Ghost Love Tomb Mother Tomb Son

Fourth, mother and child are safe

Mother and child are safe, mother and child are safe.

It was not until the stone door was opened that Chen Er and Lai Tou knew why the door was written on the door. It turned out that there was indeed a tomb behind the stone gate. There were various wooden boxes stacked on the ground, which were filled with valuable gold and silver jewelry. It was indeed like the burial of an imperial concubine, but there was not only one coffin in the tomb, but two, one. Big and small, one long and one short.

Chen Er guessed that they should be a pair of mother and son, the mother is the legendary folk concubine of the Qing Dynasty, and the son is the little prince who died.

“We…we really…really…” Lai Tou was so excited that he didn’t know what to say.

“We must find a way to transport these things out.” Chen Er said while opening the wooden box on the ground next to him. The dazzling golden light was particularly attractive under the light of the flashlight, and Chen Er couldn’t help but smile, ” Even if someone finds this place in the future, they won’t find these things again.”

Lai Tou knelt on the ground all of a sudden, holding the jewelry in the box with both hands, “I love you so much! From now on, Lai Tou, I will be the world’s top rich man!”

“Dong dong-“

一群什么鬼,笑炸我的肺,爱转 啦_鬼爱_鬼娃娃花子国语爱奇艺

Lai Tou’s hand holding the jewelry suddenly froze in the air. At the same time, Chen Er also stood up , and the two looked at the big coffin at the same time.

The coffin looks ordinary from the outside, just like the mahogany coffin used by commoners, it doesn’t seem to match the surrounding gold and silver jewelry and the identity of the tomb owner, but even so, it shouldn’t make a sound, because it’s a dead person would live.

“Dong Dong——” The voice sounded from the coffin again, but this time it was not the big coffin, but the small coffin next to it.

Chen Er and Lai Tou watched in horror, their feet unknowingly stepped back, but after only half a step, they were caught by a wooden box on the ground, and they both fell on the wooden box at the same time.

“Crash–” As the gold and silver jewelry fell out of the box, Chen Er and Lai Tou felt dizzy in their hair and weak in their feet. When they sat up from the ground, they saw that the big coffin lid moved to the side, and then a pale and slender hand stretched out.

Lai Tou just wanted to scream, but Chen Er next to him covered his mouth.

鬼爱_鬼娃娃花子国语爱奇艺_一群什么鬼,笑炸我的肺,爱转 啦

The slender hand tried to move the coffin lid to the side again, and then a young Qing Dynasty woman wearing a flag head and embroidered clothes stood up from the coffin. Her face was pale and bloodless, and she stared blankly at Chen Er and Lai Tou.

Lai Tou broke Chen Er’s hand and cried out in a trembling voice, “Ghost… female ghost…”

The Qing Dynasty woman was still staring at Lai Tou and Chen Er. At this moment, the small coffin lid beside her was also pushed aside, and then a small tender hand stretched out. The little boy stood up from the coffin, his face was also pale and bloodless, and he still stared at Chen Er and Lai Tou blankly.

Lai Tou couldn’t stay any longer, and was about to stand up and run away, but he stepped on a pearl under his feet, and fell to the ground again with the sound of “ah-“.

Chen Er quickly stood up, looked in horror at the two people dressed in Qing Dynasty standing in the coffin, and asked in fear, “You…are you humans or ghosts…”

The Qing Dynasty women turned their heads to the Qing Dynasty boys, and the boys also turned their heads to the Qing Dynasty women.

一群什么鬼,笑炸我的肺,爱转 啦_鬼娃娃花子国语爱奇艺_鬼爱

“Um, mother, me, we, Shang, Hui, yes, what, what, when, when, when, awake?” The boy in the Qing Dynasty was talking, but his voice was very distant, and he was jumping word by word. It sounds exhausting and scary.

“I, remember, get, is, people, country, time, period.” Qing Dynasty women also had the same tone, but it sounded more frightening.

Chen Er was so frightened that he didn’t dare to breathe, and Lai Tou, who was beside him, almost burst into tears.

The head of the Qing Dynasty woman turned to Chen Er and Lai again, “Is, you, you, noisy, awake, me, and, me, the emperor, the son, the?”

“No! No! We didn’t… We were wrong!” Lai Tou waved his hands desperately in fright.

“It’s really a ghost tomb…” Chen Er exclaimed.

鬼娃娃花子国语爱奇艺_一群什么鬼,笑炸我的肺,爱转 啦_鬼爱

“You, you, are, come, steal, me, east, west, right?” The Qing Dynasty woman continued to ask.

“No, no, we just went to the wrong place.” Lai Tou got up again, this time he was much more careful, and stepped out of the wooden box with his legs.

“Wait for me!” Chen Er couldn’t stay any longer, and the torch in his hand fell to the ground. He quickly turned around and ran out with Lai Tou.

At this moment, Shimen closed with a “bang”, no matter how hard Chen Er and Lai Tou pounded, they couldn’t open it. Come in, please forgive us! We don’t dare anymore! We really don’t dare anymore!”

The cry of Chen Er and Lai Tou echoed throughout the tomb, but the voices of women and boys from the Qing Dynasty were no longer heard. After Chen Er and Lai Tou cried for an unknown period of time, they finally calmed down and slowly turned to look behind them.

The Qing women and boys were gone, and the coffin lid was restored intact.

鬼爱_鬼娃娃花子国语爱奇艺_一群什么鬼,笑炸我的肺,爱转 啦

what is the problem? Is what you just saw a hallucination? But it’s impossible for two people to see the same hallucination?

Chen Er pushed Lai Tou, Lai Tou screamed in fright, Chen Er gave Lai Tou a blank look, “Look at your courage.”

“And about me, didn’t you freak out just now?”

“Did you see it just now?” Chen Er stared nervously at the two coffins.

“I see, there are really ghosts.” Lai Tou said in a trembling voice.

“Then where are they now?”

Rei shook his head.

“Let’s go have a look.” Chen Ergang wanted to step forward, but was stopped by Lai Tou , ” Do n’t go, they must be sleeping inside.”

Chen Er frowned, pulled Lai Tou’s arm, and walked slowly to the small coffin, only to see a sign standing on the lid of the coffin, with a line of Manchu and a line of Chinese inscribed: No return for the visitor.

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