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Introduction (1) Mi Jiashan washes his hands in the toilet, first with soap, then with hand sanitizer, smearing and rubbing repeatedly, so carefully that he refuses to let go of his fingernails, like a conscientious doctor disinfecting before surgery, and like A calm criminal is cleaning up the crime scene. Give your full attention. Meticulous. Everyone in the world washes their hands every day, but like Mijiashan, it is probably rare to get up from the bed in the middle of the night and wash their hands. “Why is your face full of blood?” Mi Jiashan suddenly woke me up from my sleep half an hour ago and said with a fuss. His eyes were round and round in the moonlight


Mi Jiashan washes his hands in the toilet, first with soap, then with hand sanitizer, smearing and rubbing repeatedly, so carefully that he refuses to let go of his fingernails, like a dutiful doctor disinfecting before surgery, and like a calm criminal Cleaning up the crime scene. Give your full attention. Meticulous.

Everyone in the world washes their hands every day, but like Mijiashan, it is probably rare to get up from the bed in the middle of the night and wash their hands.

“Why is your face full of blood?” Mi Jiashan suddenly woke me up from my sleep half an hour ago and said with a fuss. His eyes were round and round, gleaming coldly in the moonlight. Frightened by his expression, I threw myself in front of the mirror drowsily. But in the mirror, I didn’t have any abnormality except for the mucus hanging on my face. Turning around again, he found that he had jumped to the floor with bare feet, and shouted with a pale face: “Blood, a lot of blood, there is blood on the bed!”

And I still don’t see anything. The sheets were new, azure blue, and covered with golden sunflowers. Those huge flowers were in full bloom, like mocking faces. I laughed so hard.

“What are you kidding?” I said. Mi Jiashan ignored me and jumped up nervously again: “Oh my God, there is blood on my hands…” Then he rushed into the toilet with a tummy.

I was stunned.

In fact, for more than a month, Mi Jiashan has done a lot of things that made me stunned, and this thing is just one of them.


“I suspect he is insane!” I told Wen Wei. Wen Wei is my best friend. She has the same charming face and slender legs as Karen Mok. She runs a beauty salon and dresses up like an enchanting butterfly every day.

“Whoever encounters such a change, I’m afraid it will be a little abnormal.” She casually teased while smearing all kinds of ice lotions on my face.

More than a month ago, Mijiashan had a car accident and almost lost his sight. Fortunately, his cornea was transplanted in time. After not wanting to be discharged from the hospital, strange things happened one after another. For example, he often said that he saw strangers walking around the house, heard women crying, and sometimes woke me up at night for no apparent reason, asking where did I just go? And I obviously slept next to him all the time and didn’t leave for a moment.

“Could it be the car accident that damaged his brain?” I was apprehensive.

“If it’s not a prank, then there is another possibility: the transplanted cornea is causing trouble.” Wen Wei smiled mysteriously, “Have you seen a movie called “Ghost”? The cornea becomes a yin and yang eye, and it can see things that normal people can’t see, exotic places or ghosts!”

“Wen Wei, don’t scare me! That’s just a fictional story! How could there be ghosts in the world?” I was no longer in the mood to continue receiving her beauty massage. Originally, I thought that she was still looking for some comfort here, but I didn’t expect to be more stimulated. So he got out of bed and said goodbye.

Instead of going home right away, I turned into a small shop and bought the “Hell” disc. On the cover, Li Xinjie with a green face , the dead-eyed cub is out of print , which is shocking. Just looking at the cover, I already feel cold, and looking at the content is even more chilling. On a hot summer day, I broke out in a cold sweat.

What kind of person is the person who donated his cornea to Mi Jiashan?

I decided to go to the hospital to find out.


The doctor who performed the transplant operation on Mi Jiashan was Lang Xiong, my former lover. During the four years of college, we were deeply in love and agreed that marriage was a matter of course.

