Angry And Clear Xiangxi

It was said that breaking off the cat was its way, and it was controlled by Li Zi. The mountainous area of ​​​​Xiangxi called Li Zi a yellow demon. I am afraid that I will encounter a yellow demon this time…" I don't know how the yellow demon's tongue is long. Yes, the cat hair on the old cat was licked and fell off, and it fell off in an instant. This old cat was very evil-looking and not very good-looking. … Continue readingAngry And Clear Xiangxi

Haunted House

To rob and dig up graves is all based on a moment of courage. The more uneasy you feel, the more suspicious you are of giving birth to ghosts. Therefore, there has always been a saying that if you fight against ghosts, you don't believe in ghosts, and if you believe in ghosts, you don't fight against them. At this time, Chen Blind's subordinates gave him an idea. Since he couldn't find the treasure in the tomb, why not use the "urn listening method" to find out? … Continue readingHaunted House

Huang Chang Slaying Ghosts And Ascension To Immortals Chapter 48 Roll Call Certificate

They saw the bandit leader's face sinking like water, and the whole temple was filled with murderous aura, and they knew that they would die this time, and everyone was like sifting chaff. But Blind Chen said: "Many of our brothers were lost in the ancient tomb of Pingshan. Blind Chen was originally sitting in the hall, but now he stood up and bowed to the phoenix chicken, and said to the deacon: "According to the old red eyebrow rule, this is the name certificate of the red chicken. It does not use literary or military talent. It depends on the brother's eloquence." . … Continue readingHuang Chang Slaying Ghosts And Ascension To Immortals Chapter 48 Roll Call Certificate