The Legend Of Erniang Cave

Near the Bixia Yuanjun Temple, there is an Erniang Cave. There are many different legends here. As the age goes by, the legends become more and more strange. We are sorting out some of them for tourists to share.

1. Impermanence makes things worse

Time flies, and the years are long. According to legend, a long time ago, in a valley deep in a mountain, there lived several families surnamed Wu, but few people knew about this place, there were few pedestrians, and the relatives who met each other only walked around during the New Year and holidays. Rare wild fruits, a small amount of food, hunting to maintain life.

On this day, Wu Gen, Wu's second son, got married. Under the help of his boss Wu Zhu, his cousin, his nephew and others, he married a witch girl who was far away from the Wu family. According to the teachings of my parents, I am filial to the elders, because I am beautiful, intelligent, and kind-hearted. Neighbors always praised Wu Zhen for her good looks and promise. There are unpredictable things in the sky, and people have misfortunes and blessings. The Wu family suffered a natural disaster, and both parents died.

Wu Zhen had just married into the Wu family. Seeing the old mother of the Wu family alone, it was not easy to raise the two brothers. It was a very hard life. Her husband’s father accidentally fell off a cliff and died when Wu Gen was four years old. He was raised by his mother-in-law Yan. Mother-in-law, the mother-in-law has worked hard for a long time and became sick from overwork, causing her legs to limp, but watching her two sons grow up day by day, the life is hard but her heart is at ease. The eldest brother Wu Zhu is 24 years old this year. His face was full of pockmarks, and he hadn't grown up yet. Although he was called Wu Zhu, he couldn't be the pillar of the family. The second child, Wu Gen, is more than 21 years old, and his mother often touches the top of his head, so the Wu family depends on you. During church visits, the mother-in-law had no money to give to her daughter-in-law, so she had to give her daughter-in-law more peanuts and jujubes in her spare time, hoping to have children sooner, not like herself, who only had boys but not girls. Wu Zhen also knew about it, and she didn't blame her mother-in-law Yan's family for being reluctant.

Time flies so fast, Wu Zhen has been in the family for more than three years, Wu Gen has not seen the root, Yan used to not say it, but said it in his heart, and when he wanted to say it in his heart, he said it in his mouth. Occasionally, there was a strong wind that day, and the two mothers stayed in the house. Yan said to Wu Zhen without a door, "You have been in Wu's house for more than three years, and the sprouts have not been seen."

"I don't know what's going on, I'm 18 years old, and I don't see any."

"Is it because you did something to do little virtue, and you lost it?"

This is very offensive. Wu Zhen retorted: "You keep saying that, do you know what virtue I lack? Point it out."

"How do I know what kind of virtue I lack? Anyway, it's been more than three years, and I don't see my stomach rising. If it wasn't for lack of virtue, why would your house catch fire and leave you alone?"

These words angered Wu Zhen. "Maybe you lacked some virtue in your previous life, so you should cut off your incense in this life."

The more I talked about it, the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, talking and talking, pointing at the nose and gouging out the eyes, hurt each other. Wu Gen heard this very clearly. On the one hand, the mother complained, and on the other hand, the daughter-in-law was wronged, because the young couple worked hard, but it didn't blossom or bear fruit. At this time, Wu Gen walked up to the couple from the outside, and advised them not to say anything that should not be said, and not to say anything that hurt their feelings. After that, Yan asked Wu Gen only about these matters, and Wu Zhen alone. In terms of matters, Wu Zhen shyly talked about the lives of the two of them. Yan suspected that it was Wu Gen's fault. After all, it was because of his age and menstruation.

The next day, Yan took her son Wu Gen to the mountain to collect herbs. Because she knew her and her legs were inconvenient, Wu Gen had good legs but didn't know her. I searched and searched, and finally found this kind of herb on the edge of the cliff, and there were a lot of them. The couple were very happy. The soles of his feet were already slippery. Yan urged Wu Gen to come up and go home, saying that there were enough medicinal herbs, and the mountain road was difficult to walk in the rain. Wu Gen carefully grabbed the mountain wood and climbed up a few steps. Flying in a daze, Wu Gen was startled, the sole of his foot slipped and he didn't stop, and rolled down the cliff. Yan Shi saw it in front of him, and was anxious, but he couldn't help or drag him. It was dark in front of her eyes, and she fell down a cliff of 3 or 4 feet. Yan died at that time, with multiple scratches on her face and body, and bleeding from all seven orifices. Wu Gen was seriously injured and in pain, shouting for help.

