Dead Baby

Dad called grandpa, and it was me and grandpa who answered the phone that day. Dad said that my mother was pregnant, and my heart skipped a beat, thinking of a classmate of mine.

Grandpa was so happy that his beard was shaking, but he said, it is your blessing to give birth to a girl, and you will prepare a heavier coffin for me if you give birth to a son.

My grandma went to the city to take care of my mother. Because my grandpa and I stayed in the village for school, we became free-range.

One day, my father came to pick us up by car, saying that my mother was hospitalized. Two pregnant mothers in our community lost their babies inexplicably, and my mother began to feel unwell. My grandma forced my father to find my grandpa.

Grandma is the real master of the family, and Dad does not dare to disobey what she wants to do.

Back home in the city, I began to feel a little uncomfortable. My mother said that I have become a wild child.

Because my mother was pregnant, my grandfather couldn't smoke at home, so he took me for a walk in the community to get rid of the addiction.

After walking around, Grandpa stopped. There were a few newly planted trees, and a lot of water had been poured into the tree pit, which was all mixed with mud.

Grandpa grabbed a handful of mud, smelled it with his nose, and said nonsense at the top of his throat!

What's the matter, Grandpa?

I asked wonderingly, Grandpa pointed to a tree and said that a dead person was buried under it.

After finishing his sentence, Grandpa looked around and asked me if I saw a woman holding a child. I shook my head, Grandpa's face became ugly, so he took me home to find Dad.

When the grandfather came home, he asked if there was a woman in the community who couldn't bear children.

Dad thought about it for a while and said yes, there is a woman named Wang Yali in the community, her husband is in his forties, and he is a doctor in obstetrics and gynecology. The husband and wife are harmonious and in good health. For some reason, they just can't conceive a child.

Dad asked grandpa why he thought of asking this. Grandpa said that the woman died.

Grandma knew that Grandpa never talked nonsense about dead people, so she told Dad that if you knew him, please call. Because my mother was pregnant, my father was afraid that he would need Wang Yali's husband, Dr. Xu, so he actually left her home phone number.

Dad called, and it was Wang Yali who answered the phone. Dad felt embarrassed all of a sudden, and said that Mom was not feeling well these two days and wanted to consult Dr. Xu. Since Dr. Xu was not at home, he hung up first.

When Dad hung up the phone, he complained to Grandpa that he was doing well, but Grandpa had a cramp and cursed him to death.

Grandpa frowned and said nothing, and grandma wondered why grandpa was so confused about such a thing.

The next day, I went out for a walk with my mother. My mother felt sorry for my hard life in the village, so she wanted to buy me more delicious food. Tell grandma, or grandma will train me.

In fact, I didn't come here mainly for food. When I got to the newly planted small trees, I deliberately imitated my grandfather, squatted down, grabbed a handful of soil, and smelled it.

The black soil has its own earthy smell, even if it is mixed with sheep manure, it is rare to smell the stench. But this soil is particularly smelly, and it smells like vomiting. I am familiar with this smell, and all the dead people in coffins smell like this.

Grandpa said that a dead person was buried here, but how did Grandpa know that a woman was buried here? I could not understand……

Grandpa accompanied grandma to buy millet and brown sugar for mom. Mom got tired and slept for a while, and I watched TV by myself. My favorite Journey to the West, I couldn’t stand it today.

After thinking about it, I felt that I wanted to speak for the deceased, so I gritted my teeth and called 110. I thought I would tell the police uncle that there was a dead body buried there, and I would be done. I didn’t expect the police uncle to ask in detail. In the end, I even told the police my father’s name and the house number of my house.

In the evening, shortly after my father got off work, the police came to him. After my father knew about my report, he thought it was a child messing around, so he quickly apologized to the police uncle. Don't dare to breathe.

The police patted my head and asked me how I knew there was a dead person there. Dad exploded as soon as he heard it, and opened his mouth wide, what, is there really a dead person?

I said, it was when I was passing by playing in the mud that I smelled the smell of death. Grandpa stroked his shaggy beard and said that I was a general. Dad was afraid of getting into trouble, so he explained the origin of grandpa very clearly.

That night, I was so excited that I didn't sleep half the night. As soon as I opened my eyes the next day, I told my grandpa, let me solve this matter, and grandpa can teach me.

Grandpa said no, this time it was a bit weird.

The results of the police investigation have never come out. This is a rare case of corpse dismemberment. Only one of them was dug up that day, and the police uncle took police dogs and found a few more pieces in the community.

