Chapter 787: The Drawn Door


Heartbreaking screams of pain came from a room on the second floor of the ghost post office.

Li Yang fell to the ground and struggled. The evil ghost had invaded his body and was now trying to break free and kill him. This feeling was not something a living person could bear, because it was a double torture of both the body and mind.

It can be clearly seen that Li Yang's chest and flesh are bulging high, and the outline of a human face is clearly shown, and there are also traces of movement of his hands and feet.

The terrifying level of the ghost has exceeded the controllable range. If it is controlled by force, it will directly be in a state of recovery.

Li Yang's mouth, nose, and ears were all leaking blood at this moment, and everything in his body seemed to be shattered. He wailed and shouted: "No, no, I can't do it, I can't suppress this ghost, There seems to be a lack of medium…"

Yang Xiaohua on the side covered her mouth in shock when she saw this scene.

Although she didn't know what period it happened, she could see what method Yang Jian had just used to send the ghost into this person's body in an attempt to control the ghost.

Now, control fails.

The ghost was killing him and trying to break out of his body.

"Lack of a medium? Lack of a door?" Yang Jian's eyes flashed red. He strode over, grabbed the rolling Li Yang and pinned him to the ground.

"Come here and hold him down for me."

He ordered in an almost commanding tone.

Yang Xiaohua hesitated for a moment.

"If he dies, there will only be two ghosts on the second floor. You will all die." Yang Jian said again.

Yang Xiaohua gritted her teeth and ran over, then held Li Yang down.

But the next moment, she was startled.

She saw a terrifying humanoid silhouette squirming from Li Yang's body.

What a ghost?

Yang Xiaohua's heart trembled, but she did not choose to retreat.

In this situation, she also knew that retreating would lead to death.

Yang Jian pressed a hand on Li Yang's chest. His cold and black ghost hand forced the ghost down when he tried to struggle out. Although he was still struggling, it was not so violent and he could barely hold on. To save Li Yang's body from being torn into pieces alive.

The other hand opened Li Yang's shirt and exposed his chest.

There were bruises on the cold skin, like the skin of a dead person.

"The medium is the door. There is no door on your body. In that case, I will draw a door on you." A rusty iron nail appeared in Yang Jian's hand.

This is the nail in the coffin.

He got it from the Fushou Garden in Dahai City before, and now he keeps it with him to prevent accidents from happening.

It was the greatest confidence that he dared to enter the supernatural objects in the hands of the ghost post office in this state.

But now he did not intend to nail the coffin to this evil ghost. Instead, he acted as a scalpel , pierced directly under Li Yang's skin, and then cut it open. A hideous and bloody gash.

Use Li Yang's chest as a canvas.

Yang Jian held the coffin nails, tore open the skin, dyed it red, and drew the shape of a door on it.

Although crude.

But the shape that a door should have is all there.

He even painted the door handle.

The body acts as a medium for the door to imprison the evil spirits.

This is what Yang Jian wants Li Yang to do.

But will this be useful?

Using a painted door to trigger the door-blocker's killing pattern sounds a bit childish, even a bit funny.

But the reality is so absurd.

The door-blocker's pattern was triggered.

The painted door can also exist as a medium.

next moment.

The struggling ghost in Li Yang's body began to subside quickly, like ripples on the water, gradually sinking, and could no longer try to tear his body apart and break free.

The door-blocking ghost locked the ghost inside his body.

A balance is quickly forming between ghosts and ghosts.

Li Yang's wailing stopped, his pain was lessened, and his injuries no longer worsened.

" What kind of person would Cheng Ligui pester and succeed?" As a witness this time, Yang Xiaohua opened her eyes wide and was so shocked that she was speechless.

This Yang Jian actually trapped a ghost in the body of a living person and successfully controlled it.

Is this what is called imprisonment and control?

"How are you feeling?"

Yang Jian let go of his hand and asked solemnly, still holding the coffin nails in his hand.

Once something unexpected happens, he will immediately crucify Li Yang.

The success rate of controlling two ghosts is not 100%. Even though he is in charge, accidents may still happen.

"Okay, I feel okay. The ghosts in my body seem to have calmed down and everything is back to normal." Li Yang's face was covered with blood. He was dressed roughly, but his tone was extremely relaxed and comfortable.

"This shows that you are in good condition. A certain balance has been formed between ghosts and ghosts, and they have not continued to erode your body." Yang Jian also relaxed slightly.

Li Yang struggled to sit up. He felt the pain of the skin tearing and suddenly took a breath: "It's so painful. I almost thought I was going to die. Is this how the ghost feels after he wakes up? In this life I really don’t want to go through this again, Captain, thank you so much, I would never be able to do this if I were alone.”

"You're welcome. I just imprisoned the ghosts here. It kills two birds with one stone." Yang Jian said calmly.

However, Li Yang knew very well that only someone at the captain's level could help achieve this level of control.

Forcibly confining a ghost into the body of a living person does not rely on forcing the body, otherwise the living person will directly swell to death. This relies on the invasion of the ghost realm and sending the ghost directly in.

Then the ghost gradually penetrated into the body, so that he would not die immediately.

But I didn't expect that the ghost penetrated and eroded the body too quickly.

Although the level of terror is not high, it is definitely not low either.

"So, you took care of the ghost that attacked the second floor this time?" Yang Xiaohua was still in a state of confusion. She looked at Yang Jian in disbelief.

This madman actually dealt with a terrifying ghost in just a minute or two.

You must know that this fierce ghost almost killed everyone on the second floor just now.

