Chapter 3 One Thing Drops Another Thing

Watching as they opened a crack, the kite flew out of the door and landed on the roof of the newly demolished house. Kong Dacheng's heart was in his throat. This kite was bought for more than 200 yuan. , I have been training for a month. If I run away, two hundred yuan is a small thing, and all my efforts for more than a month will be in vain. However, I am worried. At this moment, this strange atmosphere I have never seen before, Kong Dacheng didn't dare to say anything.

"Everyone, please don't go out!" Zhang Yicheng secretly tugged on the corner of Aunt Chen's clothes. Aunt Chen understood and shouted in a serious manner. She looked at the kite on the roof opposite from the window, "There are people who dare not come down under it!"

I saw the kite standing on the roof looking down, then fluttered to the base of the wall, and began to scratch the ground with its claws like a chicken. From time to time, it made a sharp cry, scratched half of the ground, and suddenly fluttered back, with both hands. The wings spread out, and he opened his mouth and circled around the wall. At this time, Kong Dacheng's eyes went straight, "Aunt Chen… no, no, no, Aunt Chen, it… what is it doing?"

"Stop talking!" Aunt Chen pretended to speak righteously. To be honest, Aunt Chen herself wanted to know what this kite was going to do…

The most beautiful person in my heart at the moment is Zhang Guoyi. If nothing else, everything in front of me is enough to brag. Not to mention that there is Kong Dacheng as a witness. What's more, this kind of deeds of finding a way at one's own expense to help strangers get rid of their illnesses and return to school. , write a document and submit it, add some oil and vinegar to stir up the situation, get a city-level model worker, the problem is not big, maybe you will be promoted… You are looking so good, suddenly you feel someone touching you behind your back, and instinctively return Next, it didn't matter that he turned around, he almost made him urinate all night. Liu Mengmeng, who was lying motionless on the bed, had walked up to him at some point, with only black eyes in his eyes and no white eyes in his mouth. His tongue was sticking out, less than one centimeter away from his back.

"Ah!!" Zhang Guoyi shouted in fright, and quickly took a few steps back, "Comrade Sun…"

When Zhang Guoyi shouted, the first reaction of Kong Dacheng, who was extremely nervous, was to roll forward on the spot. However, he was too anxious to roll. Instead of rolling far, he rolled to the soles of Liu Mengmeng's feet. He looked up and saw Liu Mengmeng. His face was covered with mist, and his legs immediately became weak, "Sun…" Just as he was about to call Mrs. Sun, he found that Mrs. Sun was already lying on the bed unconscious at some point, "Quick… hurry up and call someone…" The house was being demolished at this moment. All the workers were outside the hospital. According to Zhang Guoyi's prior arrangement, they were not allowed to enter the hospital unless called.

"Shhh…" Zhang Yicheng carefully walked around Liu Mengmeng's back, "It's okay…it's bad if someone comes in…"

Now that Mrs. Sun was unconscious, Aunt Chen stopped pretending and turned around tremblingly, only to see cold sweat on her forehead, "Chengcheng… look at what crawled out from under that wall?…"

Zhang Yicheng poked his head toward the window and saw that the kite still maintained its demonstration posture with its wings spread out. A small green snake crawled out from nowhere on the opposite side. It was said to be a small snake, but in fact it was more than a foot long. It was stretched out from head to tail and was longer than the kite in front of me. He was raising his head and spitting out the letter, and was in a stalemate with the kite.

Seeing the size of the snake, Zhang Yicheng was sweating and asked Lao Bai to get an eagle. Unexpectedly, he got a kite. According to the old man (Old Liu Tou), it is a long insect (snake) that is a woman. The longest one is no more than eight inches, so in theory it can be dealt with. However, unexpectedly, the thing in front of me is obviously longer than eight inches. If this kite is not an opponent, we will be in big trouble today.

While he was thinking about it, he saw Liu Mengmeng walking towards the door step by step, as if he was going out.