This process was seen by the residents of the community, and it spread like a whistle.

Grandpa found out that he was frowning and couldn't eat well. Grandpa said that in this case, the deceased died of injustice, and after the first seven days, he could not be buried and became a dirty thing.

Several pregnant women in the community had miscarriages, which must be related to this dirty thing.

Grandpa told my mother not to take a walk in the community, let alone go out in the dark. If you want to go out for a walk, let your father accompany you to the square with many people.

Seeing Grandpa's serious look, I also started to mutter in my heart. I told my grandpa, let the police uncle burn the body and scatter the ashes in the beautiful mountains and rivers.

Grandpa shook his head, and it took a while before he said, this kind of incomplete body has resentment in every body.

There is a way, if the police allow it.

In an open place, set up firewood and put the corpse on it. The ribs are best for men, and the pelvis for women. Oil is poured while burning, and when the meat is burnt and the bones are crispy, pick them out with silver chopsticks, smash them into pieces, mix them with mud, and cast them into stone statues. Finally, I went to the temple to ask the lama to recite scriptures and put them in the coffin for burial.

Even a kid like me thinks that grandpa's method won't work. Of course, grandpa doesn't know who this person is? But Grandpa firmly believed that the deceased was a woman.

It didn't take long for this incident, and the case made some progress. The police uncle came to grandpa and said that the case was solved and the deceased was a woman.

The woman who died was called Hou Ying. She lost her child half a year ago and became insane. Recently, her family could not find her, so they called the police. Because this woman got into trouble with the police countless times, and her brother was still in a system, the police took detailed anti-lost measures for her, and fingerprints were of course one of them.

This Hou Ying is a good girl. Her husband passed away in a car accident, leaving behind a child. As a result, she was pregnant for eight months, and the child had problems. The hospital performed an operation, and the adults saved it, but unfortunately the child died.

In just a few months, so many things happened to Hou Ying in a row, she collapsed all of a sudden, and became insane. All day yelling, the child is lost.

The deceased was Hou Ying, and the police did not know how to investigate. Hou Ying was a very easy-going person before she was alive, and she was not even a noisy person. Later, she became insane, and she would not offend anyone.

Who the hell is so cruel, dismembering a crazy woman.

The police first thought of rape and homicide. Among the fragments found, a complete inspection can be done. The deceased had not been violated before his death.

According to clues provided by Hou Ying's family, Hou Ying did not take any money when she left home. The motive for robbery and murder no longer exists.

He is so stupid that he didn't steal money to kill a crazy woman. Hou Ying's brother is also in the police force. Knowing that the police will not be able to find out for a while, he wanted to hold a funeral for his younger sister first, but the younger sister died unexpectedly and was arrested. Dismemberment, no one knows what to do at the funeral? The policeman in charge of the case suddenly remembered my grandfather, so he came to discuss with my grandfather and recommended it to Hou Ying's brother.

I thought my grandpa would agree, but I didn't expect that grandpa's old stick figure appeared again, stroking those few loose beards, pretending.

Grandpa told the police that my grandson Ming'er can handle this matter. If the elder brother of the deceased is really interested, let Ming'er help him, and just seal a red envelope when he comes back.

The policeman scratched his head and didn't know how to explain it. He told my grandfather, if you want to help, old man, I would like to thank you on behalf of Hou Ying's brother. Naturally, we will give you the big red envelope.


Grandpa waved his hand to see off the guests.

I naively thought that grandpa was going to train me this time, but the police uncle came again the next day, and he just said a word, the red envelope is 500 yuan.

Grandpa took me and went in a hurry.

Hou Ying's older brother, Hou Lei, has big arms and a round waist, with a beard on his face. I'm quite afraid of him.

This vicious guy is quite naive and regards grandpa as a psychic. Thinking of how grandpa got wronged for Hou Ying.

Grandpa is a liar, based on what I know about him, he is only responsible for letting the dead escape. Whoever the murderer is is a matter for the world.

The hospital where Hou Ying underwent surgery was the Maternal and Child Health Hospital. My mother also transferred to that hospital, because there was an acquaintance there, Dr. Xu from the community.

According to Hou Lei, they didn't want to go to that hospital at that time, because that hospital always picked up some pregnant women who had premature birth under special circumstances, and the high mortality rate of their children was unlucky.

Hou Ying fell at the age of eight months and was forced to go to that hospital, where she had an operation on the same day. The chief surgeon was Dr. Xu, who had the best skills there. Unfortunately, the child was not saved.

