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Introduction Wei Jia is a female forensic doctor I met during a routine interview. I am a Xuewen reporter, enthusiastic and outgoing; she is a scientific forensic doctor, calm and introverted. Many of us have the same ideas, and the differences in personality and occupation have increased our curiosity about each other. When we have time, we will make appointments to play ball and chat with each other. Naturally, a young and beautiful girl has no shortage of suitors. She has talked with several boyfriends, but each time it seems to end without a problem. The first one is said to be an athlete with a strong body. Every time Wei Jia sees someone, he sweeps his eyes around. Finally, Wei Jia said slowly, you have a good frame. "Do you have time, I want to talk to you alone

Wei Jia is a female forensic doctor I met during a routine interview. I am a Xuewen reporter, enthusiastic and outgoing; she is a scientific forensic doctor, calm and introverted. Many of us have the same ideas, and the differences in personality and occupation have increased our curiosity about each other. When we have time, we will make appointments to play ball and chat with each other.

Naturally, a young and beautiful girl has no shortage of suitors. She has talked with several boyfriends, but each time it seems to end without a problem. The first one is said to be an athlete with a strong body. Every time Wei Jia sees someone, he sweeps his eyes around. Finally, Wei Jia said slowly, you have a good frame.

"Do you have time? I want to talk to you alone." When Wei Jia received the call, her tone was very flat, but with a commanding tone.

An hour later, I saw her in front of the bookstore I had appointed, and we came to the reception seats inside the bookstore. Then Wei Jia began to narrate slowly. At first I thought she was just asking me to talk about something that was bothering her, but after listening to it, I didn't think that was the case.

"Actually, I knew it when I applied for medical school. I was not interested in treating patients and saving lives. I was even afraid that I would kill my patients during the operation. So I applied for forensic medicine, at least I will face it in the future. They are all dead.

"In the first anatomy class at the university, I was very excited. When the teacher's knife cut through the thick skin, I heard the sound of puffing. The bones and blood vessels were briefly introduced. The internal organs were taken out one by one for everyone to observe. Many people covered their mouths, but I watched greedily. This result is naturally the most difficult angiology and anatomy courses I have learned It was very good, and it didn’t take long before I could even know which part of the human body it was just by touching a bone. But there are too few corpses in the medical school, and basically the textbooks for later classes are directly soaked in Fore In terms of the organs in the Marin fluid and the dried bone specimens.

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"After graduating from university, I came to my current unit and worked as a forensic doctor. Now I don't know how many corpses I have handled with my hands, but I always feel that I am not very familiar with the human body, and it seems that I am always lacking. What." After speaking, she suddenly looked at me and asked, "Do you know what it is?" I shook my head.

"It's a living person." She said suddenly, "When I knew what I was thinking, I was shocked. I even wondered if I was psychopathic. I often looked at my body in the mirror, and even fantasized about it. I want to open it slowly to see how the organs work and how the blood in the blood vessels is transported to various parts of the body. Of course that is impossible.

"You know it's hard when a desire can't be satisfied. I have to use animals as a substitute. After each vivisection, I will temporarily calm down, but soon the desire for the human body comes back. Come up. I hope more and more that I can really dissect a living human body. Then, I found a relatively safe job that can dissect a living person." Wei Jia said mysteriously, her thin lips pressed upwards .

"Have you ever heard of human organ trafficking? They take organs from living people by means of deception, threat or simply coercion, and then circulate them on the black market. Every year this society has 500 kidneys and 60 freshly taken hearts They are trading, but they need an anatomist who is skilled and proficient in anatomy to take the organs, because it is best not to die, and most people can still live after taking out a kidney, so I acted as an anatomist. That anatomist." Wei Jia spoke slowly, but I was surprised.

"Do you know what you're doing? It's a crime. Don't you feel guilty when you cut it?" I asked her.

"Yes, of course there is, but you can't feel the feeling of inserting a knife into a flesh full of life and heat, and the feeling of guilt is intertwined with this, so this is why I came to you." Finally stepped into That's it.

"They wanted to set up a source point in the city, so they found me. I've eviscerated fourteen bodies in a year, men, women, or kids who just turned sixteen. I will receive 7% of the proceeds from the sale of the kidneys. At first my hands would tremble, but later I became very proficient, but the last kidney harvest changed everything.

