The Second Part Of The Blue Sac Corpse: The Ghost Pot

“He’s back…” Guo Zhenchang’s face changed suddenly, and his voice trembled.

The wealthy atheist’s psychological defense line completely collapsed, and Secretary Qin beside him couldn’t help shuddering slightly, only Fei Daochang looked at the corpse in the coffin without changing his expression, with a faint smile on his face.

He first asked Secretary Qin to order the government officials to walk away and avoid it, then backhandedly took out the acupuncture peg from the clothes behind his neck, jumped down and stood beside the coffin, saying, “Old man Guo, wait for the poor road test. Whether you are a human or a ghost…” After that, he stabbed the acupuncture peg into the corpse’s Tanzhong point.

Tanzhong acupoint is the meeting point of Renmai, and the pericardium raises acupoint, also known as “Yuan’er”. As the saying goes, “When the Yuaner acupoint is touched, the ghost jumps three times.”

Old Man Guo’s corpse didn’t move at all, but a white mist slowly radiated from his ears, eyes, nostrils, and mouth. After a while, the skin on his face began to change color, his face gradually shrunken and collapsed, and then his entire body also shrank a little bit. It shrivels up, and finally looks like a brown mummy that has been weathered for many years.

“How could this be?” Secretary Qin asked nervously as he watched the changes in the corpse.

Daoist Master Fei pulled out the acupoint and sneered: “Pin Dao finally understands…” He looked up at Mayor Guo above the pit, and asked, “Did old Guo’s ancestors use this kind of thing? Acacia coffin?”

“Let me think about it,” Mayor Guo recalled, “Yes, I heard the old people talk about this. The ancestors of the Guo family in the old house have a rather eccentric temperament, and only the locust tree is used for longevity.”

“That’s right,” said Fei Daochang, “The reason why the locust tree is called the ‘Wood Ghost’ is not just based on the interpretation of the word. Since ancient times, among all plants, the yin qi of the locust tree should be the most Heavy, easy to move some unclean things to lean over. “Shuowen” explained that ‘Sophora japonica, wood. From wood, ghost sounds.’ Especially in the middle of the night, the wind blows the locust leaves, and the sound is weird, commonly known as ‘ Ghosts clap their hands. In ancient times, when they complained about women hanging themselves, they also looked for locust trees. In the past, Guo Pu’s will and instructed descendants to use locust wood as a coffin.

“Transformation?” Secretary Qin asked in confusion.

“It is said that ‘transfiguration’ is an ancient witchcraft, which has long since been lost. The moonlight sarcophagus is connected with the ancestral tomb of the Guo family by means of the earth’s air, and the biological magnetic field of the corpses of each generation of descendants, which is commonly referred to as The ‘corpse qi’ was sucked into the sarcophagus, forming a phantom image of a corpse, just like a real person. Then the qi gradually dissipated and ran to the old house . The devil talked about Baidu Cloud . That’s right. The phantom of the corpse can exist for decades, and it can be replaced from generation to generation. The only thing that cannot be done is to open the coffin and let it go. When the gas is lost, the shape will disperse. Therefore, the old man Guo we saw in the moonlight sarcophagus last night will disappear in a short time. It disappeared.” Chief Daoist Fei explained.

“Oh, it turns out that the old man Guo was made of gas, no wonder the effort evaporated in the blink of an eye.” Mayor Guo suddenly realized.

Daoist Master Fei went on to say, “The real body of this old Guo’s corpse, because the corpse gas in the body is empty, and when the mutton is broken, the bones will shrink and the flesh will naturally collapse.”

“This Guo Pu has such an ability…” Youfu muttered to himself as if he was lost.

“Of course, Guo Pu is China’s once-in-a-millennium master of Yi Xue, the originator of Feng Shui, and is proficient in astronomy, the five elements, divination and witchcraft. Unfortunately, his Zhu You Shu has long since been lost, and only the Feng Shui monograph “The Burial Classic” has been handed down so far. The book is over.” Fei Daochang said in a sigh.

