Is The Paranormal Incident In The Forbidden City True?


Hello everyone, smile and answer the above questions for everyone. Is the paranormal incident in the Forbidden City true? Many people don’t know yet, let’s take a look now!

1. It is fake. The Forbidden City closes at 5:30 every day for safety reasons.

2. The supernatural events in the Forbidden City generally refer to supernatural events that occurred in the Forbidden City after the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Because someone pushed behind the scenes, the official had to come forward to clarify the incident.


3. The supernatural event in the Forbidden City that people often say refers to a supernatural event that occurred in the Forbidden City in 1992.

4. At that time, the Forbidden City was already open to tourists, and there was no rule to close at 5:30.

5. One afternoon, when it was about to get dark, the sky was full of thunderstorms and dark clouds, but no one cared about it. After all, it was just a rainy day, and everyone had experienced it countless times.


6. However, the thunderstorm this time was unusual. At that time, many tourists in the Forbidden City saw people in the clothes of ancient palace maids walking by in various places, and they passed by them.

7. At first, the tourists thought that it was someone filming. These were actors in ancient costumes, but these people basically disappeared after passing a corner, which caused a wide range of panic among the tourists. The legend of “supernatural events”.

8. After the news spread, it didn’t take long for some video files of ancient palace maids to wander in the Forbidden City to circulate, which caused a large area of ​​panic.


9. However, in fact, the whole supernatural event was made up by people, and the film and television files were deliberately made by people with intentions.

10. Because at that time, was the haunting incident in the Forbidden City real? Most people did not know much about the so-called falsification technology of film and television documents, and believed that the film and television documents must be real, so the official had to clarify this later.

11. Coincidentally, some things happened in those years. At that time, because the Forbidden City closed late, and some areas of the Forbidden City still store the information and objects of the palace, is it true that the Forbidden City is haunted , so it was used by some people.


12. Taking advantage of the night to hide inside the Forbidden City, waiting for the door to close at night to steal, causing a lot of damage to the Forbidden City, and then the Forbidden City had to announce the rule of closing at 5:30.

13. To sum up, the so-called supernatural events, like too many supernatural events in modern times, are all false.

14. Closing at 5:30 has nothing to do with supernatural events, just for the protection of the Forbidden City.


15. I think the supernatural event of the Forbidden City is true. As for why it closes at 5 o’clock every day, I think it is because it is dark at night in the north, and if it closes too late, accidents will happen easily.

16. I don’t think the so-called paranormal events in the Forbidden City are real, and the reason why the Forbidden City closes at 5 o’clock every day is because we still have a lot of work to do after closing, such as cleaning up the waste left by tourists and repairing it. Cultural relics and much more.

17. People always define unreasonable things as supernatural events. In fact, the Forbidden City closes at five o’clock for the safety of tourists. Because the Forbidden City is very big, if you don’t go out before dark, it’s easy to get lost inside.

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