The Liar Who Blackmailed The Rich Man With Death: Chen Bin’s Dark Fate Read Online

1. Old friends

After getting one million from Boss Song, Chen Bin took a taxi back to his residence. When the taxi arrived, the meter strangely jumped two yuan more. He argued with the driver about this, and finally lost to the driver's philistine remarks. in logic.

His residence was located in a dilapidated urban village. He opened the door and entered the house. There was no light on, but there was a person sitting in the house. There were several empty cans of beer on the table. Although the visitor had been waiting for a long time.

"Chen Bin, how are things going?"

"It's done, you have another million in your account, are you happy?"

"I'll donate it tomorrow."

"Donate? Ghost letter!"

The other party didn't seem to want to get involved in this issue. He put an envelope on the table: "The next goal is, I want you to get two million from him, and you have one week to complete it."

"Your appetite is getting bigger and bigger." Chen Bin sneered, "Two days ago, I was blocked in an alley by a group of hooligans, and my legs were almost broken. Almost half of the rich people in the city were ripped off by me. Now I don’t even dare to take the subway when I go out. Boss, please ask, how long will I have to do this shitty job?”

"Until you pay off your debt."

Chen Bin's voice was full of indignation: "What exactly do I owe you?"

The reply was calm: "What you shouldn't have in life will be taken away sooner or later. By the way, last time you added money privately, I already took it away from your account. Don't do this next time!" "

Chen Bin jumped up and said, "You asked me to blackmail a rich man and earn tens of thousands of dollars, but I eat the worst every day and live in the worst. Even if you treat me as a machine that doesn't eat or drink, I won't go out." You have to spend money to talk about your 'big business'!"

The other party was indifferent and left directly. After he left, Chen Bin angrily swept the things on the table to the floor and kicked the wall hard.

Chen Bin was disturbed by the ringing of his cell phone. He reached out to press the phone and go to sleep. The name displayed on the phone suddenly woke him up.

"Hey, third child, long time no see."

"Abin, how have you been lately? Come out for a drink?"

The third child was Chen Bin's former partner. Ever since he started working with this mysterious man, no friend had asked him out for a long time. Chen Bin thought about it and agreed.

The two met in a bar. After clinking glasses, the third child asked about Chen Bin's current situation. Chen Bin smiled bitterly: "Do you know the osprey? It's the kind of bird raised by fishermen in our hometown. It plunges into the water with a 'swish' sound." Inside, and then the fisherman pinched the throat and squeezed the fish out – now I am an osprey."

"Abin, have you been pinched?"

Chen Bin couldn't help but admire the keenness of his colleagues. The man did hold his handle, enough to keep him in jail for half his life. He promised Chen Bin that he would let him go when he made enough money, but when he made enough, he would never Did not say.

Chen Bin changed the subject: "Are you looking for me not just for a drink?"

"Smart." The third child lowered his voice, "I'm going to make a big deal recently, do you want to do it?"

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Chen Bin wanted to refuse, but he thought it wouldn't hurt to hear: "Which big boss are you targeting again?"

"Have you heard of real estate tycoon Zhang Weijie?"

Chen Bin's pupils dilated slightly. It was a coincidence that he was the same person as the target the man gave him.

"Do you have a plan? How much do you plan to make?"

"Set up a game, find a woman to seduce him, take photos, and defraud him out of more than 800,000 yuan. We will split it half and half."

Chen Bin wanted to laugh at the idea of ​​the third child, but he didn't own the famous brand he wore or the luxury car he drove. He was just a poor, high-level liar. No one would believe him.

"In this way, you can arrange the setup and leave it to me. I guarantee that you can get at least this number." Chen Bin made a two sign.

The third child was so surprised that he couldn't open his mouth from ear to ear and slapped Chen Bin on the shoulder: "I can't tell, you're a good guy now."

"Just wait and see a good show."

2. Blackmail

The envelope the man handed to Chen Bin contained the dirty deeds Zhang Weijie had done in his early years. How to turn it into money depends on Chen Bin's own wisdom.

Chen Bin didn't know where he got this secret information. The man's face was too clean to be human. He always wore a neat black suit and black gloves, but he wore an old round-brimmed hat.

What made Chen Bin even more puzzled was what exactly this man wanted. Chen Bin can only use the most convenient word to sum up all kinds of things about men – crazy!

Last time, Chen Bin secretly added 100,000 yuan. How did the man notice it? Chen Bin thought about it and thought that he had monitored his account.

So he opened a safer account for himself, because this time, he was going to make a big profit and get 7 million from Zhang Shijie.

The money was split half-and-half with the third child, with two million given to the man and one and a half million kept for himself. He simply couldn't imagine how this plan could fail.

After a period of preparation, the meeting between the two parties was arranged in a five-star hotel. The third child set himself as the president of the construction company, and Chen Bin played his secretary.

After the three-hour negotiation ended, the meal was finally eaten. The third child winked and asked if he wanted to find a place to relax. Zhang Weijie laughed and refused.