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"I had just finished an autopsy report that afternoon, and I received a text message with only a few words – come quickly, there are fish. I went there without bringing anything, they have a full set of very advanced dissection tools, even It’s better than some big hospitals. The dissection room is in the basement, and you can’t find it without a guide. This time I looked at the man lying on the bed. He was shirtless, about 17 or 18 years old, and his body He is extremely long, and his feet are almost protruding from the operating table. He is illuminated by the shadowless lamp, and his face is very pale. It can be seen that he is very scared, and his hands on both sides are shaking constantly. From a professional perspective, he is a A very good 'host' with a very good body, which can be seen from his dark and strong muscles.

"Then he was given routine anesthesia. Usually the left kidney was taken. Don't ask me why, it's an unwritten rule anyway. I have an assistant who is very young. I don't know why he came to do this job. , maybe it was also for money. In fact, I was a little tired of dissecting living people at this time, but I was addicted to it like a drug. When I picked up a knife, I had the urge to cut something. Donated, I always feel that this seems to be more comfortable. There are many ways to harvest kidneys, some through the abdominal cavity, and some through the 11th intercostal incision. Both are acceptable, the main thing is not to let the "host" Infected or massive instrumental blood loss. I quickly opened his abdominal cavity, but I found something completely unexpected – he didn't have a left kidney.

"I started to sweat, and I immediately turned to ask the person who organizes the transportation of kidney sources and protection—I usually call him the pastor. The pastor usually wears black clothes and trousers, and a big, wide black-brimmed hat Above his head, all he could see was a Cuban cigar in his mouth. The pastor was very thin and tall. He didn't speak at this time, but just said: "Take the right side." The voice was so cold that I trembled. After suturing the wound of the 'host', the pastor was obviously a little surprised. "Every fool knows that if you take out another kidney, he will die. Don't you know how to check it when you are looking for the source?" I questioned him, the pastor He didn't speak. 'Forget it, I don't want to do it anymore, let the child go.' I couldn't bear to see him still sleeping soundly on the bed.

"The pastor was still standing in the dark. That's when the assistant who was helping me came over, picked up the knife, and walked up to the kid. 'I can do it on my own, thank you for your guidance.' That was the worst thing I ever heard him say. A long sentence. The pastor also said: "No way, this boy may be born with a kidney, but his kidney is very suitable for the body of a rich man. He is willing to pay 300,000 US dollars. Originally, if you do it, I would like more I'll pay you five percent, but it seems that your assistant is more open than you." After speaking, the pastor laughed.

"I couldn't bear it any longer. I untied my white coat and walked out of the basement without looking back. Behind me, the pastor suddenly said: 'You will regret it.' Maybe so, that's fine, I'm completely out of there , but also ready for them to revenge or silence. But it was strange, the month after that was very peaceful, I think they should not be so kind. Waiting for death is very painful, I decided to check.

"I went to the basement, and it was much darker than it was a month ago. As soon as I opened the door, there was a stench in the air, which almost made me suffocate. This smell is familiar to me, and it is the smell of human decay. I felt something was wrong, and fumbled for the light switch on the wall from memory. The light turned on, and the light quickly illuminated every corner of the room. My assistant, I think it should be, because I can only tell from my height and clothing I have identified him. Although it was not summer and the temperature in the basement was relatively low, he had already rotted out of shape within a month.

"He was half lying on the side of the operating table with a scalpel in his hand. I covered my nose and approached him carefully. A hole the size of a volleyball was made in his abdominal cavity, and his entire internal organs were emptied out. Nothing was missing. Stay. Looking at the wound, it seems to be a very crude murder weapon, or simply torn open, like a hand-torn chicken. I didn't see the priest, and the boy was gone. That was the last time I went I never went to the basement again. In the days that followed, I was shrouded in confusion. Suddenly, corpses whose internal organs were often found to be hollowed out were circulated on the Internet. The pastor's call came.

"The pastor never talked to me before, they always texted, so I was not used to hearing his voice suddenly on the phone. The pastor on the phone still spoke calmly, but he couldn't hide his panic. 'Where are you?' The pastor opened his mouth to ask, and I replied that I was at home, and told him that I didn’t want to do it anymore, and that I would not tell the police. In fact, I don’t know how many secrets the organization has. I don’t think they will reveal it even if they don’t kill me.’ It’s not about the organization, that boy,” the pastor paused, and I was surprised. Could it really be about that boy’s problem? “That boy is a monster.” The pastor said the second half of the sentence with difficulty, like It’s like making a big decision.”

"I don't understand. What the hell happened that day?"