Seeing that the rain had stopped, Wu Zhu went looking for his wife before he came back. He found her at the foot of a mountain not far away. Seeing this, tears flowed down her cheeks. After returning home, Wu Zhen waited on her, and then asked the villagers to help her bury her mother. Wu Gen was crying non-stop on the kang at home, Wu Zhen was unable to go to the grave because Wu Gen was at home, so she passed out from crying this time, and several villagers tried to persuade them in turn to stop the tears, and persuaded them not to be too sad, crying to death Body, how will you live in the future?

The Wu family suffered such catastrophe, and Wu Gen died within half a year. Before he died, he lay on the kang and grabbed Wu Zhen's hand: "Your life is hard, and it will be even worse when you come to my house. I can't live with you forever." I’m old, I’m the one who hurt you, and you’re a widow at such a young age.” Wu Zhen couldn’t speak, she kept crying like a tearful person, Wu Zhen saw that Wu Gen was dying, and asked what else was on her mind, Wu Gen pulled Wu Zhen said with her hand: "My Wu family has lost its roots, Wu Gen, this time it really has lost its roots. If you have the Wu family in your heart, I hope you can add a queen." Pointing at her eldest brother Wu Zhu, Wu Zhen understood in her heart , in order to make him feel at ease, he nodded, and after a while, Wu Gen passed away.

After sending Wu Gen, there are only Wu Zhu and Wu Zhen at home. Wu Zhen looked at the place where Wu Gen was buried from time to time, tears streaming down her cheeks. Wu Zhu understood that Wu Zhen was his sister-in-law, and he loved her very much in his heart, but he must never do anything wrong to his brother or let his sister-in-law He said that he was inferior to a beast, but he thought that even if he was like that, he was not good enough for her, so he respected Wu Zhen very much.

Not long after, when the folks saw the two members of this family, gossip started to spread, the lonely man and the widow, this and that…

That night, Wu Zhen tossed and couldn't sleep, thinking about Wu Gen's goodness and Wu Zhu's stability, thinking about what Wu Gen said, recalling the scene of the two falling in love, pointing at the stars in the sky with her hand, thinking in her heart that if I were a star How wonderful the stars are, they illuminate Wu's family, and also illuminate my own life. It's so hard to have a living head! Thinking about it, tears soaked the pillows they had used. I also join in with others, the more I think about suffering, the longer the night, and I finally fall asleep.

Suddenly, a red light came straight towards the house from south to north. Wu Zhen unconsciously grabbed it with her hand, and she felt warm. The red light disappeared, and it was dawn. It turned out that this was a dream. Light……

It's strange to say that Wu Zhen's belly is getting bigger, Wu Zhu likes it in his heart, but he doesn't understand, she didn't see me and she didn't see her getting along with others, so he was very puzzled.

The folks said that Wu Gen hadn't had a belly for more than two or three years, and he had a belly after his mother died. What's going on? My sister-in-law has done good things with the elder Baizi… Shameless.

One day Wu Zhu said to Wu Zhen: "Recently, the villagers don't look good to me. I don't know why. I want to move to another cave. You can take care of yourself at home." What just don't say.

"No need, I've already made up my mind to live with my relatives and uncles in the north, so that I can walk while I'm light."

"That's fine, just take care and be careful on the road." As she spoke, she subconsciously wanted to touch Wu Zhen's face with her hand, but she blushed and backed away.

Just like that, Wu Zhen went north, asking her relatives for directions as she walked, it seemed that Wu Zhu and Wu Gen were standing behind her, staring away.

Not one day later, Wu Zhen walked to Zhangjiayu, a small village, not far away was a small restaurant opened by an old couple, an old pagoda tree outside the door looked old, with several big branches, and several green leaves sprouted out. The slanting branches are dry, maybe the strong wind will break the big branches at some time, a small black donkey is tied under the locust tree, and the low fence surrounds a few dilapidated thatched houses, which already look dilapidated. Unbearable, there are patches of window paper on the window sills, and an old woman in her 60s is eating in the yard riding a donkey.

Wu Zhen was about to go into the small restaurant to find water, when she met an old man on crutches, in rags, holding a beggar ladle, followed by a young man, shouting as he walked: "I don't want to die, go somewhere else!" Go beg for food, I haven't eaten yet!"

"What a bad luck, how did I raise such a son, it's better not to have a son." He staggered and went to beg for food.

