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Two fires occurred in dormitories 103 and 116, claiming the lives of all eight male classmates.

The scene was very horrific. The room was in ruins and the walls were scorched black. The charred corpse exposed blackened muscles, and only bones and teeth remained on the face, which was extremely terrifying. They all died tragically in the thick smoke and fire before they even had time to utter their last scream. The two fires occurred one month ago and during the midterm of last semester.

In just a few months, two such tragic fires occurred, which immediately caused panic on the campus. The students began to suspect that the fire was caused by the aging of electrical equipment. After investigation by professionals, it was found that all electrical equipment was normal and there were no fire hazards in other settings. In addition, none of the eight people who died had the habit of smoking.

But careful people will find that the two fires have some suspicious similarities. The first is the location, the first floor of the same dormitory building. The second thing is the time, around one in the morning. The last point is that two of the boys in the two dormitories both had the same girlfriend, Meiling.

Speaking of Meiling, she is a beautiful, mysterious, and terrifying girl. No one really understands her. In terms of appearance, she is a well-deserved school beauty. Her beauty meets the criteria for any boy to fall in love at first sight. Her every move and even the blink of an eye can make your heartbeat speed up involuntarily in an instant. There are countless boys who have a crush on her, but only a few of them really dare to confess. The two boys she met one after another were both rich and handsome young men named Xiaokai. But it didn’t take long for them to die in the fire one after another. Maybe this is the so-called "beauties are a curse".

Meiling is now recognized as a witch. Any boy who associates with her will be infected with the body-burning curse and eventually die in a sea of ​​fire, even affecting all her roommates. This beautiful witch immediately made all the boys intimidated. What's scary is that the problem lies right in front of our dormitory, No. 109 in the same dormitory building.

Xiaotian, Hong Gang, and I frowned and stared at Tian Jun sitting in the middle. Tian Jun lowered his head and thought hard.

The scene lasted like this for ten minutes, and Tian Jun finally spoke: "I have decided, so don't blame me."

Xiaotian angrily kicked over the chair next to him and left the dormitory.

Hong Gang pressed Tian Jun's shoulder and shouted: "Is that what you decided? This is not your business alone, maybe everyone will die after you!"

Tianjun pushed Hong Gang's hand away violently, "What kind of death? Those are all boring rumors and coincidences. How can there be any witches or body-burning curses in this world? You would rather believe in those ghosts than science. ?"

After hearing what Tian Jun said, Hong Gang also slammed the door angrily and walked out.

In this embarrassing scene, only Tianjun and I were left. I sat next to Tianjun, patted his shoulder gently and said, "Even if Meiling's beauty is unparalleled, even if those are rumors, those rumors are too terrible, and the eight burnt corpses are facts. Why do you have to If you have to choose, what about her with those horrible rumors?"

"Because she is not in contact with you, so you won't understand."

I was taken aback, "You mean she approached you on her own initiative?"

"Yes, she is so pitiful. She needs my comfort. Just imagine, if you were the one carrying that kind of rumor, how would you feel? Can you still live? Why can't we accept such an innocent girl? ?That kind of rumor has no basis at all."

I had nothing to say but surrender and pray that we would be okay.

Tianjun and Meiling began their relationship, seemingly very intimate, and deeply intoxicated with each other. Especially Tianjun, who comes back very late every day, fascinated and full of joy. No wonder, the other party is a complete beauty! But owning a beautiful woman is not an easy task, and it certainly costs a lot of money. Now I am calling home to ask for money again, this is the third time in a week. Meiling's expensive accessories and new fashionable mobile phone were all gifts from Tianjun. Money is nothing to Tianjun's family, but it's worth it in exchange for a beautiful woman's heart. Besides, boys should be more generous.

What we are worried about all day long is just the night that comes every day. Since the two of us fell in love, we have never had a good night's sleep. This is no joke, it can turn into charcoal if you don't pay attention. It's really horrifying to think of that horrific scene. Our parents only have one son.

This kind of panic day has passed for a whole month, and nothing has happened, but we dare not neglect it at all. What's strange is that Tian Jun has become a completely different person in the past few days. When he comes back at night, he no longer has the same happy expression as before, but has a dull look on his face. After washing, I lay down on the bed and fell asleep quickly. We all find it strange – the passion of love can't burn out so quickly.

That night, Tian Jun came back especially late. He kicked open the door of his bedroom and sat on the bed, breathing heavily.

Death Curse_Death Curse Picture_The Simplest Way to Curse Someone to Death

Xiaotian and Hong Gang ignored him, but Xiaotian had a smile on his face.