"Don't let her out!" Zhang Yicheng stepped forward and slammed the door tightly. Unexpectedly, Liu Mengmeng became anxious and opened his mouth wide at Zhang Yicheng. His chin kept shaking, little by little. Lean forward. At this moment, Zhang Guoyi came to his senses, "Fuck you…" He went over and pulled Liu Mengmeng back, then jumped forward and stood in front of Zhang Yicheng, "Hurry up and hold her down! Wait for Lei Na!?" Zhang Guoyi directed at Kong. Dacheng yelled, "Have you made a fool of yourself!?"

"Oh…!" Kong Dacheng reacted at this moment. Before Liu Mengmeng got up, he quickly crawled to Liu Mengmeng's side. Seeing Liu Mengmeng lying on the ground squirming desperately, he hated himself for a long time, and finally got up from the bed. He picked up a pillow and pressed it hard on Liu Mengmeng's face.

At this time, there was only a piercing scream outside. After a stalemate for a long time, the eagle suddenly bit the little green snake on the "seven inches", then picked up the little green snake and shook its head crazily, as if to try to kill it. A snake was bitten to pieces, and the hair was all over the ground. At this time, Liu Mengmeng in the room suddenly straightened out his belly and shook it wildly from side to side. The frequency of his movements was the same as that of an eagle carving the snake outside.

"Fight… the fight started…" Aunt Chen was also dumbfounded at this time, "Chengcheng… don't come out behind your old man." At this time, Liu Mengmeng was struggling harder and harder, while Kong Dacheng was trembling with fear and his face turned blue. , he couldn't hold it down anymore. At this time, Zhang Guoyi simply opened the blanket from the bed and covered Liu Mengmeng with a splash, "Come on, come on, come on! One corner for each person!"

Zhang Guoyi, Kong Dacheng, Aunt Chen, and Zhang Yicheng each pressed a corner of the blanket, and saw Liu Mengmeng tossing and turning in the middle. Suddenly, there was a stabbing sound, and one of Liu Mengmeng's arms actually made a big hole in the blanket, and a blood stain The wet little hand was pulling wildly. It didn't matter. Kong Dacheng, who was closest to the hand, sat on the ground with a groan. When he relaxed, Liu Mengmeng rubbed against the ground for only two or three seconds. He poked his head out from under the blanket, raised his face, and met Kong Dacheng's eyes, "Great… Immortal… spare… spare my life…" At this time, Kong Dacheng was so frightened that he didn't know what to say…

At this moment, hearing the sound of flapping wings outside the window, Liu Mengmeng suddenly went underground and stopped moving again.

"Oh my god," Kong Dacheng hurriedly crawled up behind Zhang Guoyi, "Zhang…Brother…she…isn't she dead…?"

At this time, Aunt Chen was too frightened to stand up. She reluctantly held on to the stool next to her and stood up tremblingly and looked out the window, "How come… everything… is gone?"

Zhang Guoyi stood up, took a look out the window, and was about to push the door out when he suddenly heard a click and saw a green snake falling from the sky and falling to the ground, with a large pool of blood flowing out and slowly turning its body.

At this time, Liu Mengmeng was also like a snake, turning over several times as if he was not awake. Finally, his belly was facing up, and he suddenly began to foam at the mouth.

"Old man, it's successful!" Zhang Guoyi raised his head and looked out the window. The little snake was in a pool of blood, belly up and motionless, but the eagle stood on Fangshan Mountain, continued to spread its wings, and kept screaming, as if It's showing off victory.

"It's dead…that thing is dead…" Zhang Yicheng opened the door, took a look, and found a tree branch to play with the little snake's body.

"Come back! I'm tired of living with you!" Zhang Guoyi pulled Zhang Yicheng back, "Master Xu, come in!!"

After a while, a group of workers entered the courtyard, "Master Xu, please put some gasoline on this and burn it…" Zhang Guoyi pointed to the body of the little snake on the ground, "Dig a hole and burn it… Fill the hole after it's burned…" Oh, by the way, dig deeper…" Zhang Guoyi was still frightened by the previous scene.

