Yellow River Transparent Coffin

On the afternoon when the folklore expert arrived, news spread from the river: a transparent coffin was dug up! Transparent coffin? But see-through coffins are unheard of. Isn’t it just a coffin? There must be a white snake within five steps.” The fortune-teller said, walked to the southeast of the coffin, and stopped four or five steps away from the coffin, “find two people to dig down three feet with wooden shovels.” Several people ran back to the village in a hurry The wooden shovel is gone (Note: A wooden shovel is a farm tool used by farmers to separate wheat grains from chaff by wind power, similar to an iron shovel, but made of mulberry wood).” What about the coffin? … Continue readingYellow River Transparent Coffin

Wisteria Crawling The Coffin Author: All Night Fox

Let’s start with Uncle Hu digging up a big wisteria. One shovel followed by another, and soon saw the coffins buried below. What made everyone even more surprised was that the coffins below the tombs, which seemed to be arranged in a mess on the surface, were actually made of wisteria roots. Neatly. Seeing this scene, a person in the construction team who knew a little about Feng Shui immediately screamed out, what a crime, this is wisteria picking coffins, there should be a big man in this village. Well, wisteria paving the coffin, let’s stop here for now. … Continue readingWisteria Crawling The Coffin Author: All Night Fox

Feng Shui Holy Land

Mr. Feng Shui is over 60 years old, looking at Feng Shui treasures is a hundred things. Because he is particularly effective in Feng Shui, everyone nicknamed him “Yin Yang Xian”. Although yin and yang immortals are effective in seeing Fengshui, it is very difficult to invite them. The mountains near the Luo family are undulating and the jungle is overcast. It should not be difficult to find a place with a good geomantic omen. It turns out that Fengshui Treasure Land is also called the Supreme Holy Land, and the Supreme Holy Land includes two types, one is called “fish eye” and the other is called “longan”. As a Feng Shui master, if you can find one of the two in your life, it is the blessing of the ancestral graves and the three generations of cultivation. … Continue readingFeng Shui Holy Land

Orthodox Taoist Tibetan Yin-Yang Huangpizi Tomb

My ancestors have a broken book, which is “Sixteen-character Yin-Yang Fengshui Secret Art” written by the senior “Mojin Xiaowei”. This book has a total of sixteen characters to find the dragon, and “Fengshui Secret Art” belongs to a branch of the art. , but what is the arithmetic? The rise of the number of techniques was mostly after the Qin and Han dynasties, and the “Yi” was the general outline. Things are born with images, images are born with numbers, multiplication and division, deduction, and the source of poor creation are mathematics. The stars, the earth, the clouds, the zodiac, and the mysteries are found in the classics, and the ghosts spread in the later generations, gradually losing their truth. … Continue readingOrthodox Taoist Tibetan Yin-Yang Huangpizi Tomb