I asked in confusion: "What happened to make you so angry?"

"Haha~ You don't have to ask, he must have been abandoned." Xiaotian said coldly.

"Can you tell me one more thing?" Tianjun suddenly jumped up and was about to rush to Xiaotian. I jumped out of bed and hugged him desperately.

Xiaotian from behind was not to be outdone, "If you want to fight, just come, I've wanted to teach you a lesson for a long time."

Hong Gang also held Xiao Tian tightly and said, "You all stop, are you fighting in the middle of the night and letting others laugh?"

After hearing what Hong Gang said, the two struggled for a few more times before slowly putting their hands away. Tianjun's mouth was still breathing heavily.

I couldn't help but asked anxiously: "What's wrong? Tell me. Don't keep it to yourself. If you tell me, everyone can help you share your burden."

Tian Jun roared viciously: "You can't say I don't feel anything. She is just cheating on me, cheating on my feelings and my money. It's not that easy to break up. I want to destroy her, destroy her face, and dig out her body." Eye!"

Everyone understands that, just as Xiaotian said, Tianjun was abandoned by Meiling. Meiling was simply using him. No wonder Tianjun said such vicious words. He was too deeply invested in this relationship, and one can imagine the hurt he suffered in his heart. In fact, this is a dream thing for us, and we can finally live a stable life. However, for the sake of poor Tianjun, Hong Gang and I took the trouble to comfort him for a long time before falling asleep quietly.

This… what is this smell? I was suddenly woken up from my sleep by a pungent smell. I suddenly felt dizzy and my body was extremely hot. I reacted instantly – it was a fire. I covered my nose, climbed out of bed and crawled to the door as hard as I could, shouting in horror: "It's on fire… put out the fire quickly…"

After a while, the classmates who woke up after hearing the sound next door rushed out one after another. Some were busy making phone calls, some ran to the water room with washbasins, and some shouted loudly into the house, but there was no response at all.

A few minutes later, the sound of fire truck sirens pierced the silent night sky. The fire was already very fierce. Flames mixed with thick smoke rushed out of the window and lit up the sky above the dormitory building. It was impossible to enter the house to save people, so they had to choose to put out the fire as soon as possible. After some hard work, the fire was finally extinguished. The house was in a mess. From the ruins, the bodies of Xiao Tian, ​​Hong Gang, and Tian Jun were carried out one by one – they had become charred, black masses, and the miserable state was unsightly.

I was lying on the hospital bed. It was already dawn and several hours had passed since the fire. I was still in shock. Thinking of the horrific scene and how I almost became a charred corpse, I couldn’t help but stand on my head and sweat.

I thought that with Tianjun and Meiling breaking up, we would be out of danger, but we didn't expect that the danger happened on such an unprepared night. The body-burning curse continues on Tianjun, will there be another one?

At this time, the door of the ward was opened, and it was my fellow student Zhou Jiaqi and several other classmates who came to see me. Zhou Jiaqi is two years older than us. He comes from a privileged family, but he is approachable and takes good care of me. When I see them, I can't help but feel a lot more at ease.

"How's the injury?" Senior Brother asked gently.

"There is no danger. The doctor said he will recover soon. Senior brother, how is the investigation going?" I couldn't wait to ask. Senior brother is about to graduate and stay in school, so it is easiest to find out this information.

The senior brother sighed: "Alas~ In fact, before the fire alarm arrived, all three people had died of smoke poisoning. There is no clue about the cause of the fire. Did you guys do anything related to the fire before going to bed? "

Death Curse_The Simplest Way to Curse Someone to Death_Death Charm Picture

"No, it's just that Tianjun lost his temper because of his broken love, and he almost started fighting with Xiaotian, but it shouldn't be related to the fire, right?"

The senior brother thought for a while: "On the surface, it doesn't seem to have any relationship."

"By the way, Tianjun once said viciously that he would kill Meiling when he was angry. Could it be that Meiling set fire to kill Tianjun first because she was afraid of Tianjun's revenge?"

The senior brother shook his head, "The police also suspected this, but according to the investigation, Mei Ling did not go out all night last night. Besides, it is difficult for a girl to do such a thing."

"Could it be… is she really a witch? Was it really the body-burning curse that harmed them?"

The room fell into silence.

Since the injury was not serious, I was discharged from the hospital two days later. The school moved me to another dormitory building, which was still a dormitory on the first floor. Before moving in, I went back to my old place to take a look. It was desolate, and there was nothing in the house except the dark walls.