This was seen by Wu Zhen, and she felt very distressed. At this time, the old man muttered: "Forget it if you starve to death, you can't be a head if you beg for food." As he spoke, he bumped his head against the old locust tree. The old man, leaning against the root of the locust tree, gave the old man his only piece of dry corn bread. The old man saw that such a woman on the road treated him so well, and wept while eating, and he met a female Bodhisattva. By coincidence, the old man ate too fast and choked, so Wu Zhen had no choice but to yell for water while beating his back. The old lady who was eating in the courtyard saw the situation clearly, and hurriedly sent the water, praising Wu Zhen has a good heart. At this time, the old man's son saw the woman patting his father's back, rushed over and said viciously, "Why do you feel at ease when you knocked my father down under the locust tree?"

"I didn't, you have wronged me too much. I helped him to the locust tree and gave him dry food for the old man. Because he was in a hurry to eat, he almost choked. If you know this, it's better to ignore it and not give it to you. It's not the same. .”

"Who saw this? Take my father to your house to raise! Otherwise, I will…" This yell attracted more than 10 people, and then the old woman spoke, "You are too unreasonable, I A passer-by saw her giving dry food, afraid of choking the old man, and giving water to drink, you are too heartless, your father is about to hit a tree and die. Seeing this scene, the old man nodded and said yes, everyone said that Zhang Guangyin was not filial, and that the old man Zhang Yonggui had no way to teach his children and raised a white-eyed wolf. Seeing this situation, Zhang Guangyin wanted to cheat and transfer some money, but it seemed impossible, so he gave up and walked away.

After the old woman saw the person leaving, she let Wu Zhen into the courtyard alone, asked Wu Zhen about some things, held Wu Zhen's hand, and talked very speculatively, Wu Zhen told about her going north to visit relatives, the old woman said : "Girl, you are a double-bodied person. When will you find it? I don't know what your relatives are like. Why don't you ride my donkey and go to the Bixia Yuanjun Temple on Yaji Mountain to practice Taoism. I think you have a deep root of wisdom and can achieve righteous results." .”

"I am a person with two bodies, how can I say that I am a positive result? As long as I have a shelter, I am a poor man, I think you have good intentions, and you will not let me be the one. You agree to go to Yaji Mountain Bixia Yuanjun At the shrine, practice Taoism and nourish your body."

The old woman said: "You ride on my donkey and go straight to the north. When you see a Taoist temple on the top of the mountain that looks like two hair buns, you can easily identify it. From a distance, there is a shield of spiritual light. When you find the Taoist priest, just say that Wang Xiangshan directed you to it." Come here, the Taoist chief will know this donkey once he sees it, and let him take care of my donkey, and he will take care of you without needing to mention anything else.” He helped her onto the donkey. I saw the old woman waved her hand, and the donkey galloped northward, heading straight for Bixia Yuanjun Temple.

One night, the stars were shining brightly, and a piece of Suzaku in the south was illuminated by red light, which seemed to be a bird-shaped star that moved and stopped. One star is Zhang, and the other is Liu, which are indeed the two stars of the seven constellations in the south. Zhang Xingjun and Liu Xing talked while walking, and Zhang Xingjun said: "Let's go north, go to the Arctic Immortal, and see what's going on in the northern Xuanwu Qisu, so that we can open our eyes and learn more."

"That's fine, I'm going to visit a mortal who is rushing to Yaji Mountain to practice Taoism."

"How do you know? Does Mr. Liu have a sweetheart who can drive away the loneliness, go down to earth for fun, hide it from his brother, and find happiness for himself."

"No, a woman named Wu Zhen in the mortal world has deep roots of wisdom and frequent difficulties. When she marries Wu Gen, her family fortune is robbed and she has no descendants. The Wu family should have descendants because of Wu Guangsheng's previous life, and the relationship with the dangerous star of the North Seven Stars. The estrangement caused this situation, so when I was in Wu Zhen's dream, I used the Dafa of the red light and wisdom source of the seven stars to conceive her. If I see Lord Wei Xing in the future, I will talk about the matter, so that there will be a smooth sailing, so that Wu Zhen will not come back again. Doomed."

"This is just right, just right, if it doesn't work, please help me, Taishang Laojun."

It happened by coincidence that Taibaixing Lord and Taishang Laojun were traveling together to collect elixir and make alchemy. The two kings talked about Wu Zhen, and Taishang Laojun nodded in agreement, saying that Wu Zhen still had a catastrophe, and said that he must help. Thank you two stars, let’s say goodbye and travel north.

