short Ghost Story

A while ago, our unit was engaged in community activities, and I met a girl named Xinxin. She looked like she was in her early twenties, fast-talking, straightforward, and had a pair of big round eyes that showed a lot of intelligence.

Xinxin is also a community volunteer, mainly responsible for providing psychological counseling to ex-convicts in her jurisdiction, helping them integrate into society as soon as possible and start a normal life.

After some small talk, I learned that Xinxin is only twenty-five years old this year. She majored in applied psychology in college. When she just graduated the year before last, it was extremely difficult to find a job in the crowded sea of ​​people in the imperial capital. A heart -warming ghost story , she also once After going through a detour, looking back, she still has one person to thank, a girl who has been dead for five years.

When I first graduated, I sent my resumes everywhere online and offline, but most of them were like silence. By chance, a fellow villager introduced her to a telecommunications fraud group that specialized in making phone calls pretending to be other people's children to steal money.

She thought to herself that since she was unemployed and had nothing to do at home, she couldn't ask for money from her family every day. Her parents were also farmers who farmed for food, so it was not easy to support her as a college student by frugally.

So, with the mentality of trying to get lucky, she broadcast her first scam call with fear. The ringtone in the receiver rang for a long time before anyone answered. A tired, hoarse woman with a long drawl responded "Hello~"

Xinxin heard what she wanted, and judging from the voice, the woman's age was exactly the "target group" she was looking for. She swallowed, took a deep breath, and called out sweetly and affectionately: "Mom~ It's me, I've changed my number!"

There was silence on the other end of the phone for a few seconds. Just when I thought the other party didn't have a daughter and was about to hang up, the woman's excited and trembling reply came from the phone with a cry: "Qiqi!? Is that you, Qiqi?? I want to." Damn it! Are you, are you really my baby Qiqi?"

Xinxin quickly followed the trend and followed the woman's words and said: "Mom, I'm not just Qiqi! I lost my mobile phone a few days ago, and this is my new mobile phone number. What's in it, Mom, I won't say much else. I bought the mobile phone with money borrowed from my classmates, please quickly transfer the two thousand yuan to me!"

The woman on the other end of the phone hurriedly said: "Okay, good kid, how can I give you money?" Xinxin told the woman her bank card number, but in the afternoon she received a text message that the cash had arrived.

I didn't expect that the victory in the first battle would go so smoothly. Although I felt a little uneasy and guilty, I felt more that this was a way to make money, and I was gearing up to do something big.

Early the next morning, Xinxin's cell phone rang. When she picked it up, she found that it was the woman she had defrauded yesterday. The woman asked her on the phone: "Qiqi, did you receive the money your mother sent you?" I have to pay a thousand yuan for tuition, how about you transfer one yuan to me?"

The woman happily transferred the money again.

Xinxin became famous in one battle and became a well-known potential rookie within the fraud gang. Not only did she receive strong recognition from the gang leader, she also received a large "bonus".

But for some reason, Xin Xin's heart felt heavier and heavier like a sponge soaked in water. She couldn't feel happy or excited at all. All she could think of was the tired yet warm and loving voice of the woman on the phone. She felt inexplicable. I feel like she is very much like my mother.

One day when she was browsing Weibo out of boredom, an accidental message jumped into her eyes: the blogger's ID was called "Long Lost My Love", and the latest Weibo read: "I received the message yesterday. After a scam call, a girl called me "Mom". Mom, this is the most common title, but I will never hear my daughter call me again in this life. I knew the other person was a liar, but I still willingly gave it to her. If you pay me, just think of it as money to listen to her call me mom a few more times…"

Xinxin felt like she had been hit hard in the heart, and burst into tears for a moment. She picked up the phone regardless and dialed the familiar number. The phone went through, and Xinxin told the woman that she was not her daughter Qiqi, but a despicable and shameful liar.

Surprisingly, the woman calmly told Xinxin that she had known it for a long time, because Qiqi had died of illness five years ago. She was only nineteen years old and a sophomore in college when she died. For the past five years, she has been crying every day because of missing her daughter, and her days have been like a year, and her life has been worse than death.

She thought she was dreaming when she received a call from Xinxin that day. Xinxin's voice sounded exactly like Qiqi's. She kept calling "Mom", which first made her enchanted and then heartbroken. In the end, the woman said that she was really grateful to Xinxin for helping her relive the feeling of being a mother. It is inevitable for people to be confused and lost when they are young. If you step back from the cliff as soon as possible, there will be opportunities for recovery and correction.

Xinxin proposed to return the three thousand yuan she defrauded to the woman, but the woman insisted not to. She said that it would be the entrepreneurial fund she sponsored for Xinxin. She repeatedly told Xinxin to stay down-to-earth in the future and enjoy the world for her Qiqi. Wonderful, creating the brilliance of life.

Xinxin said that she had never contacted that woman since then. On the one hand, she felt so guilty that she couldn't bear to face it. On the other hand, she felt that she was still mediocre and incompetent. She was afraid that her kind but unfortunate mother would be disappointed with her. .

In fact, this story does not have any supernatural and thriller elements from beginning to end. The reason why Xinxin was able to discover the woman's Weibo may be because her ID was bound to the mobile phone number that was defrauded. But Xinxin’s experience made me sincerely appreciate the wonderfulness of fate in this world.

Isn't everything the best arrangement? Because of the selfless love and tolerance of a kind mother, Xinxin was able to recover from the lost path and correct the trajectory of her life in time before making a big mistake. This is the most beautiful misunderstanding and the rarest opportunity.

Xinxin told me that she simply couldn’t imagine that if the person who answered the phone at that time was not this aunt, would she have made repeated mistakes and drifted away on that evil path, eventually leading to a catastrophe that she regretted? She wanted to continue this beautiful fate, so she chose to use her professional expertise to help those who had done wrong things. Knowing their mistakes can greatly improve them. Once the sleepy mind awakens, everything will be just right.

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