The third child signaled to Chen Bin that he should find a way to retain Zhang Weijie. Chen Bin stood up, picked up an ashtray, called "Boss Zhang" from behind, and took advantage of the moment when the other person turned his head and swung it at him off guard.

"You're crazy, we're committing fraud, not kidnapping!" The third child jumped anxiously.

"Anyway, it's been done." Chen Bin wiped the blood off Zhang Weijie's head with a wet towel and ordered a few stunned followers: "Boss Zhang is drunk, help him out."

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When he arrived at the place, he put a wad of bills into the hands of his followers and told them that if they were involved in this matter, it would be enough for them to spend several years in jail, so they should just take the money and leave.

In an instant, there were only three of them left in the room. The third child was impressed by Chen Bin's methods: "Brother, I haven't seen you for a few years, and your skills are getting more and more sophisticated."

"Stop chatting and get down to business."

Three to seven million

Zhang Weijie was awakened by the cold water. There was only one dazzling light in the room. Sitting opposite was "Boss Wang"'s secretary, and "Boss Wang" himself was sitting next to him.

Zhang Weijie was surprised at first, and then said calmly: "How many do you want?"

"Boss Zhang, smart man. We want this number." Chen Bin made a gesture.

"Seven million?" Zhang Weijie shook his head and smiled, "Brother, the kidnapping should be more professional. You didn't even prepare a rope. You just asked for seven million. Do you think my money was blown by the strong wind?"

"This is not kidnapping, this is extortion." Chen Bin said calmly.

"Why are you blackmailing me? I want to see what evidence you have that is worth paying me seven million."

"Do you remember this person?"

Chen Bin said a name, which was the name of a little person, but Zhang Weijie's eyes suddenly widened.

Back then, in order to get a bank loan, he falsely reported the company's total assets. Later, his competitors dug up this matter in order to bring him down. The key person in the incident was a secretary named Du.

If this matter is made public, everything will be in vain for him, and he may even be imprisoned. He can only use one lie to cover up another lie, so a carefully faked car accident occurs.

Zhang Weijie's clothes were soaked with cold sweat, and he lowered his voice: "Who are you?"

"You don't need to know, as long as you transfer the money into my account within three days, I will keep it secret for you forever."

Boss Zhang's chin trembled and he suddenly raised his voice: "You have the guts to sue. It has been more than ten years since that incident. There is no place to collect evidence. Besides, I can hire the best lawyer. You will never sue." Win me!"

His reaction surprised Chen Bin a little. Most people's inner defenses have been defeated at this point. This person is indeed not simple.

Chen Bin said calmly: "I will tell the media."

"Without evidence, the media can only make wild guesses!"

"But many people will see that this includes Secretary Du's family and his two sons. They lost their father more than ten years ago and grew up at the bottom of society. When they know that all this is because of you, Zhang When the boss gives you a gift, think about what will happen? By the way, the boss is now a truck driver, and the second brother is a nightclub thug. They will not sit down and negotiate with you calmly."

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Zhang Weijie bit his lower lip and finally relaxed: "Seven million is still too much! At worst, the fish will die and the net will be broken. When the police find me, you won't get the good news!"

Chen Bin smiled: "If I let you go the day after tomorrow, how will the police file a case?"

Boss Zhang opened his mouth in surprise. He happened to have a contract to sign tomorrow. If he broke the contract, it would be a small loss for him to lose more than 7 million yuan, and he would also lose a long-term partner.

Neither intimidation nor violence was used, but the understatement pinpointed his Achilles heel, cutting off all his escape routes except for one, which was to hand over 7 million to eliminate the disaster. The person sitting in front of him was not a blackmailer, but a skilled negotiator.

He said dejectedly: "I will give you money, but you must promise not to harass me again."

"It's easy to talk. Please, Boss Zhang, please sign this IOU." What Chen Bin pushed over was a contract for gambling debts. Boss Zhang looked at him again and was convinced that he had lost.

4. Anti-victimization

"Abin, I got the money!"

The third child cheered on the phone, and Chen Bin was also excited and rushed to the hotel where the third child was staying.

Seven million, a box full, Chen Bin shook it in his hand, smelling the smell of money. The fishy smell of metal and paper was a fragrance to most people.

But Chen Bin didn't expect that he would be betrayed by the third child. After he drank the "celebration wine" poured by his third brother, he woke up on a stone beach next to a river.

He was tied up with five flowers, and a big stone was tied to his feet. It was already dusk, and this was the countryside. There could be no one for several kilometers.

The third child squatted beside him, holding a cigarette in his mouth: "Seven million is money that many people will never earn in their lifetime. How can I be willing to share it with you?"

Chen Bin hated his gullibility. He thought that everyone was like him. Even one hundred thousand was regarded as a huge sum of money. People's greed has no limit, but he still wanted to fight for a chance of survival for himself.

"Let's work together and do something big, not to mention 7 million, 70 million is a matter of time."

"What you said is very touching, but after I've treated you like this, if I let you go, will you cooperate with me wholeheartedly?"

"I could have sworn it!"