Wu Zhenxiao spent the night on a trip, and not long after she arrived at the Bixia Yuanjun Temple on Yaji Mountain, she met the Taoist priest. The Taoist priest saw that the black donkey she was riding knew that it was an old lady Wang Xiangshan who was begging for alms. What happened on the way. It's just that she should be taken care of when she is pregnant, but it is inconvenient. If she stays here, she will gossip, and if she is not allowed to stay and practice Taoism, I'm sorry Wang Xiangshan, but it is difficult to stay here at this time. At this time, a Taoist interjected: " To the west of Xiangting, there is a cave called Erdaogou, more than a mile away from here, it is easy to live in, and it is very clean, easy to live in, and you can practice Taoism." After hearing this, Wu Zhen nodded her head in agreement. The Taoist priest then ordered the Taoist to take more care of him, to visit him often, and told him to take good care of the donkey. He went to this cave by himself, hoping to see Wang Xiangshan as soon as possible, and thanked him for riding the donkey all the way. good deeds.

2. Death protects Dao and dyes stones to prove virginity

Wu Zhen went to the ashram from time to time, and sometimes she saw and heard the priests doing the ashram and preaching. She couldn't understand, she couldn't understand the affairs of these ashrams, but she came and went again and again, her belly grew bigger and bigger, and it was inconvenient for her to go again.

With the growing belly, Wu Zhen heard people say how to get pregnant, but she really didn't have such a thing, what's going on? Is it a ghost? Is it a monster? Anyway, I can't figure it out, and I can't beat it, so let nature take its course!

One day at the end of summer, it rained non-stop. The heavy rain washed all the trees on the mountain clean and lush. After the rain stopped, from top to bottom, the entire Taoist building was awe-inspiring and majestic.

At this time, Wu Zhen didn't care to watch the scenery after the rain, her stomach was sinking and hurting, she was restless in the cave, she felt that she was going to give birth, no one would deliver the baby, it was her first time, and she was very anxious. At this time, a Taoist patrolling the mountain happened to pass by outside the cave. He heard a woman in the cave screaming in pain. Li Ning went up the mountain and saw that she was agile, midwifery was successful, a boy was born, and she burst into tears. Wu Zhen's face turned from red to pale, and asked feebly, "Is it a freak or an evildoer?" The midwife told her: " The Taoist arrived in time, otherwise the mother and child would be in danger, you should thank him, and said that the child is a boy, you see his face is flushed, red like a sun face, red and bright, very pleasing to the eye." Wu Zhen thanked the Taoist priest, but the Taoist priest felt that it was inconvenient to be there, and said that anyone would help, then turned around and left the cave, and went elsewhere. In fact, this Taoist priest was the one entrusted by the Taoist priest. Li Ning said: "There is no one else here? Why do you give birth here alone and confine yourself to confinement? Where is his father?" After hearing this, Wu burst into tears and told Li Ning what he had experienced.

"Son, don't be sad. Although you don't know the origin of this child, and you have the wishes of the Wu family, you think it's Wu Mingwang, okay?"

Two flowers bloom, one for each. There is a Chongning Temple in the valley far to the southwest of Bixia Yuanjun Temple on Yaji Mountain. Dozens of monks practice and live here, because the two senior brothers Hui Pu and Hui Nan saw a very beautiful woman when they were begging for alms. , with evil intentions, lured him to the woods and raped him, the woman called for help, because it was late and the place was remote and no one came and went. In a fit of anger, the two monks tied it to a tree. Not feeling ashamed for breaking the precept, they rushed back to the monastery.

After a night of fear, hatred, and helplessness, in the morning when the sky was bright, an old man who went up the mountain saw something dangling in the tree from a distance, so he walked over boldly. The woman burst into tears when she saw someone coming. Seeing this, old man An hurriedly stepped forward and untied the rope. After the woman was rescued, old man An asked, "Why are you tied up here? Why?" The woman whimpered loudly, but didn't answer, and ran straight to the big rock on the left. Seeing this, old man An knew that he was going to commit suicide, so he didn't want to ask any more questions, so he ran quickly and rescued the woman. One piece of overwhelmed weeds, you will know the whole story. Don't ask why, just persuade her not to commit suicide. This woman is very sensible, so she just nodded and stopped committing suicide. When I go home, even if people ask, I can't explain the real situation. Telling the truth will have a very bad influence on me in the future. This matter was concealed.