At this point, Mei Ling has completely turned into a devil, and the curse is unquestionable in people's minds. Everyone's fear of her has reached its extreme. No one dares to approach her, not even girls. I can often see her lonely figure on campus, her every move is still so moving, but her face is full of melancholy and helplessness. This devil is indeed so beautiful. But beneath the beautiful appearance, there is death and danger hidden.

Over the next period of time, I learned a more complicated and terrifying background about Meiling from different people.

Meiling had a childhood that ordinary people could not imagine. She originally lived in a happy and warm family. There are three members of the family, both parents are police officers, plus the smart and beautiful Meiling, all their neighbors and friends cast envious glances at them. But when Meiling was eight years old, while handling a case, her parents were unfortunately retaliated by gangsters and burned alive with gasoline.

The young Meiling then moved to her grandparents' house in the suburbs. After a few years of calm, tragedy happened again. An unexpected fire destroyed her grandparents' house, taking the lives of two elderly people. Mei Ling came back from school and witnessed the tragedy with her own eyes. That year, Meiling was thirteen years old.

Since then, Meiling has been regarded by relatives and friends as the embodiment of evil. With the indifference of relatives and the distance of relatives and friends, Mei Ling could only return to the house left to her by her parents, and spent her sour middle school years in loneliness and pain.

Unexpectedly, after Mei Ling came to this high school, tragedy happened again. Eleven people died tragically under her body-burning curse. What surprised me even more was that the first two fires also happened on the day Meiling proposed breaking up. Next time, who will it be?

During this period, everything was relatively calm. There was no new boyfriend around Meiling, and it was difficult for anyone to date her. The shadow in my heart gradually faded away.

That evening, I returned to the teaching building and planned to pick up a book. The door of the classroom was ajar. "Whoever hasn't left so late has worked really hard." I opened the door of the classroom… The scene in front of me made my heart suddenly lift. In the classroom, Meiling and my class committee member Yuan Liang were sitting together. When they saw me coming, they both put away their smiles in panic, and Meiling hurriedly ran out. Yuan Liang seemed very uneasy at this time.

I walked up to Yuan Liang and asked seriously, "Why are you with her? You don't know her identity, right?"

"Oh…just…just asked me a few questions, nothing…"

"Nonsense. She has her own classmates and teachers. What questions can she ask in my class? Yuan Liang is not joking. Tell me, what is going on between you?" I asked loudly.

"It's…it's really nothing. Just leave it alone." He said and left the classroom in a panic.

Death Curse_The Simplest Way to Curse Someone to Death_Death Charm Picture

Yuan Liang was obviously lying, but why didn't he tell me the truth? Could it be that Mei Ling started to take action again and took the initiative to approach Yuan Liang, or were they already secretly together? What is her purpose in doing this? Yuan Liang clearly knew how terrifying the body-burning curse was, so why did he accept Mei Ling at all costs? What kind of monster is Meiling? What kind of magic does she use? Even the simple and honest Yuan Liang can give up himself for her? In any case, Yuan Liang is already in danger, along with his bedmate. Tianjun's matter has just settled down, will the body-burning curse continue to be performed on Yuan Liang?

Things turned out as I expected, Yuan Liang and Mei Ling came together. Facing the strange looks from the people around him and the complaints from his bedmates, Yuan Liang remained indifferent. A group of classmates, including Senior Brother Zhou, and I tried tirelessly to persuade him many times, but were also unable to do anything. The dangerous love affair continues like this, Mei Ling's accessories and mobile phone are updated again, Yuan Liang is getting deeper and deeper, Mei Ling's attitude begins to slowly change, and the terrible day finally comes again. Meiling abandons Yuan Liang. Does this mean disaster is about to happen?

When I heard the news about Yuan Liang's abandonment from my roommate, it was almost lights out time. I couldn't care less and rushed all the way to Yuan Liang's dormitory building. Unlike before, Yuan Liang's dormitory was in bedroom 414 on the fourth floor. I didn't have time to be offended and pushed the door open.

"Senior brother, why are you here?"

"Oh, I know about their breakup. I don't worry about Yuan Liang, so I came to comfort him and remind them to be more careful at night."

"So you know it too. Now that you're here, I'm relieved." Senior brother has a big brother style after all.

"By the way, Yuan Liang, and you," I said to Yuan Liang and the other dormmates: "Senior brother is right, you must be careful tonight no matter what, the fire is likely to happen tonight, you must at least have One person should stay awake. Senior brother, it’s getting late, so you should go back and rest early!”

After I thought everything was in order, I walked out with confidence. The moment I closed the door, Yuan Liang's roaring death curse came from the room, "Meiling, wait for me, wait. I won't I will let you go, just wait until your body is broken into pieces!"

