I Can't Find My Little White Fox

Previous life: The little white fox’s repayment of kindness

A long time ago, there lived a family under a snowy ridge called Cuifeng. There was only one scholar named Hu En. He was a bookworm who only read books by sages. He was kind-hearted, cherished the old and cared for the poor, but was mediocre in his studies. He even barely passed the exam three times to become a scholar. Because on weekdays, he only concentrates on studying and never goes out without reason. People saw that he was a little crazy and thought that he could not have much future. There was no serious family within a few miles who was willing to marry their daughter to him. But Scholar Hu didn't worry about this, he still studied hard behind closed doors, determined to achieve a great reputation.

One night, he was so tired from studying that he fell asleep on the table. In his confusion, he noticed that a small white dot came quietly outside his window. Seeing him immersed in reading, the small white dot seemed to have two shining small black moles.

The next day, he had already forgotten this dream. But that night, he dreamed of that little white dot again, a little white fox. A little white fox actually entered his dream, and he was a little surprised. What surprised him was that the little white fox whined, as if it had something to say. This time, he felt a little confused. Maybe he was really tired and fantasizing. It was not a real dream and he still didn't take it into his heart.

That night, when it was very quiet, he had another dream about the little white fox. In the dream, the little white fox spoke. It said, Mr. En, Mr. En, you saved me in the previous life, and in this life I will help you succeed in your studies and get ahead.

Such a series of bizarre dreams made him mistakenly believe that he had some mental illness. He suddenly became panicked, fearing that something would happen if he delayed seeking medical treatment. He didn't dare to neglect anything and immediately went to find the doctor. The doctor took his pulse but couldn't find out the reason. He just said it was depression and prescribed some medicine to let him rest and recover.

But that night, he had the same dream again, in which the little white fox spoke again. The little white fox said, Mr. En, don’t be afraid, I just want to help you. This time, the little white fox's appearance became fresher. His snow-white fur looked like clouds, and his bright eyes were very soft. Hu En held his breath, no longer so afraid. Just listen to the little white fox say, Mr. En, you close your eyes, I will take you to a place.

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When he opened his eyes again, he saw a poor little white fox being held tightly by the hunter. Its limbs were kicking around, unable to break free. It whined and whined, with water in its eyes and tears. It stared pitifully at a passing scholar, showing its desire for help. The scholar actually looked exactly like him. In the end, the little white fox's eyes were full of fear, and he was only panting slightly, losing the energy he had just now. It sighed angrily. Perhaps it was the sadness of dying that infected the scholar. This sigh made the scholar feel a little painful. He walked over and gently stroked the little white fox. He felt that it was so soft and charming that he couldn't help but cry. He untied himself, rescued the little white fox, and waved goodbye to it. The little white fox ran hard into the distance, looked back at the scholar, stared at it seriously, and then ran into the woods and disappeared. This pure white body has absorbed the spirit of heaven and earth, and the white hair like snow is more brilliant than silver, which also makes the scholar stand blankly.

The scene from the past life appeared in his dream, which scared Hu En and woke him up suddenly. In his daze, he saw tears rolling down the eyes of the little white fox. When he recovered, the little white fox had disappeared in the dream. .

The big exam was coming soon, so Hu En didn't care about being afraid and continued to study hard every day.

At this point, as long as he is a little cramped during the day, the little white fox will know that he has encountered a problem and will come to his dream that night. After several fox dreams like this, he was no longer afraid, and instead became more diligent in studying. The strange thing is that whenever there is something he doesn't understand, the little white fox will explain it to him in his dream.

The little white fox said repeatedly, Mr. En, as long as you review every day according to what I teach, I will ensure that you get the honor. Hu En was doubtful. Seeing his hesitation, the little white fox said, "If you still don't believe it, I will give you a bunch of white hairs." Things were so strange. When Hu En woke up the next day, he actually held a handful of white fox fur in his hand! Only then did he believe that there really was a god three feet above his head!

So, Hu Enzhen studied according to the instructions of the little white fox, and soon made rapid progress. He won the first prize in the Toad Palace and passed the Jinshi. From then on, you will be rich and prosperous all year round, this is a story for another day.

It is said that on the night when Hu En returned home in glory, he had another dream, in which the little white fox came again. This time, it came to say goodbye, and said that the human-monster had a different path, so that he didn't have to look for it, and it would be useless to look for it. Nahu En was so sad that he cried on the spot. When I woke up, I only remembered the little white fox repeatedly emphasizing: We will see each other again in the next life when the snow is falling.

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Poor Mr. Hu, he had no intention of eating or drinking, and looked haggard. After only a few days, he became weak. The villagers felt extremely sorry for him and felt sorry for him. They all cried and wanted to prepare for his funeral.

That night, Hu En, who was still breathing, heard the little white fox scolding him, saying, "Why don't you cherish yourself, sir?" Immediately afterwards, he fell asleep and felt a flow of heat pouring into him. When he woke up, he felt refreshed. People were very surprised.

At this point, Hu En often went to bed early and no longer dreamed of his little white fox. No matter how much he prayed, the little white fox never came to his dreams again. But the snow-white and exquisite appearance of the little white fox always existed in his heart.

For the next half of his life, Hu En married a wife and had children. The white fox ghost story was very popular among people. All the year round, four generations lived under the same roof, and their children were virtuous and their grandchildren were filial. But in his heart, he has been looking forward to the beautiful encounter with the little white fox in the next life.