But Hou Ying saw the child was born with her own eyes. It was impossible to see anything during the operation, and the hospital showed stillbirth.

What Hou Lei said was sincere, and Grandpa just listened to him indifferently.

At the end of the 1980s, the cremation system did not take shape, and it was not that simple to burn a person. According to Grandpa's instructions, the Hou family set up dry firewood in the gully to the north of the cemetery and poured oil on it.

Grandpa picked out the burnt bones with silver chopsticks, smashed them into pieces, and poured them into the urn with a rubbing wheel. So I talked to Hou Lei and took me to a place with the ashes.

I have been with grandpa for so long, and I don't know that grandpa has friends in the city.

There is a lama temple on Beishan, and the incense is okay. In addition to the Lama Temple on the North Mountain, there is also a special scenery.

At the foot of the mountain, there was a blind man surnamed Chen, nicknamed Chen Banxian, who stretched out his greasy hands all the year round to forcibly solicit customers. The good men and women who went up the mountain avoided him like a plague god.

This blind man Chen was talking about fortune-telling, and what he said didn't match the words of the donkey and the horse. Once he took a female tourist by the hand and called her Mr. Jia.

It is said that other people's children are not their own. As a result, the grumpy female tourist opened the ladle on the spot, and the foot of Beishan was quiet for half a month.

This blind man Chen was a mason who made statues of Buddha in the temple when he was young. I don't know why I went blind, so I went back to my hometown and set up a fortune-telling stall. There was no business, and it was more like a beggar.

In fact, Chen Xiazi has a unique skill, that is, making clay figurines!

Grandpa said that he wanted to make a portrait, and the host sealed a red envelope of 100 yuan, and gave 50 yuan to Blind Chen. Blind Chen asked his grandfather, what kind of plastic is it? Grandpa said Nine Heavens Fairy, and Blind Chen immediately yelled, saying that grandpa would definitely get a big red envelope, and he wanted to add more money. Grandpa added ten yuan, and Blind Chen whistled and pinched a beautiful girl with the ashes made of Hou Ying's pelvis.

Before going to read the scriptures for Hou Ying, the grandfather muttered, Xiaoying, you have to go as soon as you read the scriptures, and I will take care of your grievances. Don't worry about the child, the child will have his own blessings if he is still alive. If possible, I'll find it for you and give it to your elder brother to take care of him. Your elder brother is kind and will not treat him badly. You have a murder case, and when you get there, you must confess and be lenient, and strive to enter the upper third way.

Hou Ying's affairs are going well, and grandpa doesn't forbid her mother to go out. The family was happy and harmonious, and grandpa began to act.

I don't know where grandpa has gone. I feel very strange that I will have a younger brother or younger sister soon. Dad bought me a lot of toys, but I was not in the mood to play at all, and began to miss my little friends in the village.

It may be because of me that my mother began to feel unwell, and my father called Dr. Xu and was admitted to Maternal and Child Health Care. Grandpa appeared with his brows locked, and asked why Dad came here. Dad didn't answer, but instead asked you to come to the city to help, and you were bluffing and cheating everywhere, and now you're still reeking of alcohol. The two quarreled, and I found that Dad didn't understand Grandpa at all.

After they finished arguing, my father went to see my mother, and I went to grandpa to help him pat his back. By the way, ask Grandpa, why don't you tell Dad the truth. Grandpa said that our family has been mourners for generations, and the taboos committed are more harmful to morality. Especially in the grandfather's generation, there were too many people who died in the chaos of war. Two of your uncles died when they were less than three years old. study well.

Grandpa also said that my ancestors would not let me stop this skill, so I was born with the eyes of the sky. Grandpa sealed the eyes of the sky, and I am still plagued by many diseases, so I can only teach me some things, and when he dies, let me save my own life.

I said obsequiously, grandpa will not die, grandpa is an old fairy. Grandpa patted my forehead and said nonsense, as long as people live, they will die.

At this time, someone called Lao Suo, saying that something happened over there again, and asked grandpa to clean up bed 1317. I also asked why my grandfather had been drinking, and my grandfather said that he hadn't been drinking, and that he had spilled alcohol on his body during the disinfection just now.

After the man left, grandpa quietly dragged me to the morgue. It turned out that grandpa was not at home these days, and he turned into a cleaner here.

Grandpa put me here and went out, asking me to remember the number and the appearance of the person on the bed.

Most of the deaths in maternal and child health care hospitals are children. All of them were pale, and some of them had corpse spots.

There is a small plaque on their toes with the time and number of death written on it.

