Ghost Rider Motorcycle Soul Returns

soul return

A real story that happened around me. If there are readers from my hometown, they may be able to know where I am from this story.

This happened a few years ago. In midsummer, a certain soldier took family leave to go home and stayed at home, just visiting and gathering with comrades-in-arms.

That day he rode a motorcycle to the county town to meet his comrades in arms. He was a volunteer soldier, and his comrades had already retired and returned home. Naturally, they drank desperately when we got together. The wine culture in our place is that if people don’t drink well, it means that the host’s hospitality is not good. week.

Ghost Rider Motorcycle_Ghost Rider Motorcycle_Ghost Rider 1 Harley Motorcycle

He drank too much at noon that day, and at four or five o'clock in the afternoon, the ghost rider got up and rode his motorcycle home, but his comrades couldn't pull him no matter what.

There is a distance of about 70 miles from the county seat to our place. There has been no accident on the road. After arriving on the dirt road in the country, when passing a small river, he fell headlong into the puddle next to the road . Ghost Rider motorcycle , died.

Ghost Rider Motorcycle_Ghost Rider 1 Harley Motorcycle_Ghost Rider Motorcycle

This scene happened to be seen by an old man who knew his family, and he couldn't salvage it, so he had to go to his house to inform him of his death. His parents both worked in the fields. When they heard about this, they didn't believe it at first, thinking that the old man had lied to them. (Perhaps a fluke or a last-ditch hope of consolation.)

Believe it or not, I still have to go home – go home and ride a bicycle to the small river.

Ghost Rider Motorcycle_Ghost Rider 1 Harley Motorcycle_Ghost Rider Motorcycle

When I got home, I found the motorcycle he was riding parked in the yard, and my parents scolded the old man, saying that he was fine, why curse my child?

The old man also found it strange, but after a closer look, he found that there were aquatic plants on the motorcycle. The soldier's parents searched at home for a long time, but they still couldn't see their son. They looked at the water plants of the motorcycle and the fuel tank that had run out of fuel. They panicked and followed the old man to the puddle where the incident happened, where they found their son. corpse.

Ghost Rider Motorcycle_Ghost Rider 1 Harley Motorcycle_Ghost Rider Motorcycle

Later, people in the surrounding area commented that the deceased was afraid of breaking his promise to his parents, so he used his soul to ride a motorcycle home after death. Seems like it was because his father told him to come home early when he was out.

Another said that when he was in the previous village, someone saw a young woman in white clothes sitting on the back of his motorcycle and made fun of him, but he did not respond.

Spirit Rider Motorcycle

So some people speculated that the woman in white who sat on the back seat of his motorcycle that day was a ghost who died unjustly.

During that time, the people there did not dare to walk on that road when it was dark.

By the way, there is a deep water pool a hundred meters downriver near there, we call it a pool. Children are not allowed to play there, nor can they take a bath there. The old people say that many people died there during the war years, and it is very troublesome (very evil meaning).

Our old folk teacher there walked night walks there in the 1980s, and once encountered ghosts hitting the wall.

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