Chapter 40 Lives By Eyes And Dies By Eyes

I thought to myself: "Forget it, it seems that we were killed by landslides in the end, not by the mouth of poisonous snakes. Although we were carrying on our backs and hugged while sinking, God is enough to take care of us. This kind of death is far better than being bitten to death by snakes." It was much better when the body turned black afterward. My whole body seemed to be falling apart, every bone hurt, and it took me a long time to recover. This time was too dangerous. I really didn’t expect to be able to leave the black statue alive. Uncle Ming said: "Although we escaped the catastrophe of fire and water, but now we are in the catastrophe of earth again, the faults of this cliff cannot reach up and down, and we are not monkeys, wouldn't it be the same as death if we are trapped here. … Continue readingChapter 40 Lives By Eyes And Dies By Eyes