The Power Of The Ancient Galaxy

“Master Ghost Emperor is mighty, the Lord of the Starry Sky is dead today!”

The four ghost kings hurriedly said, and looked at the ghost emperor with a look of compliment.

“Hmph, you four useless trash!”

At this time, the ghost emperor glanced coldly at the four ghost kings, and waved his hands towards the four of them.

A terrifying force enveloped these four ghost kings.

“Since it’s waste, let’s just be the nourishment to improve my strength!”

The ghost emperor said coldly.

Then the four ghost kings let out a burst of screams.

The ghostly energy they cultivated in their bodies was completely absorbed and swallowed up by the ghost emperor.

Including their blood and soul, they were all swallowed up by the ghost emperor.

The four ghost kings turned into four mummified corpses.

And they probably didn’t expect to die, they worked so hard to resurrect their ghost emperor.

In the end, they died tragically at the hands of this ghost emperor.

This is entirely because they personally sent themselves into the Palace of Hell.

It’s not sad!

After swallowing up the strength of these four people, the ghost emperor also had a look of enjoyment on his face.

But he didn’t stop, his hands waved.

Black rays of light shrouded the remaining Ten Thousand Ghost Sect disciples.

鬼魂力量起源_鬼魂力量_鬼魂力量 遗产金手指

They devoured all the ghosts and spirits in their bodies.

Including the ghost power formed after the death of the disciples of the Ten Thousand Ghost Sect who died tragically just now was completely swallowed up by the ghost emperor.

Seeing this ghost emperor so unceremoniously used his life as the nourishment to restore his strength.

Xiao Yifeng’s brows were also wrinkled, and a look of cold disgust flashed in his eyes.

There was a fierce murderous intent.

This kind of person is not as good as a beast, and must be killed!


After the Ghost Emperor devoured these people, he shouted with a satisfied look on his face.

This Ten Thousand Ghost Sect can be considered to be completely buried in the hands of its ancestor ghost emperor.

Boom! ! !

At this time, a monstrous ghostly aura erupted from the ghost emperor.

The endless ghost spirit spread out, covering the entire valley.

Immediately, the valley covered the sky and the sun, and bursts of piercing howls of ghosts and wolves sounded, as if they had come to the world of hell.


Xiao Yifeng said coldly, Han Qianluo and the others all rushed towards the ghost emperor.

“Hmph, ants!”

鬼魂力量起源_鬼魂力量_鬼魂力量 遗产金手指

The Ghost Emperor looked at Han Qianluo and the others, a look of contempt flashed in his eyes, and he waved his right hand directly.

Ten thousand ghost palms! ! !

A huge black palm appeared in this dark valley.

The black palms are formed by terrifying ghost heads, exuding terrifying power.

He directly suppressed Han Qianluo and the others.

Boom! ! !

In an instant, a series of roars sounded.

The terrifying Wan Guizhang, Han Qianluo and the others slammed together fiercely.

Terrifying energy ripples like landslides and ground fissures erupted, sweeping away in all directions.

Xiao Yifeng and Qingtian were shocked and retreated.


A cold shout came from the mouth of the ghost emperor again.

The monstrous ghost energy in the entire canyon was all suppressed towards the place where Han Qianluo and others were.

After the endless explosion sounded, the energy light also dissipated.

As for Han Qianluo and the others, they all flew out backwards and landed on the ground, spitting blood from their mouths.

Obviously, they were all injured by this ghost emperor’s blow.

鬼魂力量_鬼魂力量起源_鬼魂力量 遗产金手指

As for the ghost emperor himself, his body was also retreating, and his breath was a little disordered.

However, he was able to injure all Han Qianluo’s quasi-reincarnation superpowers with one blow.

Its strength is also terrifying, much more terrifying than that of the Blood Moon.

“Master of the Starry Sky, your subordinates are not very good!”

The ghost emperor looked at Xiao Yifeng and spit out coldly, his eyes flashed with a cold light, and the terrifying ghostly aura was surging again on his body.

“Your strength is strong enough!”

Xiao Yifeng looked at the ghost emperor and said coldly.

“Today is the burial day of the Lord of the Starry Sky, swallowing up all of your strength.”

“I believe that my strength will definitely reach a higher level!”

The Ghost Emperor stared at Xiao Yifeng, and when he moved, he bombarded Xiao Yifeng.

The terrifying ghost spirit turned into a huge hideous monster, and the ghost head with green face and fangs shot towards Xiao Yifeng.

The power of this blow is completely comparable to the terrifying blow of a quasi-reincarnation peak powerhouse.

“Master be careful!”

Mo Ji, Han Qianluo and others looked at Xiao Yifeng and shouted, wanting to take action.

But they had just been hit hard, and they didn’t have time to react to help Xiao Yifeng resist this terrifying blow.

Galaxy map! ! !

鬼魂力量 遗产金手指_鬼魂力量起源_鬼魂力量

Ancient Galaxy! ! !

Xiao Yifeng waved out a piece of the galaxy map, holding the seal with both hands.

The power of the whole body madly poured into this galaxy map.

The galaxy map began to shine, and with a bang, the galaxy map burst into endless starlight.

A huge galaxy swept out from the galaxy map, like a huge river heading towards the attack of the ghost emperor and bombarding himself.

The power of the ancient galaxy formation in this galaxy map was directly motivated by Xiao Yifeng.

And in order to stimulate the power of the ancient galaxy in this galaxy map.

Xiao Yifeng’s strength was also exhausted.

The whole person was pale and panting.

Boom boom boom! ! !

At this moment, the whole canyon roared constantly.

The majestic power of the galaxy fills the origin of the ghost power in the entire canyon , and the bright light covers everything.

The power of the ancient galaxy was stimulated, and it directly showed a rolling state to destroy the terrifying blow of the ghost emperor.

The endless power of the ancient galaxy formation was smashing towards the ghost emperor.

“No? How can it be so scary!”

Seeing this scene, the Ghost Emperor’s eyes were filled with a shocked look , the origin of the power of the ghost, and an unbelievable look on his face.

鬼魂力量起源_鬼魂力量 遗产金手指_鬼魂力量

Boom! ! !

The terrifying power of the ancient galaxy formation directly engulfed the ghost emperor.

“The disintegration of all ghosts!!”

Suddenly a loud shout came from the canyon.

Then a black light burst out in the void.

This black light swept out in all directions and disappeared in place in an instant.

Wait until all the power of this ancient galaxy has dissipated.

The entire Ten Thousand Ghosts Sect’s lair no longer exists.

The entire ground completely sank a few centimeters and turned into a rubble.

It can be seen that the power of this ancient galaxy formation is strong.

Moreover, Xiao Yifeng’s strength is limited, and he has not stimulated 1% of the power of the ancient galaxy in this galaxy map.

And the power of this ancient galaxy is also divided into eighty-one galaxies.

It is conceivable how terrifying the true power of this ancient galaxy formation will be, it is simply unimaginable! ! !

Whoosh! ! !

Xiao Yifeng put away the galaxy map, and the whole person was panting heavily.

The power of the ancient galaxy in this galaxy map is terrifying.

However, pushing once also exhausted Xiao Yifeng’s strength.

“What a powerful force!”

At this moment, Han Qianluo and the others all looked at this scene in amazement.

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