"I didn't kill the evil ghost. I was helping him control the evil ghost. Ghosts cannot be killed. Once the ghost in Li Yang's body becomes unbalanced again, the evil ghost will tear his body apart and run out." Yang Jian squinted his eyes and said: "But this is a way for ordinary people to steal supernatural power, and it is also the key to fighting against evil spirits."

"So, there is a ghost in his body?" Yang Xiaohua took several steps back in fright.

Ghosts in the bodies of living people?

Is this still a human being?

Yang Jian glanced at it: "It is very difficult to become a ghost controller. Do you think everyone has the opportunity and potential to become a ghost controller? This is a danger, but it is also an opportunity."

"Remember this scene carefully. Maybe you will try your best to become a ghost controller in the future. After all, after becoming a messenger, you will have no way out. You can only go to the dark side. If you want to survive, with your current situation, You can't do it in this state. Only by becoming a ghost controller and controlling a powerful ghost can you have the capital to fight."

"Forget it, it's useless to tell you so much. You might die soon."

Yang Jian said no more. He put away the coffin nails and pulled Li Yang up: "Let Huang Ziya take care of your physical injuries after you get back. Now, follow me outside to take a look."

"I have dealt with the supernatural incident caused by tearing up the red letter. According to the post office's rules, it's time for us to go upstairs."

"The third floor?" Li Yang twitched in pain: "I hope I can still withstand it."

"Don't worry, you won't die so soon. Now you are the one who controls two ghosts. If you cooperate with the door handle, you might be able to send the ghosts directly into the ghost door."

Yang Jian looked at the bloody door on Li Yang.

A door carved into the flesh of the body.

If it can be opened, and the ghost blocking the door cooperates with the evil ghost just now, the evil ghost can be imprisoned and sent away through the wooden door handle.

"Can this be done?" Li Yang was stunned and felt incredible.

Yang Jian said: "Why not? You should try it if you have the chance."

Li Yang fell silent and began to think.

He looked at the old wooden door handle in his hand. If it were placed on the body, would the painted door really be able to be opened?

"Come out, come out, they are not dead, not dead yet." Cai Yu, who was hiding in the corner, said loudly and slightly anxiously.

The tone revealed shock.

The remaining people could see clearly just now that Yang Jian and Yang Xiaohua were captured into the room by the ghost. Then Li Yang rushed in, and there were some terrifying wailing sounds and sudden lights in the room behind. weird red light.

I thought they were dead.

Unexpectedly, he came out safe and sound.

"Where is Yang Xiaohua? How is she? Is she dead?" The second-floor messenger named Liu Mingxin wandered in the corridor. He was confused and wanted to confirm a person's condition.

"I'm fine, I'm fine. The evil ghost has been dealt with. You can rest assured that this level will not be attacked again." Yang Xiaohua also walked out. Except for the fact that she fell down after being pushed away by Yang Jian just now, Other than that, there were no injuries on his body.

Although he experienced terrible dangers, it was just a near miss.

"Has the evil ghost been solved? Yang Xiaohua, what happened inside?" Liu Mingxin asked.

Yang Xiaohua said: "I don't know what to say about the specific things. If you want to know more, ask Yang Jian. Maybe he can answer it for you. I can only tell you one thing. The terrifying ghost just now It’s now locked up in this person’s body.”

After speaking, she looked at Li Yang.


Liu Mingxin was stunned, and then looked at Li Yang, who was covered in blood, with a hint of horror.

A ghost is trapped in his body?

This, this is really fake.

But if it is true, then why is this person still alive? Why wasn't he killed by a ghost?

As an ordinary person, he has not officially entered the supernatural circle and does not know the existence of ghost controllers. Even if he has heard of ghost controllers, he does not know what these three words mean, so he is naturally very confused.

"It seems that you are the only messengers on this level who have survived." Yang Jian glanced at them.

Apart from him and Li Yang, only four people survived.

Wang Shan, Cai Yu, Liu Mingxin, Yang Xiaohua.

Among them, Wang Shan is the messenger on the first floor, and the other three are old messengers on the second floor.

As for the others, they either died in the conflict with Yang Jian or died from the ghosts.

"Wang Shan, you seem to have good luck. I hope you always have such good luck." Yang Jian's eyes stayed on him.

Wang Shan smiled and didn't know how to respond.

He is quite desperate now because he already knows Yang Jian's intentions.

This person wanted to force his way upstairs as quickly as possible. As for the others, it was best if they could keep up. If they couldn't, they would die here just like before.

But at this time.

A thick black fog like a haze gradually rose up in the middle of the corridor, as if it was going to cover the entire floor. However, the thick black fog quickly dissipated after a moment of rolling and stirring.

A wooden staircase appeared in the middle and extended to the corridor.

There was also a hole in the wall, opening up the corridor and the wooden staircase.

"The stairs appeared. Sure enough, once the red envelope is completed, people on all floors can go directly to the next floor." Yang Jian's eyes moved slightly. He was not surprised. All this was part of his plan.

"Stairs to the third floor?"

Others were shocked, not knowing whether to be happy or afraid.

The most uneasy person was Wang Shan.

You must know that he is the messenger on the first floor. The continuous raising of floors is no less than pulling out the seedlings. He has not experienced the level of selection. If he goes directly to the second floor to deliver the letter, he will most likely… die.

Wang Shan wanted to cry, but he knew he had no choice.

"Let's go upstairs."

Yang Jian observed for a moment and found no problems, so he set off immediately.

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