Chapter 288

It was night, Han Sheng chatted with Wu Chushan’s father and daughter until very late, and then he came out of their room. Under the moonlight, he walked to the big tree in the red pine forest to have a rest.

“Benefactor Han Sheng, please come with me to the lake.” A very small voice penetrated into his ears, and Han Sheng shivered.

The blue moonlight was shining on the calm lake, and there was silence all around. A lama in red was standing on the shore with his hands behind his back. Very weird.

“Master came late at night, I wonder if there is something important?” Han Sheng walked up to him and saw that the person who came was the old Lama Tenzin whom he had seen in the Lama Temple during the day.

Lama Tenzin turned around, his face looked pale under the moonlight.

“Han Sheng benefactor, there seem to be enemies looking for you outside the valley, can you tell me, who are your enemies?” Lama Tenzin asked.

“The enemy?” Han Sheng’s mind was spinning rapidly. It stands to reason that the Huang family’s father and son had already died and one was wounded, and Xiao Yanfang had also been shot to death. up? Thinking of this, he asked, “What kind of people are here?”

Lama Tenzin looked at Han Sheng and said, “Two people, one old and one young, have very weird accents. During their conversation, they mentioned your name.”

One old and one young? Han Sheng scratched his head, he couldn’t think of such two people.

“What else did they say?” Han Sheng asked.

“I don’t understand. The dialect I speak is very strange. I’m sure I’m not from the Central Plains.” Lama Tenzin said.

Han Sheng shook his head, and said: “I never remember such two people, wait for me to go out and have a look.”

Lama Tenzin warned solemnly: “The valley entrance of the Blue Moon Valley is only revealed in the middle of the night when the moon is full, and the time is very short. If you miss the time, you will not be able to find it.”

Han Sheng asked in surprise, “Why is this happening?”

Tenzin hesitated for a moment, and finally explained to Han Sheng: “In the entire Meili Snow Mountain area, only the mountains in the Blue Moon Valley are made of kyanite, which is called eclogite by Han people. Kyanite emits dense fog day and night. , covering the Blue Moon Valley, so very few people in the world know the existence of this valley. The people in it live freely and never worry that outsiders will disturb them. The blue thick fog is only in the 15th month of each month. It will disappear for a moment at the midnight of the night.”

“Then, the Xiangxi old man and Uncle Shanren both happened to come to the Blue Moon Valley on the 15th day of the lunar calendar.” Han Sheng suddenly realized.

“Exactly, when we miss the late night of the fifteenth day of the lunar calendar, even those of us who live in the valley can’t find the entrance, so we have to wait another month.” Lama Tenzin said.

“Then how did the master know the news about these two people outside the valley?” Han Sheng asked in confusion.

Tenzin smiled slightly, pointed to the crow on his shoulder and said, “The god crow can hear it.”

“God crow?” Han Sheng looked at the two black crows suspiciously, they are not mynahs who can simply imitate their tongues, how could it be possible?

“This is a kind of black bird unique to the Blue Moon Valley. It is different from the clumsy crows in the Central Plains. They are very smart and have an excellent memory. ” Lama Tenzin said with a smile, stroking the black hair on the back of the crow’s neck.

“I don’t believe it.” Han Sheng shook his head firmly and said.

Unexpectedly, before the words were finished, the two crows glared at Han Sheng angrily, and then began to chatter…

Han Sheng was very surprised to hear the two retelling in their human voices, and they actually imitated the dialogue voices of an old man and a young man respectively, sometimes rushing and sometimes soothing, and sure enough, the words “Han Sheng” appeared several times .

“They are Japanese!” Han Sheng said in surprise.

Tenzin looked at Han Sheng suspiciously.

“They speak Japanese. It’s strange. Takeo Murakami died under Daochang Jin’s Tiangang qigong, and Inufushi was also sprayed to death by Daochang Jin’s enema water . Why are there two Japanese again? ” Han Sheng said puzzledly.

