Finale, Chapter 19 Fatty Wakes Up

Fatty woke up for the first time four hours later. Xiaohua had made all the preparations. We were all anxiously waiting for any hints he could give us, but after he woke up, he only lasted ten minutes before falling asleep again. During this period, he woke up three more times, always in a state of sluggish consciousness and unable to communicate at all.

Sister Ya said he was extremely exhausted and gave him some protein. During this time, we have been studying the "map" on his belly. Based on the old and new conditions of the wounds, we judged the general direction. Each turn of these scratches should be a fork in the road. Judging from the pattern on the fat man’s belly, it is impossible to see the complexity of the cracks below without a picture. Remember.

I'm very anxious. I don't know if our waiting is a waste of time. The fat man asked us to follow the picture to save people. We should be able to rescue people by relying on this picture. Are we still too cautious? If the people below Because of our hesitation and something went wrong in the end, I will definitely regret it and die.

Xiaohua is the calmest among us. He feels that we have not got any more useful information except a road map. It is very dangerous to go down now. Not only may we not be able to save them, but we will trap ourselves.

Pan Zi reminded me before. I have always told myself that I must be responsible for everyone's lives, so what Xiaohua said is right, but no matter how many times I say it in my heart, I am only extremely anxious.

After waiting for another four hours, Fatty still showed no sign of waking up. Only then did Xiaohua decide to make a move.

He and Pan Zi took people down first to touch the road map to see if it was accurate. I was on top waiting for Fatty to wake up as soon as possible. This was Pan Zi’s previous plan.

I asked him to be careful, he and Pan Zi were alone. It's so important to me. I can't win this game on my own. Xiaohua told me that as soon as she realized there was a risk. He won't take risks and will find someone to bring the news out. And wait for the arrival of my second echelon.

After they left, I went to Fatty's tent and took Xiuxiu by my side to take care of Fatty to prevent Sister Dumb from attacking me when we were alone.

I thought that this damn fat guy would wake up in two hours at most, but what I didn't expect was that by the time the fat guy was fully awake, it was already the evening of the next day.

After Xiaohua and the others went down. It seemed to be going relatively smoothly and there was no bad news, which barely made me feel less anxious. So after Fatty woke up, I was more patient and waited for him to recover.

The first time I saw someone wake up was in that state. He opened his eyes first and looked at the top of the tent. It took ten minutes for his eyes to move and slowly scanned towards us. After scanning, he closed his eyes again.

We thought he was going to sleep, but I couldn't hold it any longer. I wanted to pour cold water on him, but unexpectedly he opened his eyes again and said: "There are old men in this dream. It is definitely not a dream anymore."

Sister Ya asked: "Is there anything uncomfortable on you?"

"Yes, I really want to rub that area, but I told you that you would call me a stinker." The fat man said very slowly.

Sister Ya glanced at me, obviously she had never seen such an unreliable person.

The fat man rolled his eyes again: "Third Master, didn't you die? Why, Fat Master, I also died and you came to pick me up? Damn it, that stinky bitch won't come to see me until she dies. ?”

"Stop talking nonsense." Xiu Xiu said, "Can you do it? If you can, tell me the situation quickly. We have to go down and save people."

Speaking of which. The fat man's eyes were dull for a moment, and it took him a long time to react: "Oh shit. I almost forgot, how many days have I been out?" After saying that, he seemed to come to his senses and wanted to sit up. But after sleeping for too long, his muscles were a little numb. As soon as he didn't get up, Sister Ya went to drag Yu Ziqi to death , and stuffed several backpacks behind his back for him to lean on.

He was a little sluggish again, so the dumb sister put a towel on the fat man's head and opened the window on the side of the tent to let the sunlight in and stimulate people's spirit.

Xiuxiu briefly told him how we found him and when. He looked at the sky and seemed to be meditating. After a while, he said: "Then it has been twelve days since I left that place." Then he turned his head and said, "Zhenzhen, I seem to have heard his voice before."

"He has already gone down. You asked him to follow the map to save people. He and Pan Zi both went to Yuziqi and died . It has been almost forty-eight hours." I said.

The fat man heard this and murmured: "How many people did they get down?"

"Four people." Xiu Xiu said.

The fat man thought for a while and said: "In this case, I still have some time. This kid finally got his best. I thought this time it was more serious than bad. What's going on with you, Third Master? Why did you show up again?"

I laughed dryly: "It's a long story. You have to tell us what happened to you?"

The fat man made a gesture to get something to drink, and Bao Bao immediately went to make a cup of coffee. The fat man said, "I'll talk to you later, first tell me how many of you are there?"

I told the fat man, and he said: "We have to set off within twelve hours. I will lead the way. You may still be able to catch up with them."

"You want to go in?"

"The situation here is very special. I will tell you later and you will know. There is basically no danger in following my map. Naive should be able to handle it. However, they will definitely not be able to pass the final level."

I was familiar with Fatty, and I knew from the look on his face when he said this that he was not joking, so I gave the bag a wink and told him to get ready immediately.

The fat man moved his hands and feet, but he was still a little sluggish. His face became clearer in the sun. His face was very swollen and he looked even more tired. I asked him if he wanted to sleep again. He shook his head and drank the extra strong coffee before starting to speak: "We don't have much time. I have to tell you what we encountered right away."

I nodded and he sighed: "Fuck, Third Master, my eyes are really opened this time. I never thought there are such strange places in the world.

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