Green Capsule Shroud Part 1

The figure swaying on the hillock, Liu Jinmo had already stepped forward, grasping with both hands up and down, and struck out quickly and silently like a dark charm. Wu Daoming was shocked. He didn't expect that Qingtian Liu Jinmo's martial arts were so weird. He hurriedly dodged, but felt a chill in his chest. Two pieces of his front had been torn off, and two blood-red nail marks were left on his skin. Then he saw Liu Jinmo's withered and slender claws flying all over the sky under the moonlight. How could Wu Daoming still have the strength to fight back?

For most masters, the faster the fists are, the louder the wind will be. This is due to air friction. However, Liu Jinmo's technique was so fast that there was no wind at all. Wu Chushan, who was watching the battle, was secretly surprised. This was simply against the law. Principles of aerodynamics.

Wu Daoming regretted underestimating Liu Jinmo's skills. It seemed that he was no longer his opponent. If he had known this, why didn't he pull out a few more vaginal awls? Now it was too late anyway.

Wu Chushan wanted to help, so he jumped onto the earthbag, picked up the military spade on the ground, shouted: "Wait a minute!" and inserted the steel shovel into the circle with force.

There was a harsh sound of metal friction, and Liu Jinmo's sharp claws grabbed the shovel head to pierce the Death Thorn spear , and actually scratched the steel shovel head with several scratches.

Liu Jinmo jumped out of the circle and said coldly: "Does the mountain man have to help outsiders?"

Wu Daoming stood there, sweat dripping from his forehead, looking extremely embarrassed.

Wu Chushan said calmly: "The mausoleum guardians will not care about the burial, but Wolong Valley does not want to see killings. You can leave your festivals to be resolved outside the valley."

With a slight hum, the mountain man looked sideways and saw Wu Daoming reluctantly pulling out the beard under his chin.

"No need, is there anyone left alive in this valley?" Liu Jinmo laughed sharply.

"What did you say? Do you want to silence the tomb-keepers as well?" Wu Chushan said in shock.

Liu Jinmo's shrill laughter became more and more harsh, and the high-frequency metal friction sound made Shanren's eardrums feel very uncomfortable.

"Liu Bowen told us in Qingtian's family motto that after we fulfill our contract, no one should be left alive in Wolong Valley for safety, haha…" Liu Jinmo stopped laughing and suddenly took action like a ghost, grabbing the mountain man and Wu Daoming with both hands.

Seeing that they had reached the front door, and just as they were about to dodge, suddenly the black shadows above their two claws suddenly rose, and ten black lights shot out quickly. Shan Ren and Wu Daoming jumped back, but they were unable to avoid them…

They were ten nail polishes, the same color as nails. They were usually mounted on nails, but in emergencies they could be driven away by internal force. They were Liu Jinmo's unique and vicious hidden weapon, making it hard to guard against.

The five important points in front of Wu Chushan and Wu Daoming, including Tiantu, Xuanji, Shenzang, Huagai and Tanzhong, had been hit by nails. They felt a tightness in their chests and immediately sat down on the ground. Several penis awls in Wu Daoming's hands were also hit. Not yet launched.

Jiang Laoer shouted loudly, and just as he was about to jump up to rescue him, two other strong men in strong suits beside the sliding pole had already pulled out their pistols and forced him to hold him down. Jiang Laoer was so anxious that he stamped his feet.

Shanren didn't expect Liu Jinmo to have such a poisonous move, and he accidentally fell into it. However, he also knew very well in his heart that the spear that pierced the death thorns would definitely not be able to defeat Liu Jinmo even if he and Wu Daoming teamed up. This man was really so amazing.

Liu Jinmo's sneers could not be stopped, and the old man in the slide kept shaking like chaff.

"Shanren, your duty has been completed. I am very grateful. Please die." Liu Jinmo stepped forward, raised his right palm, and struck down Shanren Wu Chu's Tianling Cap…

"Stop!" A childish shout suddenly came from behind the tree.

Liu Jinmo's hand that was flying into the air stopped and he turned around to see a young man standing under the camphor tree, with a strange hairless dog standing next to him.

"Hmph, who is here?" Liu Jinmo's cold gaze.

"I am Hansheng from Nanshan Village. Who are you? How dare you kill people here?" Hansheng led Benben closer.

Huh, if you don't do anything else, you can simply get rid of them all to ensure the safety of the burial. Thinking of this, Liu Jinmo's energy penetrated his arm, and when he got closer, he would finish it off with a palm.

"Hansheng, don't come here! Run quickly!" Shanren shouted anxiously.

