Encountering The Internet Ghost

Introduction: This is how we started chatting, and the topic was all about supernatural content, because the website we are on is called "Ghost Story Lovers".

She asked me: "Sometimes, do you feel that talking to the person on the other end of the network has the same effect as talking to a ghost?"

I smiled under the flashing screen and typed three words to reply to her: That's right:) In order to prevent the three words from appearing too monotonous, I deliberately added a smiling face at the end.

Grinning grimace. …

I met her a year ago, online of course. I was very idle at that time, immersed in the Internet all day and all night. I had no special hobbies. I didn’t send emails, I wasn’t busy reading, and I wasn’t keen on online dating. Just click the mouse randomly and you can see almost everything. There is nothing that I really focus on. At that time, surfing the Internet may have been a free way for me to pass the time without having to search hard.

The reason we chatted with her was because of her name: "The Ghost of the Day"! When I first saw this name, I felt an indescribable strange feeling. So he asked her: "There are also ghosts during the day? Aren't there ghosts only at night?"

Unexpectedly, she replied quickly, and at a flying speed: "Just because you can't see it, it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. They are asleep during the day, but there is still a subconscious awakening. At night, their lives are completely revived. The passion will return to me, and I can complete myself in the dark…"

I think what she said is very interesting. At least it is much better than other girls I have met elsewhere. They tend to pretend to be cute and then say crazy things and think they are humorous. In fact, you are very happy. Scared to death or pissed off.

So we started chatting, and it was all about paranormal stuff, because the website we were on was called "Ghost Story Lovers." "This is a horror website. It tells ghost stories. Come and take a look." She told me.

"Come and see" was my online name, and I found that I was the only person on this website who didn't have a ghost name.

"I think fear should come from within, rather than being summed up by a name." I explained to her. It took her a long time to respond: "It makes sense. I completely agree with what you said."

With a common language, everything will be smooth sailing from now on. (Q group: 34356744, please indicate: ghost story lovers when applying to join)

After chatting with her, I realized that when she expressed her thoughts, she didn't express her thoughts in the aggressive way other people did, but in an almost indifferent way, and her calm and cold tone was often more direct to people's hearts.

"When chatting online, I feel more like I'm talking to an invisible ghost, probably because both are intangible," she said.

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"The difference is that ghosts can be everywhere and even travel through time and space. But I can't reach you."

She gave me a nodding grimace in agreement.

I asked her: "Do you believe there is a soul in the world?"

She did not answer me directly, but just said the following: The greatest charm of the soul is that it can exist infinitely, so that people do not have to worry about eternal darkness and eternal loss after death. As an alternative form of life, it is possible for them to appear in the same way as before, adding capabilities that humans do not have.

I looked at these two lines of words for a moment, imagining her staring at the computer from the invisible other side. Would there be an indescribable loneliness in her expression? Inexplicable changes surged up in my heart unconsciously. I think I'm going to change something in my life.

I love surfing the Internet even more. I no longer hesitate when surfing the Internet. Instead, I go straight to this "Ghost Story Lover" and immediately knock on the door of the chat room. Click on her name.

She always showed up at night, usually around ten o'clock.

"You come here every night?"

"Yes," she answered, "because during the day it is time for us ghosts to cultivate and recuperate."

I couldn't help but smile at the computer again, this has become my habit.

"Then I'll come to you every night."

"Welcome. What do you do during the day? Work?"

"I don't work. I also rest." I chuckled, "I close the curtains, fall on the bed and take a deep sleep."

We left it at that, and then moved on to our shared obsession, with endless things to say about all things ghost-related. The speculation became more and more intense, and later developed into chatting all night long, until every dawn came, she said that she was leaving because it was time for the ghost to rest.

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This situation continues until now. One year later, on the festival of Hades on July 14th, our website was immediately full. All kinds of weird people are suggesting equally weird ways to celebrate.

We continued our conversation in the chaotic chat room.

"The Internet is really an extremely broad road. Everyone is running on it, and everyone is likely to meet someone else in the next second." I said, "And this is simply impossible in real life." Can you imagine saying to a lady on the street, 'Hi, ma'am, let's have a chat'?"

She laughed and said, "If we really met on the street in real life, would you say hello to me?" I took this as an important message for her to ask me to meet: "Are you saying that it is possible for me to meet you? Will you?" Let me see you?"

She was silent for a while and then typed: "Are you willing?"

I replied: "Yes, but I don't know you…"

She immediately said: "You still don't know what I look like? Am I a dinosaur? So you want to see the photo first?"

Although her answer was wrong, for some reason I still typed two words: "Yes."

She immediately said: "Wait, I will send you the photo now. You will see it soon."

This website is undoubtedly famous, and thousands of people have logged in, so the photo delivery is slower than usual, and I browsed the page while waiting. A deputy leader named "Guide to the Underworld" suggested that everyone tell a story about the most terrifying experience in their lives today. No nonsense is allowed, it must be a real person. Here’s to celebrating Happy Ghost Day. Another person said that it would be better for everyone to get together instead of chatting online. Wouldn't it be better to go out for a walk? This person has a very cool online name "Rock Sadako".

Someone commented that it would be better to go to the Taipingshan Cemetery for the gathering. Those who don’t go are the grandsons.