At this moment, everyone felt a flower in front of their eyes, and a black shadow, like a lightning flash, silently pounced on Fei Daochang under the pit…

“Ouch…” The big black dog’s sharp teeth bit onto Fei Daochang’s right cheek, and he shook his head vigorously, tearing it apart, blood splashing everywhere.

Secretary Qin and the others were caught off guard, stunned there, but the rich reacted quickly, and hurried forward to try to drag Da Hei down.

Daoist Master Fei resisted the piercing pain, and hurriedly poked the big black dog’s forehead with the acupuncture peg in his left hand. With a “pop”, the steel head of the acupuncture peg penetrated deeply into the black dog’s Tianling cover… The black dog barked wildly, slowly let go of its mouth, and threw itself onto the shriveled corpse of the old Guo in the coffin, twitching for a few moments before moving.

Fei Daochang breathed a sigh of relief, covered his right cheek with his hand, and blood slowly flowed from his fingers.

“Pep…” Suddenly, a small piece of sticky phlegm flew into the air, right in the middle of Daochang Fei’s right eye…

“Grandpa!” With a heartbreaking cry, Nizi’s thin figure appeared on the pit.

“Nizi?” Yufu jumped forward and wrapped one arm around Nizi who was about to jump off. The old man Guo now shrunk into such a terrifying appearance that he could frighten the child.

“You are all bad people!” Nizi struggled desperately, shouting incessantly.

“Take this baby away!” Secretary Qin calmed down and ordered hurriedly, then pointed to the wealth, “You, hurry up and help.”

Daoist Master Fei rubbed his right eye inexplicably and jumped into the dirt pit, feeling a little blurry in his vision, what is this, sticky?

Guo Zhenchang took a closer look and found that Fei Daochang’s right eye sclera was congested and covered with mucus, and the right cheek was completely torn, revealing the white stubble and internal gums. “Go to the hospital quickly!” he said anxiously.

Secretary Qin instructed the town government staff to quickly refill the tombs. He and Mayor Guo followed Fei Daochang all the way to the old house, and then drove to Ruicheng County Hospital for emergency treatment. Fenglingdu was nearly 30 kilometers away from the county seat. ‘s journey.

In the locust wood coffin, Da Hei quietly threw himself on the old man Guo’s body, the coffin board was covered, and then they began to cover with loess, and soon, the tombs were piled up again.

“You are all bad people… and killed Da Hei, woo woo…” Nizi cried.

Youfu put one arm around Nizi and comforted her in a low voice: “Nizi, you are still young now. When you grow up, the devil will talk about Baidu Cloud , and some things will be understood.”

“Who is that person?” Nizi asked.

“Which one?” Yufu asked blankly.

“The bad guy in black who killed Da Hei,” Nizi said.

“You mean Fei Lao, he is an expert from the capital and the Taoist priest of Jiexiu Daluo Palace.” Youfu replied.

Nizi looked at Daochang Fei and the others hurriedly leaving with hatred, and spat on the ground with a “spit”. She remembered this person, and when she grows up, she must take revenge.

In the emergency room of Ruicheng County Hospital, the doctor stitched up Daochang Fei’s torn cheek, then wrapped it with bandages, and injected rabies vaccine at the same time.

“The little girl who brought that black dog to attack you is Guo Ni, the adopted daughter of old man Guo before his death.” Mayor Guo told Daochang Fei embarrassedly.

“Hmph, she’s a wild girl. After Pindao recovers, he still has to find her.” Fei Dao said with a long grin.

In front of the tomb, all the people had left, and only Fu and Nizi were left.

The sudden death of Da Hei gave another blow to Nizi, who has not yet emerged from the shadow of her grandfather’s death. Grandpa and Da Hei are the most important relatives in her life. Now, she is the only one left alone. In this cruel world, Nizi stared helplessly at the loess tomb, sitting on the ground as if she was stunned.

“Nizi, don’t be sad, let’s go back with Uncle Guo.” Youfu comforted.

Nizi didn’t answer, she still looked at the grave with dull eyes.

