I Saw A Female Ghost In The Train Toilet

I'm not a timid person, but I don't really like reading novels. Because all time is precious. I want to enjoy life with my heart, but an accidental experience of reading a novel made me unforgettable for the rest of my life. Because in the novel I saw things that I couldn't see in real life, which are what people often call ghosts.

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It was when I was in college. One summer vacation, my classmate asked me to go to his house to play. By the time I got home, the train station only had tickets for two o'clock in the evening. But it was only about eight o'clock in the evening, and I was worried that I would delay the train after going to bed, so I bought a novel from the book kiosk at the train station and passed the time by reading it. The name of this novel is "Painted Skin". Because there is a movie with the same name, I have watched it before, and I wanted to see what the differences between the novel and the movie are.

Short ghost story about train_Story train picture_The story of connotation ghost story train

This novel tells the same story as in different movies. It is said that after a woman from a copycat village was executed by her tribe because of her style, her skin was skinned and placed in a frame to warn future generations not to imitate her. Make mistakes. But this woman's ghost did not repent. Instead, she turned her human skin into a beautiful woman and harmed people everywhere.

Story train picture_The story of train with connotation ghost story_About train Short ghost stories

When I was reading this novel, I was so fascinated that I didn't even go to the bathroom for several hours. After I got on the train, I felt like relieving myself , and I hurried to the toilet. After I relieved myself, I looked up by chance and found a beautiful woman walking forward with the train outside the glass of the train toilet. You must know that the train is very fast, and it is impossible for people to keep up with the train. Could this be the female ghost mentioned in the novel, I thought to myself. At this moment, the beautiful woman outside the window waved to me and smiled charmingly, making me want to rush out of the train and catch her. Subconsciously I knew I couldn't watch anymore. Otherwise, if the story contained a ghost story train , I would probably actually jump out of the window. By then I believe the only consequence will be that I will be shattered to pieces. But I couldn't resist the temptation of the beautiful woman at all. I couldn't help but walked towards the car window and broke the glass of the car window like a maniac. I couldn't wait to hold this beauty's hand. At this moment, the toilet door was opened by the police. I regained my consciousness in an instant, and when I looked out the window again, the beauty was gone. It turns out that I stayed in the toilet for too long and there were already a lot of people queuing outside. I didn't hear people knocking on the door at all. Finally, the police opened the door because they were worried that something might happen to me inside.

Short ghost story about train_Story train picture_The story of connotation ghost story train

That's it, I escaped. I never went to the toilet again during the entire trip. As for the novel, I gave it to the policeman and he burned it. From now on I never dare to read this kind of novel again.

Short ghost story about train_Story train picture_The story of connotation ghost story train

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