Short Ghost Story

"Zhang Peng, you…you are actually carrying me!" Bang! Xiao Ke couldn't bear to look at the scene in front of her. She turned around and slammed the door hard. She covered her tears, but her slender fingers could not catch the clear tears. , gushing out from between the fingers.

"Xiao Ke! Xiao Ke! Listen to my explanation." Zhang Peng jumped up from the bed, put on his clothes in a hurry, and chased out in a panic. At this time, Xiao Ke had already driven his car away from Zhang Peng's sight.

"Damn Zhang Peng! You are a bastard! You went to find another woman behind my back! You will not die well! You will die without a complete body! Wow wow wow…" Xiao Ke cursed angrily.

Zhang Peng and Xiao Ke are a newly married couple. The young couple is always so affectionate in front of others, which makes people very envious. However, in fact, there has been a gap between the two for a long time, and they just don't want to show it in front of everyone.

Now that Xiao Ke has caught Zhang Peng in bed, it seems that their life can no longer go on. In fact, Xiao Ke still loves Zhang Peng, but the gap between the two has forced her to give up.

Driving on the dark road, although Xiao Ke kept cursing Zhang Peng, she still wondered if Zhang Peng would give her a call, so she picked up her phone and said, "Why is there no signal? Well, Zhang Peng, it seems we really It’s no chance.” After saying that, Xiao Ke turned off his phone.

She was driving aimlessly thinking about Xiao Ke who was cursing Zhang Peng. She had no intention of going back home. Thinking about it, she felt sad again. Thinking that I had been wronged for being around him for so long, it felt like I had lost myself. Xiao Ke secretly cursed himself for deserved it.

Suddenly, a person waved to her at the stop sign in front of her. Seeing that she was a single woman, she stopped the car next to her with relief.

Cursing if a child dies for stealing clothes_A child is beaten to death for stealing_What does it mean to steal a child's clothes

"Hello, what's the matter? Little girl," she asked politely, seeing that the other party was a little girl of fifteen or sixteen years old.

The girl looked pure, with a pretty face and big eyes, a slender figure and a long white dress. Not to mention a boy, even Xiao Ke was a little excited at this time.

"Can you take me to a place called Garden Community? I've been waiting for a long time but I can't find a car. I can pay you more." The little girl asked kindly and childishly.

Listening to the sweet request, Xiao Ke couldn't help but said: "Okay, sure."

The car continued to drive, and the appearance of the little girl temporarily made Xiao Ke forget all about her husband. But just a few minutes after the car drove away, Xiao Ke remembered that someone said that the Garden Community is a community built deep in the woods in the suburbs. Developers built it specifically for the rich and powerful. Xiao Ke turned to look at the little girl, smiled cheerfully at her, and thought: Children from rich families are really different, it would be great if she could also become very rich.

The cold wind blowing through the car window made Xiao Ke shiver, "Sneeze! Oops, it's so cold. By the way, how do I get there? I'm not very familiar with this place." Xiao Ke turned around and asked the little girl.

"I don't know either…" the little girl replied leisurely.

Cursing if a child dies for stealing clothes_What does it mean to steal a child's clothes_A child is beaten to death for stealing

"No way, you don't know, what should we do? It's already so dark, the two of us are not just wandering around, right?" Xiao Ke was a little anxious at this time.

Driving for some time.

"I always feel that there is a car following us from behind," Xiao Ke said uneasily.

The little girl said calmly: "No, you guessed it wrong." The tone of her speech was very different from before, and Xiao Ke took a long breath.

You could clearly see the big trees swaying in front of you under the headlights. Xiao Ke had never been on this road before. Coupled with the darkness, Xiao Ke seemed very nervous, his palms began to sweat, and the speed of the car was a bit too fast.


The road began to twist! The car windows began to twist! Even the little girl was twisting! Xiao Ke's vision was blurred. There was a bang! The car hit a tree…

A child is beaten for stealing Death_What does it mean to steal a child's clothes_If a child dies by cursing for stealing clothes

"Oops, my head hurts so much" Xiao Ke pressed his head, blood oozing from his head. "Where am I?" She slowly climbed out of the car and looked around.

It was pitch black and you couldn't see your fingers. "Little girl, little girl, where are you?"

No one answered, and the little girl was nowhere to be found. Xiao Ke suddenly felt fear in her heart. Could it be that she had encountered a ghost?

Xiao Ke quickly sat back in the car, picked up her mobile phone and called Zhang Peng, "Sorry, the user you called is not in the service area." Xiao Ke frantically called Zhang Peng, but he always received a cold reply: Sorry, the user you dialed is not in the service area.

Dang Dang Dang!

A rushing sound brought Xiao Ke back to reality , cursing the child who stole clothes to die , ah! Xiao Ke screamed.


What does it mean if a child dies by cursing for stealing clothes_A child is beaten to death for stealing

There is no one outside the window, who is knocking on the car?

Xiao Ke picked up the flashlight in the car and looked around, but there was still nothing. A scene that only appeared in horror movies actually happened to her. Xiao Ke curled up in the driver's seat and cried, holding her head.

Bang bang bang!

Someone is knocking on the car door again.

Xiao Ke raised his head tremblingly and saw that it was the little girl. He said loudly, "Are you a human or a ghost? Please don't scare me, okay." Xiao Ke's face was covered with tears and snot, and he looked at the little girl in front of him with fragile eyes.

"Come out quickly, I won't harm you, I'm here to save you." The little girl said seriously: "Hurry up, he is coming soon, otherwise it will be difficult for us to escape. We will talk about the details later. "

Looking at the serious expression on the little girl's face, Xiao Ke felt that it didn't look like she was lying. She picked up a flashlight and hurriedly got out of the car. The little girl grabbed her and ran away.

Cursing if a child dies for stealing clothes_A child is beaten to death for stealing_What does it mean to steal a child's clothes

"Your hands are so cold!" Xiao Ke said to the girl.

They ran to a group of tombs and stopped. Xiao Ke looked at the gate in front of the tomb group and cursed the child who stole clothes to die . What was written on the door was: Garden Community!

Sitting on a stool in the room, the little girl smiled strangely at Xiaoke and said lightly: "I finally tricked you into coming here, haha… I can become young and beautiful again after eating you."

It turned out that that night, Zhang Peng couldn't get through to Xiao Ke, so he went to find an angry Xiao Ke. When Xiao Ke parked the car at the bus stop, Zhang Peng saw a disheveled man sitting next to Xiao Ke. The pale-faced female ghost wearing a long white dress got into the car and Zhang Peng screamed in fright.

In a panic, he took a taxi and chased after Xiao Ke's car, hoping to rescue Xiao Ke. The piece of Buddha jade his father gave him could drive away ghosts and monsters. Zhang Peng just wanted to go faster and faster.

The female ghost discovered Zhang Peng's intention and made Xiao Ke's car get lost in order to get rid of him. However, Xiao Ke crashed the car into a tree. The female ghost had to get out of the car to meet Zhang Peng, but she couldn't stop him. Buddha Yu had no choice but to come back, take Xiaoke and run away.

In front of the tombs in Huayuan Community

There is always an anxious figure looking for something. He wears a jade pendant of Buddha on his chest.

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