The Five Ghosts Travel Together, And They Can Recognize People At A Glance

Ghost ancient female broken finger string ending_Ghost ancient female broken finger string_Broken finger string ending

Strange Murder in the Hotel

Xiao Wu was fifteen years old this year, and followed his master to play in the central Zhejiang area.

It’s the season of great spring, the mountains are red, the willows are green, the birds are singing and the flowers are fragrant, and the pleasant scenery makes people feel comfortable. The two masters and apprentices traveled all the way to the mountains and rivers. When they were tired from the journey, they stayed in a hotel and had a rest. The hotel bed was comfortable and he deserved a good night’s sleep. In the middle of the night, I heard someone talking while I was half asleep and half awake.

“This man is an evil person.” Then the voice came closer, as if it was right next to him, “These two are good people, and we don’t smell it.” Then the voice moved away again, “Go and have a look in the next room.”

He woke up immediately and sat up in bed.

The master seemed to have woken up too, and said to him, “Apprentice, it’s all right, go to sleep.”

“Master, that’s…”

Broken finger string ending_Broken finger string ending

The master turned over: “They are Mr. Ichimokugo.”


The master probably sensed his confusion, but went around in circles: “Sleep first, and talk about it tomorrow.”

The next day, one person in the hotel died. The deceased was lying on the bed, the room was clean and tidy, and there were no wounds on his body. Everyone said there were ghosts.

He and Master were at the back of the crowd. Seeing the corpse lying there quietly, the master sighed softly: “Unfortunately, he is still so young.”

The Mysterious Mission of the Five Ghosts

After all, the crowd dispersed. Everyone should eat and hurry.

Ghost ancient female broken finger string ending_Ghost ancient female broken finger string_Broken finger string ending

The two masters and apprentices sat and drank tea at the tea kiosk at the entrance of the hotel. The freshly brewed tea tasted very fresh and natural, which made people feel refreshed.

“You want to know how they died?” Master took a sip of tea and looked at Xiao Wu.

“Yes, and Mr. Ichimokugo you mentioned last night, what exactly is it?”

“Seeing that you want to know so much, I’ll tell you. The so-called Yimuwu Mr. Guigu and the girl’s broken finger string ending are actually five ghosts.” Master spit out a mouthful of tea dregs and continued, “These five ghosts, four of them They are all blind, and one is one-eyed. It is equivalent to the fact that the five ghosts have only one eye.”

“Five ghosts, one eye?”

“Yes, the five ghosts travel together for the sake of convenience. They share one eye. This eye sees people’s good and evil blessings. Evil people don’t smell, good people don’t smell, and blessed people don’t smell. Only those who are not good People with no evil, no blessings and no rewards are their prey. People who are sniffed by five of them at the same time will die, just like the passenger who was found this morning.”

Master put down the teacup, “Actually, they came to me many years ago.”

Broken finger string ending_Broken finger string ending

Xiao Wu seldom listened to the master talking about the past, and the reunion between the master and the apprentice five years ago is still vivid in his memory. The master approached him holding the begging bowl, and asked, “Would you like to come with me, be my apprentice, and take care of your food.” He nodded, and from then on he got the name Xiao Wu. The master taught him martial arts, took him to travel all over the world, and acted as a chivalrous man. He knows the taste of the master’s favorite food, the tea he likes to drink, and the appearance of girls who like to look more often, but he doesn’t know the identity of the master.

“The last time they didn’t sniff me, do you know why?”


“Because I was a villain at the time.”

Master’s life choice

When the master was Xiao Wu’s age, he was already a very powerful assassin-killing people without blinking an eye, ruthless and heartless.

Obeying orders, taking money, and killing people, they are born to be trained like this, they don’t know what is good and what is evil, and they don’t know that they are doing evil.

One night, while he was sleeping, he suddenly felt something approaching him—he was always so keen, and then heard a voice: “One Eye, can we sniff him?” Another voice replied: “It’s a Wicked people, we don’t smell. Remember, what we want to smell are those who have no good, no evil, no blessings and no rewards, such people have no meaning in this world, so we come to take them away.”

He opened his eyes and only saw a few figures, who seemed to be hopping away.

“Good people, bad people. It was from then on that I started thinking for the first time, thinking about good and evil, and thinking about how I should choose to live my life.”

The blood of a murder will not move people, but the cries of survivors will make it difficult to do so. This is sympathy.

“Good people, bad people. That’s when I started to think for the first time.”

The blood of a murder will not move people, but the cries of survivors will make it difficult to do so. This is sympathy. After that night, compassion began to sprout in Master, and he no longer cared about life.

“Later, I stopped being a killer and wandered around, trying to find an answer.”

Ghost ancient female broken finger string ending_Ghost ancient female broken finger string_Broken finger string ending

“what is the answer?”

“Answers about what is good and what is evil. And, do I continue to be evil, or do I do good?”

Master has wandered in the rivers and lakes for decades, and has seen many human relationships, right and wrong. Because I feel tenderness and kindness, I learn to help and protect; because I encounter pitiful and hateful things, I want to prevent pain and tragedy from happening.

There are also times when you feel helpless, wanting to do something but unable to do so. It is easy to do evil, but it is difficult to do good. He gradually understood that kindness is not weakness, but a choice made by a strong person-you could have stood by, but you chose to lend a helping hand.

“I think Guigu girl’s broken finger strings ended , and I have found the answer.” The spring breeze blew the master’s broken hair, and Xiao Wu saw a soft light in his slender eyes.

“Xiao Wu, the tea is over, let’s go.”

“where to?”

“Go to where we are needed, to save, to protect, to love. Be a kind person, as Ichimogo-san judged.”

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