“So, the Japanese are your enemies? They don’t want to attack the Blue Moon Valley, do they?” Tenzin said suspiciously.

“I’ll go out to have a look.” Han Sheng said.

“Then you can only come back on the fifteenth of next month.” Lama Tenzin reminded him.

Han Sheng smiled slightly and said in his heart, others have to wait a month, but I can easily find it with my ‘fly’s eye’. It’s like a celestial being, I’ve long wanted to find a chance to try it again.

“I decided to leave the valley.” Han Sheng said firmly.

Lama Tenzin didn’t speak for a long time, and finally said in deep thought: “Let’s do whatever you want, Master Hansheng, do you still remember that in the monastery today, I told you about Danba Rinpoche’s beads?”

Han Sheng nodded and said: “Remember, the master said that the Buddha beads may help me in the future.”

Tenzin smiled and said: “That’s right, this string of Buddhist beads was handed down by the abbot Da Rinpoche in the past. It is made of kyanite essence and is called ‘Bardo Mantra Beads’. It is sealed and blessed with a kind of magical power of the living Buddhas of the past dynasties. Now that Ba has gone, we don’t know how to use the curse bead. Danba left this bead to you, it seems that Han Sheng’s fate as a benefactor is really not shallow.”

Han Sheng was taken aback, it turned out that this string of Buddha beads had such a great history, since it was the bardo beads, it was supposed to be something to ward off evil spirits.

“Since the bardo beads are the treasure of your monastery, it’s inconvenient for Han Sheng to keep them by his side, so let’s return them to the master.” Han Sheng took out the string of beads from his bosom and handed them to Master Tenzin.

“No,” Lama Tenzin waved his hand, and said, “Han Sheng benefactor, since Danba Rinpoche asked you to keep the prophecy of Geda Tulku and gave you the mantra beads, it must have a deep meaning. Please don’t hesitate. According to Danba Just do what you want.” After speaking, Tenzin explained the route out of the valley to Han Sheng in detail, and then floated away with two divine crows.

Han Sheng silently watched the old lama’s red monk’s robe gradually disappear into the light blue moonlight.

Possessing hysterical skills, I can completely wander the rivers and lakes like Liu Jinmo. Han Sheng turned around and walked out of the valley along the path by the lake.

Under the moonlight, Han Sheng walked hurriedly at night along the road pointed out by the old Lama Tenzin.

In the pine forest by the lake, in front of the graves of Liu Jinmo and Xiao Cuihua sat the spiritless and half-drunk ancestor. She regretted not following Liu Jinmo decisively at that time, otherwise, she would definitely prevent him from drinking the poisonous wine If Liu Jinmo is still alive, she would even rather quit voluntarily and make Xiao Cuihua and the others. But now it is:

On the night of lovesickness, Zuying can’t sleep alone, the wine is exhausted and the tea is cool… The green mound has failed her lover, and Nankemeng is gone at dawn…

The old ancestor put down the empty wine jar, at the time when he was in a state of lovesickness and in a state of turmoil, he suddenly heard the sound of footsteps passing by on the path by the lake, he looked with bleary eyes, and the figure of the people walking in a hurry looked very much like Han Sheng.

It’s so late, where is Han Sheng going alone? The old ancestor was puzzled, so he stood up slowly, thinking to himself, don’t let anything happen, this kid doesn’t know any kung fu.

Thinking of this, the ancestor raised his breath lightly and followed behind.

The fog is getting thicker and thicker, and you can only see the dim path under your feet, and the surrounding area is a piece of blue, and you can’t see anything. Han Sheng stumbled and walked in the winding valley for an unknown amount of time. Just when he felt completely lost, the fog in front of him slowly dissipated, and a sapphire-like green lake suddenly appeared in front of him, level as a mirror. Reflecting the snow-capped mountains and a crescent moon, it is cold and quiet.

There was a bonfire burning on the shore, and two people were sitting beside the bonfire. The aroma of barbecue permeated the air, making people salivate.

Han Sheng walked over, and the sound of footsteps caught the attention of those two people.

