Bed Vixen

Mu Tie spread the white fox skin on the kang as a mattress. Mu Tie got up quickly, put on his trousers, lit the lamp, and looked around. Mu Tie blushed and asked, “You are a fox with magic power, how did you end up like this?” The old man saw that Mu Tie was dressed in coarse linen, and he was wearing a pair of old cloth shoes. There was a hole in the top of the shoe, and his big toe was exposed. Only the fox fur scarf around his neck was considered high-grade. Helpless, the white fox cast another “love at first sight spell” on Fang Xiaojiao. This kind of spell can make the recipient do everything they want, which is the housekeeping skill of a vixen. Facing his bewildered newlywed wife, Mu Tie showed embarrassment: How will we live in the future? … Continue readingBed Vixen