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There is a strange cemetery at the east end of our village, where strange things often happen. When rural people bury their dead, they don’t just find a place to bury them. They usually bury them next to their ancestral graves. However, the dead buried in that cemetery in recent years are mainly young people, including me. The deceased of two neighbors, one of whom was surnamed Wang, once had a well-behaved and clever daughter. A few years ago, when the girl had just turned eighteen, she was working in other places. One day, she suddenly passed out in the workshop. , and never woke up again. So a flower that had just bloomed fell before it was even more beautiful. Her family's ancestral grave was in that cemetery, and she was naturally buried there. Ghost stories in the countryside became one of the young dead. , another neighbor named Zhang, he once had a daughter-in-law with two children. However, just after her twenty-seventh birthday the year before last, one day she suddenly jumped into the well and became a One of the many young dead in that cemetery. The rural ghost story adds another eerie color to the cemetery.

The old man in the countryside has a ghost in his coffin_The ghost story in the countryside_The ghost in the countryside is kind and loving

Whenever the hot summer comes, the cemetery is unusually cooler than other places, but few neighbors dare to go alone to enjoy the cool air, especially at twelve o'clock at noon, because the cemetery is very cold during this time. , some very strange things often happen. A villager once personally experienced such a terrible and strange thing. It was a summer a few years ago. One day at noon, the weather was extremely hot and there happened to be a power outage in the village. He went to the cemetery alone to enjoy the cool air. , just as he walked into the cemetery, in the field not far in front of him, there was a young woman doing farm work in the field with her back to him. Seeing this, he felt very strange. In such a hot weather, instead of enjoying the shade under a tree, she dared to do farm work in the fields despite the scorching sun. who is she? So with questions and curiosity, he walked quickly towards the young woman. However, just as he was about to approach the young woman, the young woman suddenly turned her face and smiled sinisterly at him. Suddenly he yelled "Oh!" and fell to the ground in fear. Later, he told his neighbors that when the young woman turned her face to face him, what he saw was a face as pale as paper with no features. As a result, he became seriously ill and never dared to go to bed again at noon. I went to the cemetery to enjoy the cool air.

In the ghost's coffin

There are many other villagers who encountered such strange things in that cemetery, so I won’t list them all here. In short, the villagers are spreading rumors that it must be the young deceased who often comes out to cause trouble. , especially at twelve noon in the summer, you must not go alone to the cemetery at the east end of the village to enjoy the cool air, otherwise you will meet a young female ghost with no facial features.

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