Change Son-in-law

A few years ago, Lu Xiucai's parents were both ill, and he had to live alone. Xu Zongming understood that his daughter was asking Lu Xiucai to guide her in her own painting! It seems that this marriage must be withdrawn, and the future son-in-law must be replaced! Xu Zongming couldn't help thinking: Although Lu Xiucai is poor, it is rare for him to have such a good character. In addition, he and my daughter both love painting and have a crush on each other. From this point of view, he is indeed my future The best candidate for son-in-law. … Continue readingChange Son-in-law

Scholars Are Afraid Of Female Ghosts

The scholar looked outside, only to see the darkness, but no woman, so he said: “Since there is a destiny, why don’t you come in and meet me?” The scholar saw no one outside the window, and his heart sank, but he was still strong. Boldly shouted: “If you are sincere, come in quickly to meet each other, why do you need to be evasive! Suddenly, the scholar heard the sound of chiseling the door, the voice gradually became higher and higher, and it seemed very miserable in the middle of the night. The woman’s voice also became very frightened and miserable, and said: “I am destined to meet you, see you at the door! The scholar is very scared. Dare to make a sound. The scholar blushed, and never entered the back mangosteen house again, and went out to do business. … Continue readingScholars Are Afraid Of Female Ghosts


He is a man of talent and cautious in speaking, the emperor loves him very much, he bestows a house, confers the title of Hanlin editor, drives with the king, recites poems, and talks about state affairs. So he asked the emperor to leave for two months and went to the countryside to welcome Xiaojue to Beijing. “Xiao Jue smiled charmingly: “My family congratulates the number one scholar, hee hee! Xiao Jue said, “Aren’t you afraid of me?” Xiao Jue went over and hugged him under her body to comfort his head: “Fool! Time is ruthless, Xiao Jue can’t delay any longer, and changed to the bottom of the kang, the number one scholar cried loudly, and with a touch of her hand, he lost his voice. … Continue readingXiaojue

Mei Niang Of Liaozhai

Call me Mei Niang, that’s how he called me back then. I remembered that Mei Niang said that the son was buried in the bamboo forest in the backyard. Mei Niang whispered, every word seemed to be sighing. Could it really be related to Mei Niang? Mei Niang gave up a thousand years of Taoism for a dead person, and Xue Yuanchen forgot his responsibility as a Taoist priest for a goblin. Xue Yuanchen and Mei Niang were together as a demon, but they couldn’t find his soul. Was he reincarnated? Mei Niang murmured. Xue Yuanchen was a little sad, Mei Niang would never forget that young master, so every year on his memorial day, she would bring a scholar to his grave. A demon, Xue Yuanchen and Mei Niang closed their eyes with a smile. … Continue readingMei Niang Of Liaozhai

The Revenge Suicide Note Of A Poor Scholar

I also heard that Fang Xiucai wrote a “Suicide Note of Revenge” and buried it in the grave, which made him feel even more restless and restless. He wished he could dig out the “Suicide Note of Vengeance” from Fang Xiucai’s grave immediately to see what happened. Those with a little literacy hurriedly picked up the “Revenge Suicide Note” and read the two petty lines on the back to everyone: “Master Kong, you are doomed. I said to myself, this is not the secret box of my husband’s “Revenge Suicide Note” Huh? Fang Xiucai didn’t want my life in the first place, if he really put poison on the “Revenge Suicide Note”, would I still be alive today? … Continue readingThe Revenge Suicide Note Of A Poor Scholar