Just when Hu En was staying, he was confused and saw the snow falling in his dream. A woman in white came walking on the clouds and said to him, I am a little white fox. I violated the rules of heaven and was deprived of thousands of years of cultivation. Fortunately, God showed mercy to me and allowed me to be reincarnated as a human, but he wanted to take away the memories of my previous life. You and I will meet again if we are destined to be reincarnated. Master, please remember to look for me so that your love for me is not in vain. At this time, the woman in white had burst into tears and danced alone. I saw her graceful figure, swaying with slight steps, just like dancing in colorful feathers; her crystal tears fell down like broken beads, like a pear blossom carrying rain in spring. The white figure dances in the flying snow, as if the white snow is flying. Hu En froze when he saw it, and suddenly felt his body stiffen and stopped moving.

This life: a hard search

In hell, Hu En's soul begged for several lives, and Po Meng felt sincere and reluctantly agreed to help him retain his memory.

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In the blink of an eye, the world changed and the sea changed. Twenty years later, Nahu En had been reincarnated and grown up. He still misses looking for his little white fox, and still calls himself Hu En, in order to commemorate the kindness of the little white fox. Whenever someone talks about matchmaking, he always shirks it, saying that he was already married in his previous life and his parents can't do anything about him.

He wanted to know when and where he would meet the little white fox in this life? At that time, he should have come gently with a book in his hand, and the little white fox should be as shy as a begonia after the rain. He always fantasized like this when he was a boy.

Every episode day, he often went to the bustling crowd and searched blankly. He didn't know how many years had passed.

Suddenly one day, Hu En saw a woman in white clothes, her features were vaguely familiar, her eyes were like the little white fox in his dream, and she had a kind of nobility. He walked away quickly, feeling that his heart was about to race, thinking that he had met his little white fox in the world.

It's just that the woman looked up and looked away with disdain , her gaze was intimidating. Ah, this is not the look he imagined. Hu En thought, is she afraid of seeing me? Am I too humble? Am I dressed too shabbily? He suddenly felt like he was in an ice cellar, and he only kept the flood of longing in his heart.

But he still followed closely, and saw the woman enter a secluded villa and call "husband" to an elderly man. It turned out to be a "canary" in captivity. This frightened Hu En. He didn't understand why a person with a delicate face could have such an unbearable smell of copper. He decided that this was not his little white fox. He turned and left.

I don’t know how many years have passed, and I don’t know how many places I have searched. One day, he inadvertently heard a song coming from afar. The tune was low and pitiful, as if it was the cry of a little white fox in a dream. He followed the sound and saw a tall woman in white, with skin as smooth as gel, thin eyebrows and slender eyebrows, and flowing waves. She is dressed in white, her skirts are fluttering, and she dances gracefully. Hu En's tongue suddenly became stiff and he could not speak. He just looked at her singing and dancing infatuatedly!

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When he came back to his senses, he saw a group of girls in white walking in front of them, with the same youthful beauty and the same clever smiles. I could only hear someone saying, "Look, shemale" and "What a beautiful shemale." He suddenly realized that this was not his little white fox anymore. He had no choice but to leave sadly, but the dance remained in his heart.

What is sad is that this reincarnation does not allow Hu En to solve the mystery of love. I don’t know how long I have been looking for it. Maybe it was God's will that allowed Hu En to find a woman who looked exactly like the little white fox, but her figure was slightly different. He thought this might be the difference after the reincarnation of the little white fox, so he didn't care much about it.

But this time he didn't dare to admit it easily, so he followed him quietly every day, trying to hold on to the strand of earthly connection, fearing that if he got separated, he would be reincarnated. In the end, Na Huen finally painfully discovered that this woman was doing publicity for people in a beauty salon. She had been carefully plastic surgery and was ugly before. Hu En fainted on the spot. I don’t know how to describe his mood at that time. Anyway, this was no longer his little white fox, so he had to drift away gradually.

After that, Hu En traveled across thousands of mountains and rivers. He couldn't count how many places he visited and how many times he was lost. In the blink of an eye, his temples turned into frost. After a life of poverty, he finally understood that pure white things only existed in dreams, so he stopped thinking about them.

Sighing to leave: it’s hard to see each other in the morning clouds and evening rain

The snow is shining and flying in the wind, and Hu En stands in the wind and snow. He will choose to sing a tragic song on this full moon night, and then turn it into nothingness. Because he really doesn't have the energy to look for the little white fox in his heart anymore. Time has passed, and he doesn't want to look for it anymore, and he can't bear to let the little white fox see him in such a state of despair. Leaving was his choice.

Not willing to give in! Could it be that the little white fox is no longer human? His consciousness gradually became blurred, and he cried loudly: Little white fox——

White fox ghost what does it mean_white fox ghost story_folklore ghost fox story

The night was silent, and the snow gradually fell into a pile. There was an unbreakable tenderness in the coldness.

Ah, little white fox, are you already jumping lightly in the mountains and forests, preventing me from looking for you again, or are you flying in the white snow now? He couldn't help but think of what the little white fox once said: We will see each other again in the next life when the snow is falling.

He stared at the flying snow in front of him for a long time. The more he looked, the more he felt that the flying snow was like a lonely dancer in a dream, like countless flying hairs appearing in the sky. He stubbornly believed that the snow was transformed by the little white fox, and asked him to meet him in the snow.

I don't know if there are his dancing tears in the snow, but I saw Hu En smiling slightly and dancing in the snow. I think this is their reunion dance, and soon everything will turn into nothingness.

Hu En danced and gradually drifted away with the snow. At this time, his mournful singing stopped suddenly, and all the sadness and despair turned into nothingness.


Later, the ice and snow melted, and someone saw a white robe on the ground covered with silver-white animal hair, which seemed to be connected together. A greedy person wanted to take them away, but they couldn't separate them, so they had to abandon them.

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