Mijiashan owns a company and drives a Mercedes-Benz, with a net worth of more than 10 million yuan. He is the real fifth king of diamonds. During the six months of my internship, I worked as a secretary under his subordinate and got along with him day and night. He liked me, and with his tenderness and silver bullets, I quickly fell apart. It is true that compared with Lang Xiong, Mi Jiashan has no advantages except money, but in this real society, no matter how good you are, you are just a senior wage earner without money. And a woman’s youth is limited, I don’t want to take the most precious ten years of my life to accompany a person to struggle. So decisively chose to break up with Lang Xiong.

I don’t want to recall how Lang Xiong was in pain at that time. But fate made people, and after going around for a few years, Mijiashan’s car accident became an opportunity for us to meet again.

After not seeing him for a few years, Lang Xiong, who had swept away his youth, became mature and capable, and he was proud of his spring breeze. His excellent professional skills quickly made him a promising chief physician in this provincial hospital. He was more successful than I thought.

In the corridor of the hospital that day, Lang Xiong, dressed in pure white, looked at me meaningfully and said, “You are still so beautiful, you haven’t changed at all.” I read the pain in his eyes. He still loves me, otherwise he wouldn’t be single until now. In fact, the same is true for me. I have never forgotten him. Even when I went to bed with Mijiashan, all that came to my mind was his shadow.

But everything is like what Manzhen said to Shijun in “Half Life”: We can’t go back.


On the eve of Mijiashan’s surgery, I took the initiative to date Lang Xiong. Fifteen minutes later, he appeared in front of me swiftly, holding a bouquet of red roses in his arms.

“You don’t know how much I’ve missed you these past few years.” He hugged me, as if trying to embed me into the bone, and smashed it like a rain of hot kisses. We couldn’t wait to tear each other’s clothes, wishing we could turn into vines and wrap them tightly without leaving any gaps. “I love you, I love you!” He said to me over and over again, as if he wanted to inject all the thoughts he had given to me over the past few years into my body in one breath.

But my words made him cool into ice in an instant. I said: tomorrow’s surgery, I don’t want Mi Jiashan to be in trouble.

“It turned out that I was self-indulgent.” Lang Xiong slid down from me in desperation and sneered, “Haiyun, you underestimate me too much. I, Lang Xiong, have never been the kind of villain who avenges private revenge.”

“I will prove to you with actions that your judgment is wrong. If there is any problem with Mi Jiashan on the operating table tomorrow, I will goug out the eyeballs and pay you!” He quickly put on his clothes and left, Throwing the bunch of roses into the trash.

I squatted on the ground and cried. In fact, I really want to say that I love him too, but because of Mi Jiashan, I lose the qualification to say this.

The surgery the next day was a success. Only after that until Mi Jiashan recovered and was discharged from the hospital, Lang Xiong refused to make eye contact with me.


“Lang Xiong, you must tell me who Mijiashan’s cornea donor is!” In the office, I stared at Lang Xiong. Lang Xiong stared blankly at the medical records and refused to look at me, he just said lightly, “I’m sorry, I can’t violate the hospital’s regulations and professional ethics, and leak the patient’s privacy!”

“Fuck the rules and morals, now I suspect you’ve moved my husband’s eyes and made him insane! If you don’t speak now, then we’ll have to meet in court.” I’m on fire!

My voice alarmed a little nurse who was guarding outside. She knocked on the door timidly and asked, “Doctor Lang, what happened?”

“It’s okay.” Lang Xiong waved his hand, and the little nurse withdrew tactfully. The caring glance at Lang Xiong before parting, stabbed me like an awl. A woman’s sixth sense tells me that she must have affection for Lang Xiong. It is not difficult to understand that the young and promising Lang Xiong is inherently lethal to women.

I sat down on the desk in front of Lang Xiong, and began to undress in his surprised eyes: “Lang Xiong, if you don’t tell me, I will shout ‘indecent assault’! Everyone, come and see what a beast is!”

There was finally an expression on Lang Xiong’s face. It’s not that he doesn’t know how such a consequence will have a fatal impact on him, so he can only compromise.

