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Divorce due to male best friend_A woman was beaten to death for showing off her romantic history with multiple men to her divorced best friend_Best friend caused divorce

I am a website administrator, responsible for reviewing website content.

This website is somewhat special. The posts and videos posted by netizens are mainly horror and supernatural, as well as some unexplained phenomena, including urban legends and various strange stories. In short, this website is the so-called "dark web".

To put it simply, this website cannot be directly obtained from search engines, but it is still easy to find by entering the correct IP address. It does not require the use of a special browser as some people say. Because of this, this website is essentially a sideline to attract some netizens who are interested in this kind of content.

There are two major sections on the website . A woman was beaten to death after showing off her romantic history with multiple men to her divorced best friend. The first one is a BBS dedicated to discussion and exchange. Most of the sections here are based on netizens' "personal experiences", as well as some unsolved cases. explanation and analysis. Another section contains videos forwarded or filmed by netizens, some of which actually happened, such as the video of a foreign prisoner being executed with an electric chair that was once widely circulated on the Internet.

This video is about two minutes long, has no sound, and is in black and white quality. It must be from a long time ago, and it is impossible to see the appearance of the person in the painting. There were only three people in total. Two people dragged one person to a chair. After the person sat down, the other two restrained the person with belts and the like.

After about ten seconds, the person sitting on the chair twitched and spasmed, then slowly lowered his head and stopped moving.

At this point, the video is all over.

Some people once questioned the authenticity of this video, but it was finally discovered that this video was taken from a documentary in the 1920s that recorded an execution. The man who was executed was named Christel. He was arrested for attempting to assassinate the president of a certain country and was finally sentenced to electrocution.

There are also some videos that have no beginning or end, and after netizens’ imaginative interpretations, they make people feel chills running down their spines. For example, there is a video of a little girl in red running happily in the woods . The woman was beaten to death after showing off her romantic history with multiple men to her divorced best friend . The duration is about three minutes. The little girl has two pigtails, but she does not look very cute. , two eyebrows slanting downward, seeming unhappy.

Divorce due to male best friend_Best friend caused divorce_A woman was beaten to death for showing off her romantic history with multiple men to divorced best friend

The video screen was shaking violently, and the forest was very dark. Only the little girl's red dress was visible.

Some people say that this video was taken by a cannibal who forced the little girl to run and take pictures, and pretended to be lively and cute. However, the little girl realized her future situation, so her face was very stiff.

It's really… baffling.

There are also some that are even more bizarre, such as resurrection of the dead, interviews with aliens, revelations of the true identity of the underground lizard people, the Illuminati, the Skull and Bones Society, Satanism, etc. In short, they have satisfied the curiosity of quite a few people. Psychology, so the income of this website is actually very good.

Although I despise him, unfortunately due to financial constraints, I still attach great importance to his work.

In fact, my job is not complicated. It is to review the new posts and videos posted every day and delete some content that obviously involves bloody violence and pornography. Actually, since this kind of website relies on sensational content to attract netizens, as long as it does not obviously violate national policies and regulations, I will not care about it.

Generally speaking, netizens post mostly after 8pm. I usually open a can of beer and review posts while eating spicy duck neck. The biggest advantage of my job is that I don’t have to go to the company to work. In fact, I don’t even know who my boss is. After passing the online interview, he will transfer money to my bank card at a fixed time every month. Usually He almost doesn't care about me.

It was almost after four o'clock in the morning. Basically no one would post new posts during this time. I was about to close the web page when I suddenly received a prompt saying that someone had uploaded a new video.

When I clicked on it, I saw that it was a newly registered ID number. The user name was I LOVE THIS GIRL. In the video, there was a woman wearing a dress. She was in a rough room. It was dark outside the window, and the glass reflected the inside of the house. Her back.

Divorced best friend was beaten to death for showing off her romantic history with multiple men_Best friend divorced_Best friend caused divorce

The woman seemed to be in panic, kept dodging from the camera, and finally fell to the ground. And the camera slowly moved towards her, freezing on her face.

The user's explanation of the video is that this is the last image of the girl left in this world. After the murderer teased his prey to his heart's content, he brutally killed her.

I couldn't help but scoff.

I have seen too many videos of this type. In order to deceive clicks and likes, many users will randomly create a video from a horror movie and claim it is a real incident. What's more, some people simply take selfies of some specious videos and then deliberately make them look old. Of course, they also need to obscure the specific location and the appearance of the characters to avoid being "humanized" by netizens.

Apparently, this video is one of them.

I casually clicked on it and passed the review. Probably because the video was too boring, I felt tired and fell asleep.

I don’t know how long it took, but I was woken up by a fierce knock on the door. When I opened my eyes, I saw that it was only half past seven in the morning. Holding back her anger, she opened the door, and the landlady's fat body squeezed in, followed by two men.

"Are you the Smiling Angel?" One of the men asked me, showing me his police ID.

My name is Su Wei, so my online name is "Smiling Angel" which is a homophone of "Wei". When the police came to my door, I didn't know why for a moment, so I just nodded blankly.