Yuan Liang's tone was so scary, I couldn't help but remember that Tian Jun had said something similar to revenge on the day he was abandoned by Mei Ling. I originally planned to go back to persuade him, but thinking that my senior brother was there, I left with peace of mind.

At night, I tossed and turned in bed, unable to fall asleep for a long time. After my senior brother left, would they really be more careful as I said? If they accidentally fell asleep, would the body-burning curse really come tonight? The consequences… no, the more I thought about it, the more worried I became. Just in case, in the middle of the night, I called Yuan Liang's phone number… "Damn it, why can't I get through!" I tried a few more times, and the same result the result of. I then called their mobile phones one after another, and they all turned off their phones. "What the hell is this habit of turning off your phone at night?" My heart became extremely nervous. No… there seemed to be some sound in the distance. I held my breath and listened quietly. The sound gradually got closer…and gradually became clearer…it was clearly the sound of the fire truck's siren. I grabbed my clothes and put them on my body, and ran over without wearing any shoes.

Downstairs, I saw two nurses carrying a single frame into the ambulance. I didn't see clearly who was lying on it. Firefighters were desperately spraying water and foam into the burning dormitory of Yuan Liang. After half an hour, the fire was finally completely controlled. I stood dumbly downstairs with my bare feet, why, why did it still happen? How long will this damn body-burning curse continue?

Subsequently, the charred bodies were carried out one after another by firefighters. One…two…three…four! I was shocked, why was there a fourth body? Wasn't there a person who was just carried on a stretcher and put into an ambulance and taken to the hospital?

I found the classmate in dormitory 413 next door

"Why are there four bodies and the person who fell from the building?"

"Oh, senior brother didn't go home last night because he was worried that something would happen. He stayed in the dormitory. Unexpectedly, he also suffered a disaster. But I don't know who fell down."

"So that's how it is. I'm sorry for the hard work of senior brother."

I then asked some classmates in the dormitories on other floors. They couldn't tell who the person who fell was, so they only called the police to put out the fire.

It wasn't until I went to the hospital with several classmates the next day to visit that I found out that the person who fell from the building was my senior brother Zhou Jiaqi.

As soon as my senior brother saw me, he smiled bitterly and said, "It's only been a few days, and it's you who comes to see me, ugh~"

The Simplest Way to Curse Someone to Death Method_Death Curse_Death Curse Picture

The senior brother's left leg was wrapped with a thick bandage. I was about to ask him how the injury was when he suddenly became excited and said, "It's all my fault. You guys trust me so much. If I could have stayed up for a while longer, I wouldn't have…"

"Stop talking, senior brother. You can rest in peace and recuperate. None of us are at fault. The fault is that monster – Meiling. I swear to find out, no matter how high the price is!" I said through gritted teeth.

"You…are you going to…" Senior brother's eyes widened.

"Yes, this time I will be the one to cast her boyfriend's death curse . I want to see how terrifying the body-burning curse is!"

After hearing what I said, my senior brother immediately tried his best to dissuade me, but I had already made up my mind. After saying goodbye to my senior brother and returning to school, I learned the autopsy results from the principal – the other three people except Yuan Liang died of suffocation due to smoke poisoning and their bodies were moderately burned; while Yuan Liang was burned alive and his body was burned Severely burned.

After learning this result, an inexplicable fear suddenly struck me. I hesitated and became afraid. Why is Yuan Liang so miserable? Is this really the only outcome for people who date Meiling? still……

That night, I didn't go back to bed. Instead, I hid behind the hospital early, waiting for someone to show up.

At around midnight, a figure quietly walked into the hospital. Two minutes later, I came to the door of a ward.

"How much money did you get in total from that kid?"

"About fifteen thousand."

"I think we should stop it. I can't bear it anymore and let others touch your body."

"They are just toys, why do you care, sooner or later I will not be yours."

"But how can I help you if I'm like this now? What if…"

"Don't worry, I won't do anything during this period, so you can just rest and recover."

After hearing this, I knew that there was no need to wait any longer. I slowly opened the door, and there was silence in the room. What I saw was the hesitant expressions of senior brothers Zhou Jiaqi and Meiling.

"It seems I don't have to be that dangerous boyfriend anymore, senior brother, what's going on?" I pointed at Meiling and asked.

"Oh…oh…she regretted it and apologized to me." The senior brother replied calmly.

"Come to apologize in the middle of the night? Stop making excuses. I heard your conversation just now very clearly!"