At this time, Kong Dacheng also shivered out of the house. The eagle was quite obedient. As soon as it saw its owner, it immediately flew from Fangshan to Kong Dacheng's shoulder. The snake blood on its talons stained Kong Dacheng's clothes and made him smell fishy. Pungent.

"Hey…go!" Kong Dacheng unexpectedly coaxed Ying away, immediately took off his clothes and threw them aside, "Oh my God, Brother Zhang, you almost turned your brother over this time. …”

"Uncle Kong, don't you want this bird?" Zhang Yicheng was really interested in this kite.

"No, no, no…" Kong Dacheng was almost scared to death, "Let's release the animals. If you accumulate some good deeds, then let's release them!"

"This is a bird that can save people…!" Zhang Guoyi came up and handed Kong Dacheng a cigarette.

"If I end up like that (Tianjin local dialect, equivalent to virtue), I don't need it to save me! I'll knock myself to the ground and die! I won't support you anymore! This thing is so damn evil!" At this moment! Zhong Guiling Zhang Yicheng , the bird was still hovering around Kong Dacheng, but Kong Dacheng coaxed it away.

"Uncle Kong, can you give it to me?" Zhang Yicheng saw the opportunity and was not polite.

"Okay, okay, if you can catch me, it's yours!" Kong Dacheng lit up his cigarette and looked up, only to find that Zhang Yicheng had already disappeared. In less than a minute, Zhang Yicheng took out a lot of things from the kitchen of Liu Mengmeng's house: peanuts. Rice, pickled mustard, soybean curd, pork skin jelly, soybean sprouts, frozen meat…a large handful of sticky rice, plopped down on the ground, and stayed away. The kite immediately discovered the things on the ground and pounced. He went straight to the frozen meat. At this time, Zhang Yicheng cautiously stepped forward and stepped on the rope on the kite's leg. "Hey… don't sign you!" When Kong Dacheng saw that the child really wanted it, he was afraid of something happening (Kite) They are birds of prey. Wild kites feed on small birds such as sparrows and have a ferocious temperament.) He picked up the clothes on the ground and covered the kite with a splash…

"Guoyi! Wake up, wake up!" At this time, Aunt Chen poked her head out of the room, "Wake up! Everyone is awake!"

The three of them entered the house and found Mrs. Sun lying on the bed humming. Liu Mengmeng was awake, her eyes were distinguishing between black and white, and she was lying on the ground with a rope tied around her body, crying.

Opening his eyes, Zhong Guiling Zhang Yicheng found Zhang Guoyi and Aunt Chen standing next to him. The first thing Mrs. Sun did was to struggle to get up and kneel down, but Zhang Guoyi stopped her, "You are so polite, Mengmeng is a big flower of the motherland, I As an educator, this is my responsibility…" These words gave Aunt Chen goosebumps…

"By the way, Yicheng, how do you know that burning the beams can cure that hanged man?" Zhang Guoyi drove Zhang Yicheng home. When no one was around, he quickly asked about what happened just now, "Also, this bird What’s going on with that snake?”

"Hehe, it was my uncle who asked me to burn the beams, and it was my idea to use the eagle!" Zhang Yicheng held the kite in both hands, proudly, "I asked my mother about my grandfather, but neither my mother nor my father followed me. He said, later I asked my eldest uncle, and he told me for a long time that to cure a hanged person, you have to burn the beam of the house where he hanged himself!"

"Oh… then… why are you burning the beams?" Zhang Guoyi is also quite new. His brother does this, but he has never asked specifically, "Is that thing on the beams?"

"I don't know. Just ask me…I know how to burn the beams!" Zhang Yicheng said proudly, "Also, snakes are afraid of eagles! I've learned all about the food chain in nature class."

"I seem to know something!" Zhang Guoyi nodded.