There are 16 corpses here, numbered 1316. 13 is another name for No. 13, the funeral parlor. The following numbers are arranged in order of death.

These children died no more than three days ago. I stared at them. The children who died young had a cold breath, colder than the air-conditioning in the mortuary.

I remember his appearance, and I just look at the next one, always feeling that someone is looking at me from behind. Turning around, the dead body just lying flat turned its head aside.

Even if I'm used to seeing dead people, my scalp still feels numb, so I quickly followed my grandfather's request and remembered the appearance of these younger brothers and sisters.

At this moment, the door opened, and I hurriedly hid under the mortuary bed. Looking through the white cloth, it was my grandfather who led the way, and there was a nurse behind, wrapping a dead child in a white cloth.

She put the child down, wrote the serial number, the time of death, and hung the sign on the dead child's big toe.

The child was rumpled, had a long umbilical cord, and wasn't even flushed with amniotic fluid.

This time I was also scared, tried hard to remember his appearance and ran out.

I went back to the ward, my mother was sent to the operating room, and my father and grandma were waiting outside.

Seeing me wandering alone, grandma asked grandpa, I shook my head and said I didn't know, and saw the nurse rushing out to find my father, something serious happened in the operating room.

The father entered the operating room for a while and the baby ate to death , and then came out with red eyes, saying that the baby was stillborn, and the adults hadn't woken up after taking anesthesia. Grandma became anxious when she heard this, and asked Dad to go to Grandpa, but Dad said that he could not go. After a while , the baby would be eaten to death , and the stillborn baby would be seen. The father's signature was required, and the child could be taken back or cremated in the hospital's mortuary.

Grandma told Dad not to sign, so she went to find Grandpa. Grandma is a gentle and elegant person who likes to read and has a steady temper. That day was one of the rare times when I was in a hurry. I watched my grandma running to find my grandpa, and I wanted to follow. Seeing my father looking downcast, I felt that my father needed me more.

After a while, Dr. Xu showed up. He was wearing a mask and round glasses, and he spoke politely.

Dr. Xu has been saying sorry to his father, and advised his father to sign early, and the child will be dealt with by the hospital, so as to save his mother from being overly sad.

The nurse brought the stillborn baby, and my father took a look and was about to sign. I watched carefully from the side, and quickly hugged Dad's arm.

My father smiled wryly and advised me not to be afraid. I said I was not afraid. This child was not my younger brother, but the dead baby number 1317.

The nurse's expression changed all of a sudden, and she looked at Dr. Xu. His voice trembled a little, and he accused me of talking nonsense as a child.

Dad stopped signing, saying that our family never lied about life-threatening, and asked the hospital to explain.

During the stalemate, a policeman came in, it was Hou Lei, he had a hulking back, and he was even more powerful in a police uniform.

Before Dad could speak, Hou Lei held Dr. Xu down. The nurse was too frightened to move. After Hou Lei subdued Dr. Xu, he and the nurse were locked together.

My father and I were dumbfounded. Hou Lei told his father that Wang Yali was arrested below. Congratulations to my father for getting a daughter. The child is with the old man.

Afterwards, I found out that Hou Lei's appearance here was notified by his grandfather. Grandpa used the red envelope given by Hou Lei to clear up the relationship and became a temporary cleaner in the hospital mortuary.

Grandpa was in the morgue, and quickly figured out what was going on inside. Wang Yali and his wife used Dr. Xu's professional relationship to sell children and make illegal profits.

Dr. Xu’s approach is very simple. Generally, he chooses premature pregnant women who are 30 to 35 weeks pregnant. As long as there is a real dead baby in the near future, Dr. Xu will arrange surgery for the patient. He usually chooses to find pregnant women or people who trust him. .

After the operation, he lied that the baby was stillborn, showed the dead baby to the family members, and persuaded them to sign.

When my father and I saw my grandpa, my grandma was holding my younger sister, and my grandpa stood aside and smiled stupidly. Grandpa said that the old Suo family had never had a daughter, and this was the first one.

Not long after going back, Hou Lei bought good wine and came to the village to see his grandfather, saying that Dr. Xu had confessed. His crazy sister Hou Ying ran into Dr. Xu's behavior when she was looking for a child. Killed, dismembered Dr. Xu's body, and his wife Wang Yali's body was hidden.

Dr. Xu was shot, Wang Yali was sentenced to life, and the nurse was sentenced to 20 years.

Hou Lei asked his grandfather if he knew that Dr. Xu had killed Hou Ying. Grandpa said that I didn't know anything.

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