"No, I can't leave Uncle Shanren behind." Han Sheng said as he walked.

Hey, this kid has some courage. It's a pity that you are unlucky. Don't blame me for being ruthless. Liu Jinmo slowly raised his arm.

"Liu Jinmo, you can't kill him, he can cure this old man's 'Ice Man Syndrome'!" Wu Daoming shouted from the side.

"Nonsense, no one can cure the terminal diseases in the world today?" Liu Jinmo said coldly.

"I can cure it." Han Sheng said calmly.

"You young brat, even the experts in Beijing are at a loss. Who do you think you are? Are you Hua Tuo?" Liu Jinmo mocked.

Han Sheng said in his heart, you really got it right.

"He is a famous little miracle doctor in northern Jiangxi. He has cured a patient with 'human motor neuron atrophy'. This is known throughout Wuyuan County." Wu Daoming shouted hoarsely.

At this moment, a glimmer of hope flashed in the eyes of the old man curled up inside the sliding pole.

"How do you treat it?" Liu Jinmo stared at Han Sheng.

"I have my own way, but you have to let them go." Han Sheng said.

Go ahead and dream, Liu Jinmo raised his palm with a sneer.

"Liu Jinmo, you are so despicable! The miracle doctor has a way to cure the old man, why do you still want to kill him?" Wu Daoming saw Liu Jinmo's intention and shouted desperately.

"Haha, Lingnan Wu Daoming, I know how smart you are. It turns out that you are only 250 years old. Why should the old man need treatment? If the old man can get treatment, when will his son be able to wear a yellow robe? Today is September 18th. It is auspicious and auspicious for the old man. He must be buried, which is also the wish of the family, hahaha." Liu Jinmo let out a sharp and cruel smile.

Liu Jin pointed at the dragon's cave with his ink finger and said, "You two, dig it out quickly. You must bury it when Haizi's watch comes."

"Yes." The two burly men in strong suits responded. They plucked out the pubic hair on the back of their hands and threw it to the ground in disgust. Then they picked up the pistol and put it in their arms, then picked up the shovel and started digging vigorously.

Two crows flew in the night sky, hovering overhead and screaming "quack".

Liu Jinmo sneered and said: "Look, even the crows have come to call for your funeral. Zhu Yuanzhang was born on September 18th. If you die, you will not be wronged." After saying this, he gathered his energy in his arms and filled his palms with strength.

"Your name is Han Sheng, right? I remember it." Liu Jinmo struck Han Sheng with a palm…

It was too late for Han Sheng to hide. In an instant, the cold wind hit his face and the chill was overwhelming.

A whistle suddenly sounded in his ears, and the wind sounded "woo woo". In an instant, the night sky was filled with blood-red eyes. Countless red-eyed bats descended from the sky, like a strong wind, and rushed towards Liu Jinmo and everyone, except Han. Sheng and Benben.

The Yin Bat leader, with a menstrual belt hanging on his chest, took the lead and pounced on Liu Jinmo. He yelled "Zhi Zhi" angrily, biting a bunch of his hair, and pulled it out with all his strength.

Liu Jinmo was furious and hit the leader's right wing with his palm. The leader somersaulted and fell to the ground. This angered all the Yin Bats, and they swarmed on Liu Jinmo's body. After biting for a while, they flew up again, and then continued to attack others.

In the midst of the chaos, Benben sneaked up to Liu Jinmo and aimed a blow at his thigh, tearing off a piece of flesh alive. The pain made Liu Jinmo shed tears.

Han Sheng rushed forward and brought back the Yin Bat leader. It was seriously injured, its right wing had been broken, its whole body was shaking, its eyes were looking at Han Sheng helplessly, and half of its body was covered in blood.

The attacks slowly stopped and everything became peaceful.

Under the moonlight, Liu Jinmo's hair, beard and even eyebrows were all plucked out, and there were blood spots on his bald head. There were more than ten Yin bat corpses scattered at his feet.

Except for Han Sheng, no one was spared. Wu Chushanren, Wu Daoming, Jiang Laoer, six strong men and even the old man curled up in the slide pole all had all the hair on their heads and faces plucked out.

No one else paid attention to the crow of the messenger crow just now. Only Wu Chushan and Wu Daoming were aware of it.

Wu Chushan people knew that an outsider had come in at the entrance of the valley, but who else would enter the valley late at night? It may be the person who coordinates Liu Jinmo, so it seems that today is very unlucky.

When Wu Daoming heard the crow, his heart moved slightly.

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