"The pastor seemed to have endured a lot of torture on the other end of the phone. It seemed that he was extremely unwilling to recall it. After nearly a minute, I thought he was gone, and the pastor told me what happened after I left that day.

"After I left, the assistant continued to collect the kidneys. The pastor was next to them, and there were only the two of them in the basement. The fewer people in contact with this kind of work, the better. In fact, kidney retrieval can be done by just one person, but it takes more time. It was very long, and it was prone to accidents. Of course, it was the person who was taken that caused the accident.

"The pastor said that the assistant opened the right abdominal cavity of the 'host'. He was shocked immediately, it turned out that he didn't have a kidney at all. Can a person live without a kidney?

"And what made the pastor even more displeased was that not only did this 'host' not have a kidney, he didn't have any internal organs. The entire abdominal cavity seemed to be an empty meat bag. This was absolutely unimaginable. At that time, he decided to use this young man as the 'host' When he was young, he had been checked by X-ray the day before, and he had internal organs. When the assistant stood in front of the operating table completely bewildered, the pastor found that the boy sat up by himself.

"Then, the boy directly inserted his hand into the assistant's body. The assistant probably didn't figure out what happened until he died. The pastor was also frightened. Then the boy pulled out the assistant's internal organs one by one, and then followed Putting back the incisions from the kidney extraction one by one, he stood in front of the operating table and sewed up the blood vessels. This process lasted for more than an hour, and the boy finally sewed up the wound. The pastor was speechless watching Come on, the assistant was finally thrown under the operating table. The 'host' was bleeding all the time, but he didn't seem to care at all. Finally, he wiped off the blood on his body with gauze, put on his clothes, and walked away with a smile to the priest.

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"The pastor himself said that he only hated himself for not fainting. 'I'm not interested in you, it's not your turn yet.' After finishing speaking, the young man turned his head and walked out, but after walking a few steps, he walked back again. But the pastor was terrified. "By the way, tell you, this is the real anatomist, who only uses two hands to take out the internal organs." As he said, he proudly shook his hand that had just taken out the internal organs from the assistant's stomach. "Then why did it take you so long to call me?" After listening to the pastor's narration, I asked him puzzled. "Because I saw that boy yesterday," the pastor replied, "he asked me for your contact." way, and asked for your address and name.'

"I was stunned when I heard it. 'Did you tell him?' I thought it was a bit futile to ask. 'Well.' The pastor actually said with a little guilt, 'You know I was scared. He was wearing a mask all over his body. Blood.'

"The pastor also told me that he notified me to warn me, which was his compensation, and said that he was very scared now, and hung up immediately after speaking. I put down the phone and sat on a chair, and sank into it. My mind All the corpses of the assistants appeared in the screen, is he going to come to me? Want my internal organs? "

When Wei Jia said this, he let out a long sigh of relief. I asked her strangely: "What happened next?"

"This is why I came to you. I'm not afraid of that 'host' coming to kill me, but I don't want to die without understanding, so I hope you can record it, or help me spread it, as a warning or a warning. , I feel a lot more at ease. I received the pastor’s call yesterday, and I thought about it all night. I don’t have many friends, so I have to trouble you after thinking about it.” After she finished speaking, there was a trace of sadness in her expression. I feel very complicated, and I can't tell whether I hate or sympathize with her. After all, her profession is really against the law and morality, or close to cruelty.

That night, I read from the news that Wei Jia had died and her internal organs had been gutted out. This happened after I separated from her.

I called and asked a knowledgeable senior: "That kind of thing, do you know what it is?"

The senior paused for a while and said: "I'm not sure, but I heard that some creatures are formed through resentment. The resentment of countless people who have had their kidneys or other organs harvested or their families may be gathered into a new object. Things will continue to ask for people's internal organs, and they will continue to plunder other people's internal organs as their own." (The domain name of this site is:, the pinyin of ghost stories The rest of the ghost story websites are all plagiarized from this site content, shameful behavior of the thief)

"Then will they survive long enough to harm innocent people?" I asked worriedly.

"I don't know, but one thing is for sure. When the resentment disappears, this kind of individual will also disappear, because what supports their existence is the resentment of those people." The senior reminded me a few more words, and then hung up the phone .

A few days later, another news was broadcast on TV. A well-known agent in the medical field died at home. His internal organs were ripped out. The police found out that he was involved in many organ transactions. hatred.

I turned off the TV and posted Wei Jia's story in front of the computer.

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