game Of Death

"I am the God of Death. Is the God of Death so handsome? The God of Death smiled. Have you never read a ghost story? He was released by Brother Death for fun. Don't scare others…~I actually saw that scary mask… The devil in SCREAM. A smile like death. … "Death?" No…" I turned around and wanted to run away, but the girl appeared and grabbed me with her terrifying hands. Her hands were so strong. … Continue readinggame Of Death

Dad's Diary

The drawer is full of diaries, all written by my father during his lifetime. Seeing his sister staring blankly at the diary, Tang Yuan comforted her and said: Ling, dad is dead. You have to cheer up. There are still many things waiting for you to do. Tang Ling shouted frantically, Dad is not dead, he even wrote a diary today! You see, dad is not dead, he wrote a diary, and he is back! The brother and sister held their breath and flipped the diary forward. August 17th, August 16th, and August 15th were one day after another. He remembered it correctly! Tang Ling was shocked. She clearly remembered that the diary only lasted until the 22nd, so Tang Ling didn't dare to think about the extra day. … Continue readingDad's Diary