He told me that Mijiashan’s cornea donor was a murderer. He was a butcher before his life, with a violent and domineering personality. Suspecting that his wife Hong Xing was out of the wall, he killed her at night. After that, he chopped up the body and mixed it with cement and laid it under the floor tiles of the toilet. Later, the night and day nightmare tortured him almost to a nervous breakdown, and he had to surrender himself. In order to atone for his sins and to obtain the stability of his soul, he voluntarily sacrificed his body. And Mi Jiashan happened to be one of the beneficiaries of his body donation.


“Recently, Mijiashan’s performance is very strange, and he often produces auditory hallucinations and hallucinations…” I said nervously, “Is it because the donor’s cornea is resurrected in the recipient’s body through transplantation, which slowly activates the cell’s memory , so that the recipient can see part of the scene of the deceased?”

“Yes, there is such a possibility.” Langchung nodded, “There has indeed been a case of ‘organ transplant memory’ in foreign medicine: an American man was transplanted with the heart of a suicide, and later fell in love with the wife of the suicide. , but 12 years later, he chose to use the same suicide method to end his own life! And more and more people after receiving organ transplants are expressing that their personalities, hobbies, and even emotional characteristics have changed !”

I felt like the blood all over my body had coagulated, as if I had fallen into an ice cellar! I trembled and said, “Lang Xiong, will Mi Jiashan inherit the character and destiny of the donor, and finally repeat the same mistakes and kill me?”

Lang Xiong comforted me: “Don’t think too much, after all, it’s just a very isolated example.”

I sneered: “Lang Xiong, all of this was deliberately arranged by you. Because of love and hate, you deliberately placed such a time bomb between me and Mi Jiashan!”

“I don’t want to explain any more, because I’m always so unbearable in your mind!” Lang Xiong sighed, turning around and ignoring me. I ignored him and staggered away.


Leaving Lang Xiong’s office, my mood could no longer be warmed up, even though the sun was blazing overhead.

I dare not go home, God knows if there will be a sharp butcher’s knife waiting for me. Without purpose, I came to Wen Wei’s beauty salon. I told her what I just heard from Lang Xiong, and she clicked her tongue and shouted, “Oh my God, it’s really the corneas that are causing trouble!” Haiyun, I think you don’t go back for the time being, just stay with me first, so as not to be ripped off by Mijia Mountain!

Before I could nod my head, Mi Jiashan’s phone came after him. Why didn’t you come back from where you were? Are you fooling around with Xiao Bailian?

My heart skipped a beat when I heard his voice. Half an hour later, Mi Jiashan’s car stopped at the entrance of the beauty salon. As soon as I got out of the car, I pointed at Wen Wei’s nose and scolded: “You know how to hook up with men all day long, but don’t teach my wife badly!” She is a person with a husband, not as good as you!

He and Wen Wei have always been incompatible. He was not used to Wen Wei’s flamboyant displays, and Wen Wei couldn’t see his arrogance, but because of me, the two of them were okay in terms of face. The current Mijiashan has changed from the calmness of the past. Not only is he irritable and suspicious, but he also hurts people. It’s like a different person.

Wen Wei also changed his face: “Haiyun, you see it, it’s not that I don’t keep you, it’s that I don’t dare to keep you!”

Mi Jiashan gave her a sideways glance and dragged me into the car.

As soon as I got home, he threw me on the bed and pressed me fiercely. He tore my clothes roughly, using both hands and feet, leaving bright bloodstains on my body. If you betray me, I will kill you! he gasped.

After the car accident, even his bed habits changed. He changed from his powerlessness and became more excited than ever before. He seemed to suddenly become a master of sex, tossing me in various poses, with unfamiliar eyes. A lot of times I thought Dead Eyed Cub was out of print , that the man I had sex with had another person hidden in his body, and now I’m even more determined, he’s not him anymore! That terrifying murderer is multiplying and resurrecting in his body through the cells of the cornea, and one day he will be completely occupied and replaced…

And that day was my death.


