Good People Will Be Rewarded

The red sun is scorching like fire, and the field seedlings are scorched. This summer, the weather is as hot as a fire, people are breathing heavily, and dogs are sticking out their tongues.

At this time, on a small road not far from the village, a Mr. Yin Yang was walking hurriedly. He was panting, sweating, hot, thirsty and exhausted. Mr. Yin and Yang walked into the village and was eager to ask for water. Even the doors of several houses he walked into were locked. In his desperation, he suddenly found an old woman in a courtyard. The yard was full of wheat and wheat chaff. Mr. Yin and Yang was overjoyed and hurried to Entering the hospital and explaining the purpose of the visit to the old woman, the old woman asked Mr. Yin and Yang to sit down and picked up a gourd to get water from the house. At this moment, the old woman's daughter-in-law came in panting and carrying a bucket of water. Before her daughter-in-law could get the bucket, Putting it down, Mr. Yin and Yang suddenly stood up from the stool, pressed the bucket with both hands, bent down, and poked his head into the bucket, about to drink. At this time, the old woman was coming out of the house with the water ladle. In this case, he threw the water ladle and suddenly grabbed a handful of wheat chaff with his right hand. He grabbed Mr. Yin Yang's neck collar with his left hand, pulled Mr. Yin Yang's head out of the bucket, and then threw the wheat bran into the bucket.

Mr. Yin and Yang was about to have a drink when he saw the old woman behaving like this. He was so angry in his heart, you old immortal, you are so abominable. Even if you are cut into pieces with a thousand swords, even five thunderbolts from the sky will not be able to relieve the hatred in my heart! How could God allow such a person to live in this world? God has no eyes.

Mr. Yin Yang cursed in his heart, slowly blew away the wheat chaff on the water, and carefully drank the water into his stomach. Although it took a little longer, he finally drank enough.

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After drinking enough water, the old woman handed over the bench again, and the daughter-in-law handed over a towel. Mr. Yin and Yang wiped his sweat while thinking about the Yin and Yang Agent audio novel , "This old guy, I'm dying of thirst. If I want a drink, he throws wheat chaff to me, right." I will never be polite to this kind of person, see how I deal with you.

Mr. Yin Yang chatted with the old woman. When he learned that the old woman's family wanted to build a new house, Mr. Yin Yang boasted to the old woman, "My family has been handed down from generation to generation and specializes in showing Feng Shui sites to people. Every family in the homestead I chose has a high official. You listen to me." At this point, Mr. Yin Yang stood up, walked around the courtyard several times, then pointed to a piece of land in the south and said, "You build a house there. In a few years, I guarantee that your son will do it. If you are the number one scholar, your daughter will be your empress, and the whole village will be blessed by you. The weather will be smooth every year, and the warehouse will always be full of grain."

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The old woman was very happy after hearing this. She enthusiastically invited Mr. Yin and Yang to have lunch. She also brought enough dry food for Mr. Yin and Yang, and then she and her daughter-in-law sent Mr. Yin and Yang on their way.

Mr. Yin and Yang smiled secretly, the evil was done and the water was poured out. It's too late to burn incense now. What kind of number one scholar? My dear, the weather is going well. Go to hell. The path I chose for you is the ghost path. I guarantee that within a few years, your family will be ruined and your descendants will be extinct. This is called evil retribution.

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Mr. Yin Yang waved to the old woman to thank her frequently, and then strode out of the village.

Several years passed.

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Mr. Yin Yang happened to pass by the village and suddenly remembered the old woman throwing wheat chaff into the bucket a few years ago. He angrily chose a ghost land for the old woman. He also predicted that in a few years the whole family would be extinct. Now I happened to pass by this place to see if all the old woman’s family members were dead, which relieved my hatred.

Mr. Yin Yang came to the old woman's old house. It was empty. He thought that the family must be ruined. He was about to inquire about it. Suddenly he found a deep house and compound not far to the south. It had green bricks and red tiles, green trees, blue sky and white clouds, and the auspicious light shone. The Yin-Yang Agent audio novel is about a large manor. Mr. Yin-Yang remembered that this was the homestead chosen for the old woman. Mr. Yin-Yang was puzzled. Not only was his family not ruined, but it was living in such prosperity. It was incredible. When he inquired about it, , it turned out to be an old woman's family, but she actually had a high-ranking official. Not only did his son become the number one scholar, his daughter became the empress, and his grandson also became an official in the state capital. What is surprising is that the old woman is over a hundred years old, with a bright face, a graceful walk, and always says to everyone she meets, Thanks to Mr. Yin Yang back then, otherwise we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Facing this scene, Mr. Yin and Yang was puzzled. Good deeds will be rewarded with good deeds, and evil deeds will be rewarded with bad deeds. This is a matter of course. How could such a vicious old woman be rewarded with such good deeds? Oops, Mr. Yin and Yang suddenly slapped me on the forehead, which embarrassed me to death. At that time, I was extremely thirsty and there was smoke in my throat. What my daughter-in-law picked was cold water that had just been fetched from the well. I was extremely thirsty and drank too much, which could easily damage my lungs. , and at that time I was extremely thirsty and forgot the common sense of not drinking too much when thirsty. Fortunately, the old woman sprinkled a handful of wheat bran into the bucket, which quenched my thirst without harming my body. Otherwise, my lungs would have been damaged long ago. It was damaged by the explosion, and the lungs were damaged. Can a person still live? The old woman had completely good intentions, but I mistook my good intentions for ill-will, and repaid the old lady with grudges by choosing a piece of ghost land as a homestead and cursing her whole family to have no descendants. What a bastard.

The land that Mr. Yin Yang chose for the old woman was indeed a ghost land, but the old woman was kind-hearted, did good deeds, and suppressed all evils, so the days became more and more prosperous and prosperous. Mr. Yin and Yang regretted that he had almost made a big mistake by repaying kindness with kindness. He silently recited that good deeds will be rewarded with good deeds and good deeds will be rewarded with good deeds. He slowly walked out of the village.

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