Ghostly Grandson Season 3 Chapter 15 Old House

Guo Ruchang was skeptical, but he still had some concerns: “If this is the case, you have to be more careful. Father doesn’t want you to spend your whole life in this dark navel, so go up.”

“Father, how lonely it is to leave you here alone.” Er worried.

“It’s fine to have mangy turtle, ghost bat and big civet with me.” Guo Ruchang said frankly.

Secretary Xing was originally the secretary of the county party committee in Nong’an County, Jilin Province in the Northeast. As a creepy man, he was able to be promoted to this level. He has been tired of staying for a long time, why doesn’t he want to return to the torrent of reform and opening up full of passion, but he has been ashamed to speak out, seeing Guo Ruchang say this today, he continued the conversation: “Grandpa, although the social security above is very bad , but don’t worry, I guarantee with the party spirit of a Communist Party member that I will take good care of you.”

Guo Ruchang nodded: “With Secretary Xing by my side, Dad can rest assured.”

At this moment, Youliang asked suddenly: “Master Guo, do you know Yutang?”

“Yu tang?” Guo Ruchang thought for a while and said, “Yu tang is a thing among the dead, also known as ‘buried jade’. The meaning of ‘cicada slough’ resurrection in the soil.”

“A cicada-shaped jade was inherited from the ancestors of the Sun family, and that Sun Yifengneng was looking for it.” Youliang said.

“Oh, where is Yuchen?”

Erya took out the jade pen from her bosom and handed it to Guo Ruchang.

Mr. Guo stroked his hand for a while, his complexion gradually became serious, and he said slowly: “This is not an ordinary jade pendant. I have lived underground for two hundred and fifty years, and I can feel that there is some kind of weird old yin inside. It is extremely strange. If the deceased holds this thing in his mouth, his body will be immortal.”

“My grandma has been dead for more than ten years, and she really seemed to be asleep in her mouth. As soon as the jade was taken out, the body shrank immediately.” Erya’s face showed regret.

“There are no words or pictures on this jade pen, so I don’t know if it has anything to do with Yaowang’s tomb.” Youliang continued to ask.

“The ancient Zhu Youshu condensed witchcraft into the utensils, just like a ‘ghost pot’. If this is the case, there must be some kind of witchcraft in this jade pot, and there must be a specific way to open it. If the ancestor Guo Pu If it is alive, it will definitely be able to decipher it. As for whether it is related to the tomb of King Yao, I am not sure yet.” Guo Ruchang pondered.

For the next two days, Youliang and Erya stayed on the island. Fortunately, they brought some dry food to satisfy their hunger, but the lively raw fish and shrimps were really hard to swallow.

A few days later, Youliang and Erya had eaten up all the dry food they had brought, and when it was time to leave the ground navel, they bid farewell to Mr. Guo and returned to Fengling Temple by the same road.

The moonlight melted, and on the old course of the Yellow River, the four of them hurried straight to Fenglingdu.

The Guo family’s old house was pitch black, and the Mayor Guo’s family was already asleep. Since Youfu got married and moved to the county seat last year, only Youcai’s family lived in the entire compound.

On that night a few years ago, when Guo Youcai and his wife Ruhua were having intercourse until they reached the critical point of merging, they were frightened by the old creep and fell into “horse madness”, and were taken to the county hospital for treatment. Under the care of my father-in-law County Party Committee Secretary Qin and the meticulous care of the medical staff, my condition gradually improved. Since the year before last, I have had intercourse with an erection again, but the erection is not firm, and the former glory is no longer there.

In the middle of the night, Guo Youcai suddenly got excited, so he turned over and rode on Ruhua’s body. When the two were on the head of **Xing , Youliang and his party arrived.

“You two are waiting outside. My son and I will scare them.” Secretary Xing’s strategy was to play tricks and force Mayor Guo’s family to move out.

“嗖嗖” The two of them easily jumped over the courtyard wall with elegant sleeves, and walked lightly to the outside of the bedroom. At this moment, they heard a slight “hey” sound inside, and a knowing smile appeared on their faces.

Ru Hua was immersed in carnal desire, her blurred eyes suddenly became dull…

You Caifu noticed something strange in her body, followed Ruhua’s gaze and turned his head to look at the window. A bald head vaguely reflecting the moonlight was peeping out of the window. He recognized that it was Guo Erxi who had been dead for several years…

Guo Youcai let out a muffled snort, his nerves were frightened again, causing him to “return to the horse crazy” for the second time, and he passed out of shock immediately.

In Ruhua’s convulsion, she suddenly heard the shrill screams of her two sons. Out of maternal instinct, she pushed Guo Youcai away and jumped off the bed. It is the room of the eldest and second children.

The door of the house was open, and the two sons were terrified and shivering in the corner of the kang, murmuring indistinctly: “Damn, the ghost with a long neck…”

Outside the old house, Secretary Xing and Guo Er dragged Erya Youliang to the woods, and couldn’t help laughing.

“Hmph, come back tomorrow night, if you don’t believe they won’t move away.” Er said angrily.