They were an old man and a young man. The old man was pale and skinny, with sunken eye sockets and green pupils. He was actually wearing a black suit with a white tie on his collar. The boy was still a child, about seven or eight years old, his face was pink and red, his eyes protruded like bull’s eyes, covered with bright red bloodshot eyes, he was wearing a milky white children’s suit and a scarlet tie , a handkerchief with black gold dots protruding from the breast pocket of the jacket.

Two big, fragrant birds were roasting on the fire, and some black feathers and internal organs such as intestines and stomachs were scattered on the ground, which looked like the “god crow” on the shoulder of Lama Tenzin.

“Your, who is it?” The old man stood up and asked vigilantly in blunt Chinese.

Sure enough, they were two Japanese. Han Sheng looked at them attentively. They didn’t have weapons in their hands, but they each carried a small canvas backpack, which was bulging inside.

Han Sheng thought, when walking on the rivers and lakes, one must not be the first to expose one’s own details.

“Are you tourists? How did you come to the most remote area of ​​Meili Snow Mountain?” Han Sheng asked back.

The old man and the young man looked at each other, then the old man nodded and said, “Ours is a tourist looking for someone.” The voice seemed weird.

“Are you looking for a woman?” Han Sheng asked tentatively with a smile on his face.

The old man grinned and said following Han Sheng’s words: “Yes, it belongs to the girl, Miss Hua.”

His mouth was a mess, he didn’t even have a single tooth, and his mouth was full of pink jagged gums.

The young man turned his protruding bull’s eyes and gave the old man a hard look, so frightened that he bowed his head and dared not speak anymore.

“Well, yours, who is it? What are you doing by the lake late at night?” The young man stood up and looked at Han Sheng, speaking in a rather sophisticated tone.

The child’s two rows of small teeth are very neat, just like Shen Caihua’s.

“My family lives near here. I went out to look for cattle. The cattle in my family were lost.” Han Sheng made up a lie.

“Looking for a cow?” the young man asked suspiciously, staring at Han Sheng with his protruding eyes, his nose kept moving, and then he said with certainty, “Well, it smells like a corpse.”

The old man’s expression changed when he heard the words, and he quickly pulled out a half-rusted samurai sword from his backpack. With a whoosh, he jumped in front of Han Sheng, stared fiercely at Han Sheng with his small mung bean-like eyes sunken in the eye sockets, and asked the child, “Senior brother, what kind of corpse is he?”

The young man frowned, and said slowly: “The corpse changes in the Central Plains are very complicated. I heard that there are eighteen changes, especially the changes in women are the biggest.”

“Women’s college has eighteen changes, and the more you change, the better you look.” The old man recited an idiom from the Central Plains, with a smile on his face.

“He, the man’s corpse.” The young man glared at the old man again.

The old man’s pale face turned red, and then he waved half of the samurai sword with both hands, and shouted at Han Sheng: “Your, what corpse? Mine, Kamakura Sangshu Goro’s authentic demon sword, what you say!”

Han Sheng once heard Liu Jinmo say that the more murderous a sword is, the better it can ward off evil spirits. Some dignitaries in the capital specially managed to collect the old swords of the Japanese army and hang them in their bedrooms, so that evil spirits and ghosts would not dare to come. Those Japanese war knives that slashed countless people with blood-stained and rust-stained blades made a slight whistling sound in the dead of night.

“Hanging in the bedroom? But why did they do that?” Han Sheng asked in confusion at the time.

Liu Jinmo once explained in detail, which of the dignitaries in the capital has never done anything bad? Because of the fear of evil spirits coming at night, I often suffer from insomnia all night long. Later, an expert pointed out that I should use a sword to ward off evil spirits. Just imagine which sword kills the most? Of course, it was the samurai sword used during the Japanese invasion of China. A sword that has not killed anyone has no effect on protecting against evil spirits.

Han Sheng looked at the ancient half-cut saber in the old man’s hand, and thought, this saber must be capable of killing people like hemp and drinking countless blood.

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