"Haha, don't do this! In order to deceive a woman, you stayed with her for half a year. We are all the same, don't fool anyone. Come on, brother, I will send you on your way!"

The third child dragged him up and pushed him toward the river. The cold wind was biting and the river was fast. Chen Bin was so anxious that he yelled: "Lao San, you are not going to die well!"

"Go down, you!"

Chen Bin was kicked into the river. The cold water instantly covered his top, and the stones tied to his feet kept pulling him down. Chen Bin held his breath hard, and finally choked on the river water. His lungs seemed to be burning, and his consciousness slipped into the dark abyss little by little.

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I don't know whether it was seconds, minutes, or centuries, but a strong arm lifted him up. He vaguely felt someone squeezing his chest, and he coughed out the water in his lungs. As he gradually woke up, a cold face and a suit of wet black clothes appeared in his slowly focused pupils.


"I told you before, don't play with fire."

The man used a knife to cut off the rope on his body and threw it aside. Just like every time he appeared, he was always so mysterious, like emerging from the shadows.

Chen Bin heard a "click" and the man was opening a suitcase, which was full of money. It was the money that was supposed to be taken away by the third child.

"Did you kill him?"

The man responded silently. Lao San's car was still parked not far away. The answer seemed self-evident. The river flowed into the sea. It was too easy to dispose of a body.

The man counted out two hundred bundles of money, put it into a black cloth bag, and buttoned the box: "I will take these two million and donate them, and you can give the rest to the man named Zhang."

"Why?" Chen Bin shouted.

"That's what he should have in his life, and no one has the right to take it away."

"I almost risked my life in it, and now you want me to take it back? Are you crazy?"

"Did I ask you to do these unnecessary things?" The man replied coldly.

Humiliation, depression, anger, all kinds of emotions turned into blood surging in his chest, and Chen Bin roared: "Do you know how I survived growing up? Why do I deserve to be poor, and they deserve to be rich! Do you think It's your business to do justice for heaven, I won't play with you, a madman, I hate the poor life, and I hate you too!"

The man's eyes suddenly softened: "Be obedient and send the money back."

Chen Bin shook his head desperately. He had never seen through this man in three years. He has no desires that a human should have, or in other words, he doesn't look like a human being at all.

"who are you?"

The man pondered for a long time and finally spoke: "I used to be just like you, but something happened to me later. How should I put it… People always say that there is justice in the world, but who will get justice? Execution, there are always some people who will be given such a mission, and I am one of them.”

"I don't care what bullshit mission you fulfill, please spare me!"

The man let out a very soft sigh, and his eyes looked very sad, like an incomprehensible sadness that had accumulated for too long, "I will let you go when you finish it next time, but you must give the money Send it back."

The topic returned to the money, five million, for Chen Bin to send back. It was more unbearable for him than cutting out the flesh and gouging out the heart. The night had darkened, there was a rushing river beside him, and there was a sharp knife on the ground. , an evil thought jumped into Chen Bin's heart, and he suddenly agreed with Lao San's idea. When the risk is minimal and the reward is infinite, anyone can become a beast.

"Okay, I'll send it back tomorrow."

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With perfunctory words, he held the knife in his hand and held it tightly. The man turned around to tie the bag, exposing his defenseless back. Chen Bin swallowed and quietly approached from behind.

Perhaps feeling the killing intent behind him, the man suddenly turned around. This action became the reagent that catalyzed the killing intent. Chen Bin stabbed the knife into his heart fiercely. Perhaps the knife was too sharp, or he was too strong to stab. It penetrates the flesh like a piece of rotten wood.

The man's eyes widened and he wanted to grab his arm: "Don't, you will regret it!"

"I've had enough of you!"

Chen Bin pulled out the knife and stabbed wildly. The man finally fell to the ground. Not a drop of blood came out of his body. A dull expression was fixed on his face, as if he was wearing a mask. The corners of his mouth were slightly raised, as if there was something there. A hint of smile, a smile of relief from the long drudgery.

Chen Bin was afraid, put down his knife, and kept retreating. A strange wind blew around him. The pocket containing the money was blown open for no apparent reason, and the brand-new banknotes were rolling in the air like fallen leaves. He He stretched out his hand to catch it, but felt a strange movement coming from the depths of his brain, as if a frozen insect in the core of a fruit came to life and bit into it, intense pain spread, as if the brain was about to boil.

"Ah!" He covered his head and screamed. Finally he rolled on the ground and hit his head against a stone until his face was covered with blood. The pain could not be relieved at all.

The strange wind blew the man's hat to Chen Bin's feet, as if something was guiding him. Chen Bin tremblingly stretched out his hand, picked up the hat and put it on his head.

The pain gradually disappeared, and the strange wind also subsided. When he looked towards the man's body, he saw only a human-shaped ashes left on the ground, which were slowly blown away by the wind.

"I used to be just like you, but then something happened to me…"

"There are always some people who are given such a mission, and I am one of them."

With a frightening shiver, Chen Bin suddenly understood. But, it's too late.

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