Qin Ruhua was so busy in the middle of the night, her husband was spitting and dying, and the two children were still in shock. She hurriedly called the town health center, asking the doctors and nurses on duty to come and rescue Mayor Guo, and then immediately hung up the phone to Rui. At the home of Secretary Qin in Chengxian County, he cried and complained about the haunting.

Secretary Qin asked her to stabilize her mood, and immediately ordered the county hospital to send an ambulance to Fenglingdu, while he rushed over in a jeep.

The 120 ambulance drove Guo Youcai away from Fenglingdu and sent him to the county hospital for emergency treatment. Secretary Qin couldn’t help comforting his daughter, and after finding out the cause of the incident, he couldn’t help wondering secretly. It has been several years since the last haunting. He used to believe in materialism and atheism. Since the chief was possessed by the female ghost Guo Er, his belief has been shaken. It turns out that there are still many unknown things in this world. Marxism-Leninism alone is Can’t explain it.

“Ruhua, you and the child will go back to the county with me for the time being. In the future, when Youcai recovers from his illness, he will be transferred to work in the county, and the eldest son and the second son will also study in the city.” Secretary Qin comforted her.

Qin Ruhua packed up some household items, and then went to the county town in a jeep with the child.

Youliang and the others saw them leave Fenglingdu in the woods, Secretary Xing’s plan worked, who let them occupy Guo’s ancestral house by force.

The gate of the old house was locked, and a few of them climbed over the wall from behind, first searched around, and then began to allocate housing. Erya and Secretary Xing slept in the main room, Erya lived in the east wing, and Youliang lived in the west wing, which was Nizi’s room back then.

When Erya came to the kitchen, she was overjoyed when she saw it. The wall was covered with bacon and sausages, the rice jar was full of rice, and there were still a lot of eggs and oil, enough for them to enjoy here for a long time.

“Hey, what is this?” Erya pointed to a square electrical appliance and asked.

“Mayor Guo is quite modern. He even used electric rice cookers and electric frying pans,” Secretary Xing said. People notice.”

Under Secretary Xing’s demonstration, Erya cooked a rice cooker, steamed bacon and scrambled eggs. The kitchen was filled with tempting aromas. After a good meal, everyone went to sleep separately.

In the emergency room of the county hospital, the medical staff are doing their best to rescue Mayor Guo. The “back horse madness” has rarely occurred in recent years. Fortunately, he was cured once last time and accumulated some experience. At dawn, Guo Youcai Then faintly wake up.

“It’s him, I see clearly.” He opened his eyes and shouted excitedly.

“Who did you say?” Secretary Qin and Guo Youfu gathered around his hospital bed, and Ruhua had already brought the child back to his father’s home.

“Guo Erxi.” Youcai looked extremely nervous.

“Don’t talk nonsense,” Secretary Qin hurriedly stopped him from continuing. Guo Erxi’s murder was dealt with as a missing person, and there should be no further complications.

Youfu was shocked when he heard this name. In the forest behind Fenglingdu, in order to expel the so-called ghost of Guo Er from the chief’s body, that evil dwarf Song Diweng brutally killed the villager Guo Erxi. Under Secretary Qin’s instruction, as the special commissioner of the town’s public security, he had to report missing persons. Every time he met Guo Erxi’s widow, he blamed himself and felt extremely guilty.

That night, I witnessed Guo Erxi’s body buried in the sarcophagus at the scene, and my brother actually said that he saw him again. How could this be?

“You have money,” Secretary Qin whispered when he saw that there was no outsider in the ward, “Guo Erxi, a villager, has been missing for many years. You must have missed it, understand?”

“That’s right, it’s him, who has been playing games since he was a child, can he still see it wrong? Er Xi stared at me and Ru Hua with venomous eyes outside the window with his head bare, as if he was dying.” You Cai argued.

“Nonsense!” Secretary Qin sternly scolded , “If you have money, shut your mouth honestly, and if you talk nonsense again, you will be sent to a mental hospital.”

Guo Youcai shrank his neck in fright, quickly bowed his head and remained silent.

Secretary Qin turned his head to Youfu and said seriously: “Your brother is insane, you need to stay here all the time, I’ll go to the Public Security Bureau to say hello and let you go on leave, remember don’t let him talk nonsense anymore , you should be clear about the stakes here.”

You Fu nodded: “I know.”

A few years ago, in order to take care of his disability, the organization transferred him to the county to work in the public security bureau, and he himself knew that Secretary Qin had said something. Soon, the organization introduced another female worker to Youfu, and the two were satisfied when they met, so they got married and started a family. Now they have a daughter.

Secretary Qin left, Youfu looked at his brother’s downcast appearance, and felt very uncomfortable. You can’t do bad things in life, otherwise you will really suffer retribution.

At the same time, Sun Yifeng, who wandered around Fenglingdu for a few days, finally got a useful clue. A shepherd said that at dusk a few days ago, he met two children on the beach of the old course of the Yellow River, and they were in a hurry. , and that trail only leads to Fengling Temple.

That’s right, it was Youliang and Erya who finally showed a smile on Sun Yifeng’s face.

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