Ghostly Grandson Season 3 Chapter 15 Old House

Guo Ruchang was skeptical, but still had some concerns: “If this is the case, you have to be more careful. I don’t want you to spend your whole life in this dark navel, so go up there.” Guo Ruchang nodded: “There is Secretary Xing here.” By his side, Dad is relieved. Youliang and the others saw them leave Fenglingdu in the woods, Secretary Xing’s plan worked, who let them occupy Guo’s ancestral house by force. Youfu was shocked when he heard this name. In the forest behind Fenglingdu, in order to expel the so-called ghost of Guo Er from the chief’s body, that evil dwarf Song Diweng brutally killed the villager Guo Erxi. … Continue readingGhostly Grandson Season 3 Chapter 15 Old House