Family Ghost Stories

In the second semester of my junior year, I really couldn't stand the thunderous snoring of my roommates and the smell of cigarettes, alcohol, and socks that filled the dormitory. Besides, I was about to take the postgraduate entrance examination, so I thought of moving out of the dormitory and finding an elegant and quiet place to live.

The house I am interested in is backed by a lush mountain. It is a six-story building in a suburb one kilometer away from the school. From the outside, the walls of this building look very messy, but the environment in the room is fine, with white walls and clean floors. The room I want to rent is on the sixth floor. It has one bedroom and one kitchen. The kitchen is very large and there is a bathtub in it for bathing.

After negotiating the price with the landlord, I moved in the same day. I can finally get out of the dormitory, and I feel much more relaxed. After evening self-study, I excitedly walked along the path to my room. When I walked to this building, I realized that there were no street lights and it was pitch black everywhere. What was even more strange to me was that the entire building only had the first floor. The three households in the house had their lights on, but the other five floors were completely dark. I am an atheist, so I went in along the dark staircase without thinking much.

Turning on the light in the room, a burst of warmth rushed to my heart. The long-lost comfort made me smile and take a few deep breaths. Finally I have my own world. I boiled a bottle of hot water and took a comfortable bath in the kitchen tub, then lay on the bedside and read a book. At eleven o'clock, I habitually turned on the radio and listened to horror stories. This time it is about a series of strange events that a late-night taxi driver encountered on a remote mountain road. As the atmosphere of terror spread in the room, my whole body shivered, and goosebumps stood up all over my spine. Usually I don't feel scared when listening to it with six people in the dormitory, but now when I listen to it alone in this empty room, it really scares me. After listening to it, I hurriedly went to the toilet and turned on the light and went to sleep.

In the hazy state of not sleeping, I seemed to hear the sound of footsteps moving in and out of the dark room filled with moonlight. I reluctantly forced myself to open one eye and glance in the direction of the door. In the dim light, a woman with long hair hanging down to her waist and wearing white pajamas looked exactly like a zombie in the movie! Although her face was covered by her hair, I clearly knew she was looking at me! I sat up immediately and panicked and took a picture of the light button on the bedside. Before I could scream, the light came on. It was already daytime in the room. Like many horrific incidents, the empty room was empty except for There is nothing like a desk or a bed. I stared blankly for a while. Although it was still winter, big beads of sweat were already covering my face. Then I boldly and hurriedly checked every corner of the room, but there was still nothing terrible. I thought it must be a hallucination, but I have never had any hallucinations before. Maybe I am really tired today, and my whole body is sore after moving all afternoon. Just think of it as an illusion.

I turned off the light again, covered myself with a quilt and fell asleep, and soon fell into drowsiness again. At this moment, I was suddenly awakened again. Something was lifting my quilt! Lifting the quilt from my feet, I stared wide-eyed and dared not move. I was so frightened that my heart rose to my throat. I felt big beads of sweat soaking the quilt next to me. The quilt was lifted higher and higher, and soon I felt a chill on my feet. Suddenly, two hand-like things grabbed my feet. I was already scared out of my mind. At this time, nothing happened. Regardless of the scream, he kicked his feet with all his strength and pressed the light switch with a "pop" sound. The room became calm again, and nothing was found, but I knew clearly that this was definitely not an hallucination. I have never had hallucinations in my life. Besides, I am strong and strong, and I am a handsome boy from the sports department. I'm sure there must be someone else in the room besides me that I can't see! I was completely frightened, gasping and huddled on the bed holding the quilt, wiping the sweat from my face from time to time. I wanted to run out and call someone, but it was pitch dark outside, and there were no other residents on the upper five floors of this building. It was better to sit with the light on all night, so I curled up with my cell phone and an iron rod in my hand and looked around. The grass and trees are all in danger, and the slightest sound will make my heart jump with fear.

I looked at my phone. It was already past one o'clock in the morning, and I didn't know how to spend the night. At this moment, music suddenly came from the kitchen. The music was sad and melodious, not at all like the music we usually listen to. My heart was in my throat again. Why was there music in the kitchen? The repeater was still left in the dormitory when I moved here. Besides the gas stove and pot, there was nothing else that could make a sound in the kitchen when I was boiling water. I didn't even buy the dishes and chopsticks. I listened carefully again, and yes, it was true, there was indeed music in the kitchen! I felt like I had lost consciousness. I wanted to cry but I didn't have the energy to cry. My heart ached so hard that I didn't even dare to take a breath. But I still want to find out, what is causing trouble? I trembled and slowly got up, holding the iron rod tightly in my hand and tiptoed to the door of the kitchen. There was a small gap in the door, and I put my eyes close to it without thinking. The light was on in the kitchen, the gas stove was burning, and a pot of something was burning on it. The pot was steaming, and I saw unwashed dishes and chopsticks soaking in a small basin. A woman was happily humming a song and washing herself in a bathtub filled with water. The woman turned her face and looked at me, laughing strangely! I screamed, dropped the iron rod and ran out. I ran out of the dark building in panic. I rushed to school in one breath. There was silence in the school late at night, and the street lamps gave off a faint light. The door of the dormitory building has been locked. It seems that the only choice is to stay in this quiet campus, but fortunately, it is much better than staying in that ghost place.

Early the next morning, I came to my room with my roommate. I didn’t want to live here anymore and I wanted to move my things back. After entering the door, I searched it with a few of them. There was still nothing terrible in the bedroom, so we went to the kitchen. There were no bowls and chopsticks anywhere, and even the only pot was still on the floor. Several roommates said that I must be tired and had an illusion, but I was the only one who knew that was not the case.

We moved all our things downstairs. A resident downstairs looked at us in horror and asked where we were. An aunt asked me if I lived across the street from the sixth floor. She was frightened when I said yes. broken. He pulled me and told me in a low voice: "Two years ago, there was a single woman living in your house. After breaking up with her boyfriend, she turned on the gas valve and committed suicide after washing herself. After that, the place started to be haunted. Residents on several floors were haunted. They were so scared that they moved away. They often heard that woman singing in the house. Hey, the evil landlord simply decorated the house and rented it out again…" I simply don't know what the aunt said next, Silent fear hit my heart, and the cold wind blew on my face, which became ferocious. I don’t even know how I left that day, all I could think of was that horrible song. Oh my god, I stayed with a soul all night, and she still looked at me. I even took a bath in the tub where she died. !

I arrived at the dormitory listlessly, and my friends comforted me by saying that it was a hallucination staircase ghost story , and I hoped so. Even if you comfort yourself.

I was lying in a dirty dormitory again, but I was satisfied and didn't have to be afraid of anything anymore. It was so comfortable lying on the bed, as if last night was really an illusion.

As I fell asleep, I felt pain and numbness in my feet, so I lazily turned on the light. Oh my God, I saw two deep pinch marks on my feet, and there were dark bruises in the red!

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