When the senior brother returned to the temple, he was found by Elder Guangshan, especially since there were marks of being scratched on Hui Nan's face, the elder asked what was going on, the two hesitated, and the elder knew that the two must have done nothing It was a good thing, so the two monks were removed from the door according to the temple regulations.

Hui Pu and Hui were at a disadvantage, and their martial arts were not as good as the elders, so they had to quietly retreat. In a few days, I went to a valley to the west of Bixia Yuanjun Temple. There is a cliff on both sides of the mountain. There is a mountain spring in the upper center of the valley. The wild flowers are fragrant and swaying. Looking from the north, the main ditch is divided into the west ditch, and the wind grows the valley. On the top of the valley, there is a gap in the north. The wind blowing from the north is pleasant in spring, summer and autumn, and the cold wind blows in winter. , the chilly howling resonates, making people's hair stand on end.

It was the end of summer at this time, and after the two of them looked at it, this was the place to live, only two or three miles away from the Bixia Yuanjun Temple, on the mountain road, if you lack food and clothing, go to the Taoist temple to get some, and a few more alms will be enough It's day.

In the afternoon after the rain that day, Hui Nan, who returned from alms, found that the water flowing down from the West Erdaogou of Laixiangting was red and dirty, and felt that something unknown must have happened nearby.

In the morning of the next day, Hui Pu and Hui Nan went to Zaixiangting to have a meal of porridge and then wandered around. At this time, two middle-aged women from a nearby village walked on one left and one on the right, talking about the woman in the cave in the west who gave birth, muttering about how and where this woman came from, why she gave birth here, maybe it was Which Taoist bastard is talking about it mysteriously.

After Huipu and Huinan heard about it, they went to the cave in Erdaogou to see if there were really two mothers and sons. After walking for less than half an hour, they heard the cry of a child in the cave. But there is this matter, this person. But I don't know what he looks like, if he looks handsome, then…

The two of them made up a plan to visit the cave in the middle of the night today, maybe they can…

In the middle of the night, the stars and the moon were as bright as the day, Hui Pu and Hui Nan came here from the mountain. When they walked to the cave, they saw no one else, and there was nothing different from the day, so they walked in quietly. In the cave, Wu Zhen heard the sound of someone entering the cave. She thought that the Taoist patrolling the mountain passed by without paying attention. She just changed the child and just covered it. Putting her arms around Wu Zhen's waist, Wu Zhen knew that when she met a villain who wanted to possess her, she would not obey casually. During the struggle, she lowered her head and bit the man's hand, and Hui Nan let go of it with an "ah". Wu Zhen took the opportunity to rush out of the cave, and shouted for help, because it was late at night, the night was quiet, and the voice was heard far away, with echoes from the valley, awakening the sleeping Taoist priests, who came here one after another Twenty or thirty Taoist priests came in the direction of the sound. When Wu Zhen was found rushing out of the cave, the covering cloth was scraped off by the thorns around the cave, and she was circling with the two monks naked. At a glance, she knew that the monks had done something wrong, which made people feel righteous indignation.

At this time, when Hui Nan and Hui Pu saw these Taoists approaching, they knew that it was impossible to catch Wu Zhen. Shouted: "If you go any further, I'll throw this child to death." He used the child to threaten the Taoist priest not to move forward. As he was moving forward, he heard the child cry loudly, resounding through the valley, and there was a red light all over his body. Projecting in all directions, it is like a flame rising several feet high. At this time, an old Taoist priest shouted: "Put down the child quickly. It is an act of a man to threaten a child with a grudge against an adult. It is called Amitabha."

"You want me to let go of the child. Could it be that this woman is your little wife and this child is your bastard? I just won't let it go. Do you care?"

"Don't talk nonsense. This woman has nothing to do with the Taoist temple, and this child has nothing to do with the Taoist temple. Why are you blackmailing the child? It's really despicable. If there is an injustice in this road, you should use the knife to help you. Take care of bullying weak women."

"You can't close it, just listen to Hui Nanhu said: This is a matter of our one-sided fate. We want to get this beautiful woman and enjoy the warmth. You Taoists are eager to rescue such a mother and child, which means that your entire Taoist temple is harboring women, right? Unclean mixed land, if not, this woman came here to give birth to wild seeds."

"You have slandered our dojo's personality and reputation, and it will never end with you." At this time, everyone will start fighting, ready to fight.

