and pass through the gap in the dog's mouth. Migrate upwards and enter another space. The entrance to the 'Undersea Tomb of Gods' is on the stone wall due east of the space. It is several hundred feet high and cannot be climbed. You can only wait for the water surface to rise. The fluctuation of the water surface has nothing to do with the rise and fall of the sea tide? The world's The water is all the same, so why is it different here?"

The characters, floating on the water, are extremely three-dimensional and extremely clear.

I took a long breath and remembered every word and every gesture in my mind. There are a few lines below: "The six-armed god and the 'Wrath of the Sun God' do not belong to this world, but, "The Sutra of Blue Falling Yellow Spring" How can God record their existence? And we know that the "Wrath of the Sun God" will one day erupt and dry up the sea. Yi shoots for nine days, Kuafu chases the sun, and Jingwei fills the sea. Could it be that the above three legends are all the same? Is it related to the 'Wrath of the Sun God'? The only way to defeat it is to destroy it and defeat it with water."

The writing paused for five minutes. As the blood gradually faded, all the words slowly disappeared.

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I took off my blood-soaked shirt and plunged into the water. Although the water was dyed red again, no characters appeared again. I heard a depressed sigh coming from far away on the water to the west, which seemed to be Tengjia's voice, lingering like the sound of a piano in the wind. When I stood up and searched to the west, I could see nothing but water waves, dead bamboo, and strange rocks.

"Is this the secret message left by Tengjia?" I closed my eyes and pondered for a few seconds, and suddenly I felt the elephant monk behind me staring at me intently. The feeling of being "peeped" was like a gleam on my back, which was special. Uncomfortable.

"Teacher Feng, what are you looking at?" He laughed and plucked the strings again.

I shook the water off my hands and jumped back onto the bamboo bridge.

"This guqin is the treasure of the royal family. It is said to be worth a lot of money!" The elephant monk blinked and said in a strange tone.

I started to change my clothes and planned to have Xiao Lai explore the elephant monk's true identity to see what weird things were hidden behind him. Most of the antiquities of the Japanese royal family were obtained from China, but they came across the ocean for different reasons. Therefore, the real owner of Guqin should be China.

"Teacher Feng, the bodies of the two teachers Shao will be cremated at dusk today. They will be in the Reincarnation Courtyard in the north of the temple. Do you want to come over personally to supervise it? Princess Tengjia's funeral will be handled by the royal family. As for so many people who have been killed The weirdo killed, according to Teacher Tanino, was to dig a hole and bury it in the vegetable patch on the side of the kitchen as a fertilizer for the vegetables. Do you have any other opinions?"

My stomach couldn't help but feel a slight twitch at the thought of vegetables absorbing nutrients from carrion to grow.

"I want to get this piano right now—"

I interrupted him: "I will handle Qin's matter, so that the monks in the temple can sleep more alertly at night, and don't wait until someone cuts their neck with a knife and they are still in a daze!" Last night with the ninjas The fighting lasted for nearly seven hours, with corpses strewn all over the ground, but the monks were sleeping soundly and did not notice. This cannot but be said to be the failure of Fengge Temple.

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