Zhou Jiaqi was stunned and said with half-open lips trembling: "No…this is impossible. Everyone has believed in the body-burning curse. How could anyone doubt me?"

The Simplest Way to Curse Someone to Death Method_Death Curse_Death Curse Picture

"Although I don't know why you chose Yuan Liang this time, it was this wrong choice that ruined your fate. What was the reason for this choice?"

"Because… Yuan Liang is an honest and simple boy. I thought he would not retaliate, and we would not have to take such extreme measures to solve the problem. But I didn't expect…"

"I didn't expect that Yuan Liang also threatened to take revenge on Meiling, right? I didn't expect that this is what made me find the flaw, right? If the target is on the first floor, you can easily create a fire source through the window, so Meiling always chooses, The boy who lives on the first floor is your boyfriend. But this time the target is on the fourth floor. You can only choose to start from inside the house, so you find some reasons to comfort Yuan Liang and not worry about the students. Stay in the dormitory, and the classmates will feel at ease because they trust you. You fell asleep on the ground. You were afraid that I would call to disrupt the plan, so you cut off the phone. When the time was right, you committed the murder. In order not to be suspected and not to lose your life, you had no choice but to jump from the fourth floor. .

The so-called body-burning curse was only created by you. First, she uses Meiling's appearance to attract boys, puts on a pitiful look to make boys sympathize, is obedient to boys, makes boys believe in her feelings, and then robs their wallets. When Meiling gets bored, her attitude will gradually cool down and she will eventually break up. Unable to bear the blow, boys would threaten to retaliate, and Mei Ling's life was threatened. At this time, in order to ensure Meiling's safety, you will first silence her. Since the cause of the fire could not be found at the scene, everyone began to believe in the so-called 'body-burning curse' and completely ignored the human factor. Is what I said correct? "

Zhou Jiaqi nodded blankly, "But all this may be just your guess. There is no decisive factor at all to prompt your suspicion."

"Yes, even after learning the autopsy results, I believed in the curse even more. You also know that 90% of the causes of death in fires are suffocation by smoke poisoning rather than burning to death. And only Yuan Liang But he was burned alive, and his body was severely burned. This misled me and made me firmly believe that the body-burning curse was aimed at Yuan Liang. But then I thought of the most critical question – Brother Zhou, your torture plan is not good enough. A little bit. I learned about your specific condition from the doctor: the knee joint of your left leg is fractured, there are many bruises, and your brain is normal. This injury is not enough to reach a coma, but when I asked each dormitory student why he fell from the building, They didn't know who the person was, which proves that you didn't make any calls while you were awake, and the call to the police was not made by you. You were obviously delaying time to achieve your goal. And Yuan Liang The reason why he was burned so badly, if I guessed correctly, was that you used…gasoline to ensure that Yuan Liang died. Alas, how terrifying! It's a pity that we believed in you and respected you at all times! Zhou Senior brother!"

"It's a pity that I missed you as the cause of trouble." Zhou Jiaqi said through gritted teeth.

"It seems that you still have no regrets, and you are so cruel. I have always respected you before, but just for this witch, you actually…"

"I will give everything for Meiling!"

It seems that Zhou Jiaqi has been completely confused by Meiling. At this time, I am powerless to say anything, "Then what do you plan to do… If this matter is exposed, both you and Meiling will be punished by death…"

"I know you won't let us go, but I set the fire and killed the people. It has nothing to do with Meiling. Please do it." Zhou Jiaqi shed tears as he spoke.

Facing my senior brother whose face was full of tears, I was both angry and sad. Because of this witch, I became so miserable but still made such a request until my death. But in order to let him die in peace, I nodded gently.

Zhou Jiaqi hugged Meiling for the last time, then picked up the fruit knife beside the bed and said in a low voice: "You guys go out, I don't want you to see her."

Meiling and I walked out of the hospital silently. After a while, there was a scream from behind.

"Meiling, your charm is so great that you can make Zhou Jiaqi, a rich man, sacrifice so much for you, even his life!"

Meiling sneered, "Humph~ He's just a toy. Who told him to save face and not dare to date me publicly just to stay in school? It's no big deal."

I smiled and hugged Mei Ling's waist, "Poor scapegoat, he won't know until his death that he himself was also the target of being used. How much money did you get from him?"

"About fifty thousand."

"Now sixteen people have died tragically in our plan. It's time for you to find a balance, right? It's time for that shadow to disappear, right?"

Meiling said expressionlessly: "It's indelible, I will never stop."

"Oh~~ I really can't do anything with you, then okay, let's look for the next target in the future…"

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