For a long time, for a long time, Nizi didn’t speak or move. Yufu was afraid that something would happen to her child, so she stayed by her side all the time.

“Nizi, listen to your godmother, you have to go to school in two days, so you should go home and pack your schoolbags and stationery, okay?” Yufu said.

Nizi didn’t seem to hear it.

“Nizi, Grandpa and Da Hei don’t want to see you like this. They all want you to be happy, right?” Youfu said again.

Nizi remained silent.

“Nizi, have you been to Fengling Temple? Have you seen Master Yidu?” Youfu really didn’t know how to comfort Nizi, so he could only try to stimulate her with words.

Fengling Temple…Master Yidu…These words entered Nizi’s ears intermittently, yes, Fengling Temple…thimble, that was what my grandfather said to himself before he died. What does grandpa want me to do? He quietly stuffed the thimble into Nizi’s hand. Did he send it to Fengling Temple? The words Master Yidu were also taught by my grandfather, probably the name of an old monk. I once asked my grandfather, but he just smiled… Nizi thought about it for a long time, and finally got up silently, turned around and said nothing Fa headed towards the village.

When Youfu saw Niziken walking home, a stone fell to the ground, so he followed behind her unhurriedly.

When the old house arrived, Nizi walked straight into her room in the west wing, and then closed the door tightly, not even responding to Qin Ruhua’s greeting.

“The dead girl is too outrageous, ‘Zhang San doesn’t eat dead children, it’s just what living people are used to’.” Qin Ruhua cursed in a low voice.

“Sister-in-law, don’t blame Nizi, too many things happened today.” Yufu explained.

“Yeah, You Cai and Daddy hurriedly got into the car and ran away without entering the house. What happened to the old Fei? His face was full of blood. Sister-in-law’s heart has been holding on.” Qin Ruhua touched He touched his chest and said.

“Oh, our dog bit Fei Lao, Fei Lao killed Da Hei, Nizi’s spirit was probably stimulated, she didn’t say a word, she seemed to be dumb.” Yufu replied, other things about the moonlight About the sarcophagus, I have sworn that even my sister-in-law can’t disclose it casually.

“Haha, that’s great, the old black dog died. From the day he entered the house, this beast always looked at me and was not pleasing to the eye. I wish it died earlier.” Qin Ruhua clapped her hands and smiled.

“Sister-in-law, something happened to Elder Fei, I have to rush back to town, in case something happens.” After Yufu said, he hurried out the door.

In the west wing, Nizi pulled out the big burden from under the bed, then took off her shoes and sat on the bed, unbuttoning the wrapping.

Turning over the yellow silk scarf, the thimble and the glass bottle left by her grandfather lay there quietly. Nizi held it in her hands and turned it over and looked over. The bronze thimble was heavy, more than normal. The thimble is a lot heavier.

Grandpa, what do you want me to do, do you send the thimble to Fengling Temple? Grandpa, Nizi is going to sleep with her eyes closed now, can you tell Nizi in your dream?

Nizi lay up straight, holding the copper thimble in both hands on her chest, and quietly closed her eyes.

After a while, Nizi finally fell asleep. She dreamed that Da Hei had a bloody face fighting with the Dao Chang in black… Da Hei, dangerous! Run! In the dream, Nizi screamed desperately, raised her hands and slapped hard…

The heavy copper thimble in Nizi’s hand slapped heavily on the thin-walled glass bottle on the bed, and the glass bottle shattered…

The yellow-white corpse oil contained in the glass bottle slowly spread out, and enclosed and soaked in the corpse oil, there was a hibernating blood flea, the size of a fingernail, a scarlet shell, sharp mouthparts, and two strange eyes. It’s big, Bai Qiqi looks like a cataract. The blood flea touched the air and slowly woke up. It moved its furry six legs, then stood up, and suddenly made a clever call. The blood flea found the girl who was close at hand…

The blood flea bounced up lightly and landed exactly on the tip of the sleeping Nizi’s nose, shook the tentacles, and then carefully drilled into her nostrils…

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