While I was giggling, the buzzer went off and the photo came.

The display speed was still very slow, and the bright black screen flashed out one by one, gradually displaying an image like this: a woman's entire head filled the screen, with long black hair covering her entire face, and her facial features were completely invisible.

Just like what we have seen from Sadako in "The Ring".

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I gasped , feeling as if my heart was blocked by this huge human face, so uncomfortable.

I was about to say something to her, but then the scene changed. Her head moved slightly, and her night-colored black hair lifted up a little, revealing a red mouth on her white chin, which opened and smiled at me. .

There was a "pop" sound, and the lights in the room suddenly exploded, and I fell into darkness.

It's not complete darkness, but there is a hint of computer fluorescence, like a will-o'-the-wisp.

I leaned back in the chair and looked at her sharp broken teeth, lying white and dark in her dark red mouth against the dark background, her smile was so exaggerated and so strange.

This terrifying smile looked even more eerie in the silence.

"Do you still want to see me now?"

I don't know when she sent the message and took the photo back. I quickly understood from my trance: "Of course, if that is your true face, I want to see you even more."

She was silent for two minutes, then typed: "Even if I'm a scary ghost?"

I looked at the word ghost and answered her: "Even if you are a ghost."

We quickly decided on a meeting place and said good night to each other.

On this day, the sky was a little dark. Although it was daytime and still in July, it was actually dark. I was sitting in a cafe in the square, occupying a seat in the corner alone, waiting to meet the "ghost of the day". (Q group: 34356744, please indicate: ghost story lovers when applying to join)

In order to cater to this theme, I specially put on a black T-shirt, dark jeans, and a pair of sunglasses.

Hopefully someone will think I'm cool.

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I held my cheek and looked at a room full of people busy with their own business. All the people walked past me without even squinting. And I didn't look at them much, just focused on the food in their hands.

Delicious and beautiful food. How long has it been since I touched them? It's strange that I still feel this in my heart.

I was counting the days when my phone suddenly rang.

"I'm already here." She was already here, in the square in front, "Can you come out?"

I looked up at the sky. The sun was hidden in the clouds, and the world was dark. I walked out of the coffee shop: "You can come out during the day? Didn't you say that the soul rests during the day and only becomes active at night?"

She giggled and said in a clear voice: "What can I do, just to see you. Just die in front of the light."

I quickened my pace: "How does it feel to walk with ghosts?"

"You'll find out soon enough," she said.

I said, "Your ice cream will disappear soon."

A girl across the wide road suddenly looked back. In her hand was a "Dream Dragon" that was almost melting.

She smiled sweetly when she saw me. She has long hair as black as ink, as soft as silk. The bright smile comes from her comfortable and pure facial features. Wearing a cute tutu.

"You're not a ghost." I couldn't help showing my accustomed smile, looking at her long and faint shadow on the ground, "You are a very beautiful girl."

She sucked the ice cream and continued on the phone: "Now you know what it feels like to walk with me, right? I also like your look, it's the one that suits me. Why don't you put down your phone and come over?"

I smiled at her, nodded and said yes.

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"Are you very busy every day? Do you only surf the Internet at night?"

"I'm in school," she said. "You know? I'm going to take the college entrance examination soon. I have to wait for my tutor to leave before I can chat with you online. Do you understand how much sleep I've lost for this?"

"I understand." Just as I turned off the phone, a bright light flashed and stung my eyes, "Damn it!" I quickly turned my head, but it was her holding a camera: "Hi!" She shook her head The "instant" photo shouted to me, "I can't help but take a photo of you. Come over to my side." I shook my head helplessly and walked over.

She had a beautiful smile on her face, and she didn't seem to be the same person as she was online, but I could still intuitively connect the two.

Just then, she suddenly screamed, and a giant truck turned a corner and rushed towards me, as fast as flying.

She covered her mouth with her hands, and I watched the truck pass me without moving. (Ghost group: 34356744, please indicate: ghost story lovers when applying to join)

I didn't fall down, I was still standing there. The car penetrated through my body, just like it penetrated a layer of fog, a gust of wind or any transparent non-existent thing.

She watched all this. Her face slowly changed from dullness to disbelief. She stared at me closely, then slowly moved her gaze away from me, staring at the developed photo in her hand. A frightened expression suddenly appeared on her face – photo There was no one above, except for the flower bed behind me. I was not filmed.

Of course I won't be photographed, I don't even have a shadow. I knew the answer very well, so I still had that deep and pleasant smile on my face. But the sweetness in her eyes when she looked at me was completely gone. Instead there was fear, panic.

She was trembling slightly, as if she was in the cold winter. His fingers loosened in despair, and the photo fell down. Then she slowly squatted down holding her head, and then began to sob softly.

An inexplicable melancholy arose in my heart, and this feeling gradually spread throughout my body. I come back every year in the seventh lunar month, but I still leave after a few days. So I’m always just “come check it out.”

it's time! I gave her a sad look. She was still there with her head bowed and crying, but I had turned around and left, disappearing into the increasingly impetuous air.

When I left, I remembered what she once said: The greatest charm of the soul is that it can exist infinitely, so that people don’t have to worry about eternal darkness and eternal loss after death…

And I would like to add one more thing, that is: the real difference between humans and ghosts ultimately comes from the soul.

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