"As my mother said, this is called one thing subjugating another! Snakes eat field mice, and eagles eat snakes! No matter how powerful the snake is, it can't beat the eagle! Because snakes are afraid of eagles in their hearts! Isn't that the big snake in The Legend of the Condor Heroes? Did you let the big eagle kill you?"

Zhang Guoyi broke out in a cold sweat after hearing these words. Such a risky method can only rely on a Hong Kong and Taiwan TV series… This kid will not be easy in the future…

"Yicheng… Listen to mom, our family can't raise this thing…" Even though he wanted to beat the child, most of the time, Li Erya still spoiled the child. At this moment, he saw that the child had brought back a kite for no reason, and My son refused to keep the bird in a cage, so I tried to persuade him to let the bird go.

"I don't want to!" Zhang Yicheng yelled, relying on Zhang Guoyi to go crazy with the people in front of him, "I want to support him!"

"Sister-in-law, if you want to raise the child, let him raise it. It's okay to tie him up with a rope!" Zhang Guoyi didn't dare to say what happened just now, "My buddy bought this for more than 200 yuan, and I only gave it to him after I talked a lot. My nephew is coming over, it would be a pity to let him go…"

Under the insistence of the two men, Li Erya had no idea and agreed to Zhang Yicheng to keep the kite on the balcony, but the prerequisite was that it must be tied with a rope…

"Oh…!" Zhang Yicheng took the kite and went straight to the balcony, "I already have her in my heart, oh! She arrived before you…" Zhang Yicheng was so happy that he started singing pop songs…

About two weeks later, Zhang Guoyi came to Li Erya's house again.

"What? Can you go to class again?" Li Erya was also very surprised.

"Who am I? If you don't give me face, you have to give face to the Wu Bureau!" Zhang Guoyi looked like a ruffian, "Now that little girl has gone back to class again, and the hospital issued a certificate that it was appendicitis for surgery! What the hell is it? You are wronging me. He's a nephew! Don't worry, sister-in-law, I'll ask their principal to come with snacks to apologize to you tomorrow!" Zhang Guoyi's bragging is boundless…

"No need to apologize! No need to apologize! Just go to school in Yicheng…" Li Erya didn't hear that Zhang Guoyi was actually bragging, but he finally let go of the big stone in his heart…

On his first day at school, Zhang Yicheng entered the class with great swagger. A group of former "underlings" immediately came up to ask questions. Zhang Yicheng glanced at Liu Mengmeng secretly and found that Liu Mengmeng was looking at him. The two looked at each other, and Liu Mengmeng immediately turned his head. Low.

The bell rang, and the head teacher came in, staring at Zhang Yicheng's luck, but there was nothing he could do. The secretary of the secretary had personally found the principal, and he also had a medical certificate showing that he had undergone surgery for appendicitis.

Halfway through the class, someone suddenly stabbed Zhang Yicheng with the tip of a pen. Zhang Yicheng understood that there was a note. When he opened the note, he saw three small words: Thank you!

Zhang Yicheng turned around and found Liu Mengmeng raising his head to listen to the lecture as if nothing had happened, while Li Zheng behind him was amused and pointed at Liu Mengmeng with the tip of his pen.

"Don't thank me, it's the person I, Old Bai, are looking for." Zhang Yicheng passed the note back. After a while, the note came back. Zhang Yicheng opened it and looked at it, his eyes almost fell out: I know it was you, I was watching from the side.

It's strange. The old man said that the person who was flushed didn't know anything afterwards… How could she stand and watch…?


Regarding Zhang Yicheng's question about what Zhang Guoyi's name should be, after repeated verification by myself, it should be "Lao Bo" (pronounced "Old Boy"). In Tianjin, only his father's elder brother is called "Uncle", while his father's younger brother is called "Uncle". "Uncle", before a friend pointed out this mistake, I refused to admit it. Now I feel really ashamed. I will listen to everyone's opinions humbly in the future. Here, I would like to express my gratitude to the friends who raised questions on this issue before!

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