Records Of Supernatural Events In The Forbidden City

Female ghost by the moat

There are trees planted in the moat around the Forbidden City. It is said that one of the trees has a picture of the ghost of the Forbidden City . As soon as twelve o'clock in the summer, a woman in red will cry here. Some people have seen it with their own eyes. I boldly walked over to see what was going on, but as soon as I passed, the person disappeared, and as soon as the person left, it came out again. Later, an old man heard about the incident and said that it was not clean and something must have been buried. So a few brave people came to the site of the accident with tools during the day and started digging. After a while, they dug out a piece of land. Jade match. After that, I never heard of any ghosts by the river again.

Ghosts in the Forbidden City

I remember it was a picture of the ghosts of the Forbidden City in junior high school. One day, I heard students from another class say that the Forbidden City is often haunted at night. What they said was clear-cut and well-founded, so I decided to go take a look on a weekend night. I finished my homework on the weekend and waited until eight o'clock in the evening to go to my uncle's house. My cousin said that he was on duty at the Forbidden City. I was very happy because this way I could stay in the Forbidden City for a while longer. I entered the Forbidden City, found my uncle, and chatted with him, saying that I heard that the Forbidden City was haunted. Is this true? After hearing this, he was stunned for a moment and said, "There are no ghosts. They are just talking nonsense." After that, he stopped talking. At half past nine, he urged me to go back. Because my purpose was to see if there were any ghosts, I didn't want to leave. When it was almost eleven o'clock, I said I needed to go to the bathroom and came out of his office. Oddly enough, it was a nice day, but as soon as I came out, there was a strong wind.

At that time, it was very dark in the Forbidden City and there were no street lights. To be honest, I was really scared. I jogged all the way to the central hall. When I was about to enter the main door of the central hall, through the dim light on the door, I suddenly saw a woman wearing Qing Dynasty clothes disappear in a flash. I was so frightened that I was stunned for a minute. I calmed down and thought about it carefully. The dress of that person looked like that of a palace maid. I quickly returned to my uncle's office along the same route. When I entered the room, I said that I had really seen a ghost. Just as I was approaching the main hall, the ghost in palace maid's clothes flashed and disappeared. After hearing what I said, my uncle twitched the corners of his mouth twice and asked me, have you gone to the main hall? I said I didn't want to go. After hearing this, he let out a sigh of relief and said that you couldn't just go in there at night. I was very scared at the time, but wanted to go and see it, so I asked my uncle to go with me. In the end, he had no choice but to go with me reluctantly.

When I arrived at the door leading to the main hall, I was stunned. I saw more than one palace maid, and they were walking towards the main hall. I finally understood why my uncle said he couldn't just go in at night.

The supernatural Forbidden City after five o'clock

There was a man who used to be a gatekeeper at the Forbidden City. According to that man, he could hear people playing music every night, and sometimes he could see palace maids and eunuchs lining up to pass by. The children of that family are all in poor health, and the elders say it’s because that person suffered from strong yin energy, which has affected the next generation! Not only that, have you noticed that many courtyards in the Forbidden City are sealed off! Not open to tourists. In fact, phenomena that cannot be explained by science occurred in every mansion. Before liberation, many people died in these places before they were sealed! They either disappeared for no reason or died, but it was always so bizarre that the reason could not be found out. However, they had one thing in common: if the corpse could still be seen after death, then the corpse would be shameless. What's even more scary is a well. If you look down during the day, you'll see rocks, weeds, and the like at the bottom of the well. But every time you look down after twelve o'clock at night, as long as there's a moon in the sky, you'll see something appear at the bottom of the well. It's not stones or weeds, it's water, and what's reflected in the water is not your face…

Of course, some scientists have explained: There is a scientific basis for seeing palace ladies in the Forbidden City, because the palace walls are red and contain iron tetroxide, and lightning may conduct electrical energy down. If a palace lady happens to pass by, then the palace wall will It is equivalent to the function of a video tape. If there is another lightning coincidence in the future, the shadow of the recorded palace lady may appear like a video projection. In any case, think about the long and narrow corridors and the walls covered with weeds in the Forbidden City. If you are walking there alone at night and suddenly see the palace maid and eunuch from the previous court walking towards you, even if there is scientific evidence, you will Terrified.

Five o'clock is the time when the Forbidden City closes its doors to clear out visitors. It is said that that hour is the time when the Forbidden City's yin energy is at its heaviest. Many tourists feel that even in the sultry summer, the Forbidden City at Five Points makes people feel cold…

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