Seeing that the Taoist priest couldn't explain clearly what Wang Xiangshan entrusted, she came here to practice Taoism and nourish herself. Because of having a child, how did she attract these two bald monks ? Qingyu said later: "You bald donkey insulted my personality, and also insulted the personality of the Taoist priests. What kind of monk are you? Your six senses are not clean. What kind of Buddha do you recite? If you only do evil deeds, there will be no harm. Good result."

Then he said to the Taoist priest: "Thank you for taking in me, a miserable person, and being slandered by these two thieves. It seems that I must die to prove the innocence of the Taoist priest, the reputation of the Taoist temple, and also my personal innocence. If I and The Daoist priest is innocent, my blood will turn all the stones splashed red and never fade, if not innocent, the color of the stone will not change." Hearing this, the two sides saw Wu Zhen bumping her head on the rock, bleeding It sprayed out and splashed on the rocks in the ditches on the hillside, dyeing many rocks of different sizes and shapes red. Everyone clicked their tongues and looked at each other, and suddenly stopped breathing. There was no sound of wind or running water in Erdaogou. It is." Up to now, all the red stones in the west of Laixiangting to Erdaogou have been dyed red in the past.

3. The turns of the peak and the loop

At this time, suddenly the sky went from west to east, from top to bottom. Two white-haired and childlike Taoists rode colorful auspicious clouds and landed between two monks and Taoist priests. Seeing the elder-like man, he flicked his whisk and said, "You two are expelled from the sect and cleaned up from the sect. It is extremely shameful. , came here again to embarrass Buddhism and do things that insult Buddhism. Here, on behalf of Elder Guangshan, I will completely destroy you two to restore the reputation of Buddhism." At this time, "Okay, Your Majesty Thank you, Laojun!" When everyone looked at it, they saw an old monk coming here, someone recognized him as the elder Guangshan of Chongning Temple, they were surprised and realized how alarmed the Taishang Laojun was.

"Okay, okay." Then Li Ning took the delivery cloth and other sundries outside and rinsed them off. It doesn't matter if you wash them. The filthy blood stains and the stones in the red ditch along the water also smell bad. Li Ning had never experienced such a thing, thinking that it might not be a good thing, after washing up, he bid farewell and went down the mountain to go home.

Hui Pu and Hui Nan didn't know how the Taishang Laojun and Taibai Jinxing knew that they had committed a murder, and wanted to sneak away when they were not paying attention. Hui Nan saw the child struggling in his hand, thinking that this woman would hit a rock Death, the child will not get any benefit, so he raised the child viciously, seeing that death is imminent, the Taishang Laojun added evil to evil, quickly cast a spell with his hands and eyes, turned the whisk, and saw a ball of red light, Carrying the child back to the Taishang Laojun's arms, Hui Pu and Hui Nan looked at each other knowingly, one brandished the soul-drawing knife and the other used the soul-scattering sword, and went straight to the Taishang Laojun. Seeing this, the Taishang Laojun , not afraid at all, and then turned the whisk, HP and Huinan couldn't stand it, they followed the rotation of the whisk, and turned non-stop. At this time, Taishang Laojun saw that Elder Guangshan was not protective of his weaknesses, he was not partial, he was really a well-rounded eminent monk, and he admired him very much.

At this time, Taishang Laojun heard the voice of Elder Guangshan shouting: "Don't be soft, thank you for the cactus." I saw Fuchen flicking to the west casually, I saw Huipu and Huinan falling separately on the top of the mountain where they lived, and saw a few beams of golden light from the diamond circle, shooting them to death on the two mountaintops respectively, and later in Bixia Yuanjun Temple There are two hills more than three miles away in the west, one is called Nan Monk Hat (Hui Nan Monk Maung), and the north one is Heipu Monk Hat (Mao), which was crucified there forever.

At this time, everyone knelt down in front of Taishang Laojun and Taibai Jinxing. Elder Guangshan asked Taishang Laojun, "Why did you come here and catch up with this woman?"

"The two of us were collecting herbs in the Western Fairy Mountains. When we saw a red light flashing in the east, we remembered that it was entrusted by Qi XingXu and Liu Erxing Jun, so we rushed to rescue and solve the problem." So it was. At this time, seeing an old woman and a young woman rushing here, the Taoist shouted: "Why is Wang Dashan in such a hurry?" An Suyin.

The civilian girl An Suyin was rescued by the old man An and returned home. There is no impenetrable wall. She also had no face to face anyone. The strange thing is that no one defended An Suyin that she was raped.After much deliberation, I thought about committing suicide. I searched for a mountain road and hanged myself under a tree. Old man Wang Xiangshan found out and rescued him.

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