“I want to divorce him.” I said to Wen Wei.

What motivated me to make up my mind was the sudden addition of a pile of cement and floor tiles at home. In the past two days, Mijiashan suddenly became interested in decoration and said that the floor of the bathroom should be changed. When he said this, he gritted his teeth and sneered, his eyes were murderous. And he also fell in love with the kitchen, often dangling around with a boning knife, cutting whatever he saw, as if he had obsessive-compulsive disorder. Even sleeping at night with knives tucked under the pillow.

“If I don’t leave him, I will become meat on his chopping board sooner or later.”

“Alright. There are so many men in the world, why hang on a tree?” Wen Wei nodded.

“Well said, I can also find another big tree, but you are different, you can only hang yourself on the tree in Mijia Mountain.” I laughed coldly, and under the table, I quietly deboned the tree. The sharp knife was inserted into Wen Wei’s stomach.

Wen Wei collapsed helplessly, his once charming facial features were twisted, even more terrifying than the cover of “Ghost”. She asked with the last of her strength, “When did you know that?”

I disdain to answer, picked up her phone with gloved hands, and sent a text message to Mi Jiashan: Honey, I’m pregnant, waiting for you at the beauty salon. Then he dropped the dying Wen Wei and walked away.

I didn’t go far, but sat calmly in the teahouse opposite to watch the play. I know that Mi Jiashan will come quickly when he receives this news, and then find Wen Wei’s body in the beauty salon, when he realizes that this is a trap, it is too late, the police who get the wind will be within a few minutes Surround the scene.

No one would believe he was wronged. Because not only did the time match, but there was only his fingerprint on the murder weapon. Yes, his mistress Wen Wei used her pregnancy to threaten him and his wife to divorce.

This trick I use is called killing two birds with one stone.


I knew that Mi Jiashan and Wen Wei were secretly in Chencang. As I said, a woman’s sixth sense is pretty accurate, even though both of them are top-notch actors.

They deliberately made the appearance of incompatibility, but in reality they were embarrassed and staged a vivid “ghost” play. The purpose was to scare me away and take the initiative to divorce Mi Jiashan. They are so well-intentioned because I signed an agreement with Mi Jiashan before the marriage. Either party files for divorce first, and they will lose the ownership of the property and leave the house.

And in this play, there is one more important person, Lang Xiong.

In fact, Mi Jiashan has never done corneal transplantation at all. He just wants to use the gimmick in “Damn” to implement his divorce plan. He created a fake car accident, and then bribed Lang Xiong to put pressure on me by giving me the psychological suggestion of “organ transplant memory” from a medical point of view. But what was wrong was that he didn’t know that Lang Xiong was my old lover!

After Lang Xiong reunited with me, the old relationship rekindled, and he told me and me Mijiashan’s plan. So I decided to do my best, and while continuing to play with Lang Xiong, I pretended to be fooled, and on the other hand, I started to fight back. I succeeded. Next, the life I longed for was the real beginning. Rich, loving, and happy like a fairy.

I rushed out of the teahouse and drove to the hospital where Lang Xiong was. Half an hour later, I appeared at Lang Xiong’s door. With the door open, I accidentally saw the most heartbreaking picture in my life: in Lang Xiong’s arms, holding the cowardly, blushing little nurse…

“Dear, let me introduce, this is Hai Yun, the woman I should be most grateful for in my life! If it wasn’t for her empathy back then, there would be no me who wanted to be strong. I can be today, all because Thanks to her.” Lang Xiong turned his head and saw me, and introduced to the little nurse gently.

At this moment, there was a smile on his face, but ice in his eyes. There are four words clearly written on his expression: Never forgive!

I retreated from his sight in despair. I drove my car down the street in despair. I was so excited that I didn’t see an oncoming truck. I just heard a loud bang and I flew out of the window.

The moment I lost consciousness, I saw two figures closely overlapping each other on Lang Xiong’s window.

This opportunity used to be mine, but I didn’t cherish it.

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