Divorce due to male best friend_A woman was beaten to death for showing off her romantic history with multiple men to her divorced best friend_Best friend caused divorce

Two police officers sat down directly in front of me. After dismissing the landlady, they asked, "What is your relationship with Hu Qian?"

I was stunned for a moment, and I couldn't remember who Hu Qian was despite searching my brain.

"Who is Hu Qian?"

The police officer said: "At about five o'clock in the morning, Hu Qian, a thirty-year-old man who lived in room 203, two units to your left, was found dead in front of his computer desk. It was the sound of the TV that suddenly rang out that the landlord just heard. The person who woke up and found the body was probably caused by the remote control being crushed after falling to the ground due to the center of gravity. We found that the last person he contacted was you, so we came here to ask about the situation."

I became even more confused. After being reminded by the police, I turned on my computer and found that QQ notifications kept popping up. It turned out that a friend named "Qian Qian Junzi" was talking to me, but the other party only sent the two words "Are you there?" word. It looked like the time was 4:30 in the morning, just after I fell asleep.

"This humble gentleman is Hu Qian," the police officer said.

I thought about it and explained: "I really don't know him. But my QQ does not need to be verified. In the past, for the convenience of playing games, I changed my avatar to a beautiful woman. In addition, the online name I used is more feminine. Maybe he thought I was a beautiful woman, so he added me?”

The officer stared at me for a long time, seeming to consider the possibilities of what I was saying. Then they checked my QQ, and indeed that person took the initiative to add me as a friend around 4:30, for an unknown purpose.

"Okay, we need to register your identity information, and we will contact you to find out the situation if necessary."

Best friend caused divorce_ A woman was beaten to death for showing off her romantic history with multiple men to her divorced best friend_Divorce due to male best friend

After seeing the police off, I saw the landlady standing at the door and looking around. I guess in her eyes, I was already a murderer.

The place I rent is a three-story building located in the urban-rural fringe of this city. There are about ten rooms on the upper and lower floors. Each room is about fifteen to twenty square meters and has its own bathroom. Because the location is remote, the rent here is very cheap, which also leads to a mixed bag of people in the small building.

I am a night owl who stays up during the day and is out at night, so I rarely see anyone in the building. Except for the landlady, I have barely met a few people, not to mention the Hu Qian who lives in Room 203.

But the thought of someone dying on the same floor still makes me a little uncomfortable.

I clicked on Hu Qian's QQ message. He used a male character from a game called "Rebirth World" as his avatar, and then said this sentence in his self-introduction: I LOVE THIS GIRL.

My heart skipped a beat. I was very familiar with this sentence. It was the mantra of the male character in the game. This isn't surprising, as anyone who likes the game knows. But what makes me think it is interesting is that the poster of the last video I reviewed before going to bed last night was called this name.

The question is, is Hu Qian the publisher?

Thinking of this, I immediately opened the website, but was surprised to find that the video had been deleted by the publisher.

As a darknet administrator, I naturally have some means of finding IP addresses. After my tracking, I found that the publisher of that video was in this building!

Divorced best friend was beaten to death for showing off her romantic history with multiple men_Best friend divorced_Best friend caused divorce

Someone posted a video at around 4 o'clock. At 4:30, Hu Qian added me as a QQ friend. At 5 o'clock, Hu Qian was found dead at his computer desk. Now the video has been deleted. Is this a coincidence?

No, it won't be that coincidental. I thought to myself, the owner of this website is very stingy. He gave me a slight increase of 200 yuan in salary and asked me to take care of customer service. Therefore, there is a contact us button on the page. After clicking it, I can add mine directly. QQ number, I guess Hu Qian is the publisher of the video. I don’t know why, but he wanted to contact me after posting it, so he clicked on my QQ. When he didn’t get a response from me, he called me Video deleted.

No, it's not.

It suddenly occurred to me that when the police came to see me just now, they didn’t mention the dark web at all. It stands to reason that the police have checked Hu Qian's computer. If they find that he has visited such a website, there is no way he would not know that I am the website administrator. In other words, Hu Qian’s browsing history on his computer was deleted, and the police temporarily thought he was adding me as a friend through a search number.

It wasn't Hu Qian who deleted the records, he should be the murderer. So can it be said that the murderer’s purpose of killing was because of that video?

Thinking of this, a chill ran through my body. If the murderer knew that I had also watched the video, would I be in danger?

The murderer must know.

I tried my best to recall the content of the video at that time. The quality of the video was really blurry. Compared with the previous video of the execution of prisoners in the 1920s, it was simply worse. At first glance, it seemed that the photographer deliberately made it so as to express reality. Of.

The woman must be in her twenties or thirties. She was wearing a black dress and had shoulder-length hair. Her face was really unclear. That room was a rough house that had not been decorated at all. It was boxy and it was hard to tell where it was.

Could it be…that this is really a photo taken before the murder? So where did Hu Qian get it?

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