Everyone Dies In The Third Chapter Of The Finale

My heart said, you are really fucking dead, Men You Ping is really fucking dead! There is such a thing in this world, Men You Ping Jingran will also die. I have always thought about how I would feel if Menyoubo died. "I can't understand: Fatty said: "I didn't say everyone was dead here! But obviously someone had discovered this place, and someone had checked their faces to see who was dead, so they took off the gas masks. … Continue readingEveryone Dies In The Third Chapter Of The Finale

The Finale, Chapter 30, Isolated And Helpless

On the way to the underworld, guess who I am! The emotion in my heart is very strange. I don’t know whether I want this mask to break or the other way around. Do you want to kill me? My chances of finding Fatty when I go back are probably very low. Thinking back to various experiences in the past few years, this is not the first time I have encountered such an embarrassing scene. But at least I don’t want to be beaten to death here. I said to myself, God has crippled me so many times, and he definitely didn’t want me to end up here. … Continue readingThe Finale, Chapter 30, Isolated And Helpless

The Secret Record Of Evil Spirits

I'm finally the innocent Wu Xie who can shrink back, be weak, laugh, laugh, make embarrassments, and die every day. I went back to my shop, when Wang Meng saw me. Ghosts and snake spirits from all walks of life must have various performances, but the letter from Mrs. Huo's family decided that everything can only be carried out under the water. As far as Pan Zi is concerned, he may prefer the current ending, but to outsiders, his choice is still wrong. However, Fatty is a good person, God will not embarrass him for too long. His life value seems to be slowly emerging, and his spirit has improved a lot. … Continue readingThe Secret Record Of Evil Spirits