The Yellow River Ghost Coffin Listening To Songs Chapter 22 How To Look And Cut

The catcher said: "After a few of us got him out of the cave, he passed out and is still awake today. I came to you today, firstly to ask for a reward, and secondly to ask Liu The teacher went to check on this brother of mine to see if there is a ghost in his body, and to drive him away…" In the afternoon, my great-great-grandfather borrowed a carriage in the village, and the head catcher sat on the carriage and pointed at the road. I arrived at the home of the ghost-possessed policeman.

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Folk Ghost Stories

At that time, everyone felt very bad. Some elderly people said that this was the result of a seduction. After the old man left home, my mother had a dream. In the dream, she saw that the old man had failed to return home, and she also saw the family members taking care of the old man's death. After waking up, the whole experience was still vivid in her mind. The old lady told her this dream while chatting. The old lady and her family thought it was funny, but they still asked their son to take a look. The family was so frightened that they quickly burned paper and moved the grave. … Continue readingFolk Ghost Stories

Life And Death Sign

My great-grandfather was a storyteller. When he was dying, he told us a story about him falling into a bandit’s den and drawing a “life and death lottery”. When the bandit leader kills someone, he has to draw a life and death lottery to see God’s will. If the “death” lottery is drawn, they will be forced to drink a bowl of brine to end their lives; if the “life” lottery is drawn, they will be given a bowl of hot soybean juice in accordance with God’s will, so that they can be released to life. Blaming his bad luck, he drew the “death” lottery. Although it is a critical moment of life and death, he still speaks the book clearly and clearly. At this point in the story, it was the time when the lives of the Li family brothers were at stake. … Continue readingLife And Death Sign