Zhong Guiling Zhang Yicheng Chapter 36 The Broken Plaque

"Ah… let's not talk about this anymore…" Zhou Yunran seemed to be unable to bear it any longer. Before Zhang Yicheng could speak, he changed the subject, "Tell me about your big brother Tong…"

Brother Tong? Zhang Yicheng was stunned, "What does he have to say?" "

"Aren't you worried about him?" Zhou Yunran raised her head, her face still red, "Didn't you say that he was possessed by a ghost? Now he was hit by a car and is in a coma in the hospital…"

"It's useless for me to worry about him… My father, my uncle, and a group of old men in their 70s and 80s, including Zhong Guiling and Zhang Yicheng , all set out to explore for his sake…" Zhang Yicheng curled his lips, "I don't know what to do now. Where have those old men gone? I can’t find him, so I can only wait here.”

"Your father is eighty years old?" Zhou Yunran looked surprised.

"My dad is not yet fifty, and the ones who are eighty are my uncle and another friend." Zhang Yicheng smiled and said to himself, girl, what do you think?

"How did they know where Brother Tong had been?" Zhou Yunran asked. "They found a GPS locator from his belongings, which stored some of his positioning information before the car accident, so they went to find it." Zhang Yicheng He shook his head. "But now that the locator has been taken away by them, there are no other clues."

"Didn't you just say that Brother Tong had found the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom's treasure a year ago?" Zhou Yunran suddenly had an idea, "Since he can find it, we can also look for it. If we find the treasure, we can find you." Dad?"

"Dizzy…" Zhang Yicheng almost fell downstairs with his head thrown. He thought Zhou Yunran could offer some constructive suggestions this week, "Brother Tong has been looking for him for more than ten years. Now there are no clues. How can we find it?"

"Well," Zhou Yunran seemed a little helpless, "By the way, how long has this inn been open?"

"Hey… I have to ask Boss Tong about this…" Zhang Yicheng specifically looked at the condition of the furniture around him. "It must have just opened not long ago, the furniture is still very new!"

"Then why does he live here?" Zhou Yunran asked, "It's not cheap here!"

"Shut up…" Zhang Yicheng lost his temper because of the quilt, "It should be because of the environment. Look, there is a fish pond in the courtyard…"

"Is that called a pond?" Zhou Yunran smiled, "I don't think he lived here just for the good environment! Also, his ancestor's surname was Du. Have you ever thought about why his surname was 'Tong'? "

"Uh, Zhang Yicheng, Zhong Guiling , this should be to avoid being chased by the court…" Zhang Yicheng said, "Think about it, his ancestors rebelled. The court will definitely eradicate it. In ancient times, it was important to implicate the nine clans, let alone their sons and grandchildren. , whatever the brother-in-law and the second uncle are responsible for, as long as they are relatives, no one will be spared, they must be arrested and shot to avoid future troubles. "

"I know this!" Zhou Yunran said, "I'm just saying, why does he have the surname 'Tong'! Have you ever thought about it, this surname is rare, there are so many popular surnames of Zhang Wang, Li Zhao and he does not have the same surname. Why do you have to change your surname to Tong?"

"This…how do I know? Who knows what his ancestors were thinking at that time? It was probably decided by throwing away shoes?" Zhang Yicheng was stunned when Zhou Yunran asked, thinking that this woman's thinking is really different from that of men. Okay, how can you pay attention to these insignificant details? Is it possible that this boy's last name has something to do with the treasure?

"Tong…" Zhou Yunran wrote the word "Tong" on the glass plate with her finger, then raised her head and looked around, "I think there must be his intention…"

"The young couple were having a lively chat." At this moment, Boss Dong brought two cups of coffee upstairs, "Here, try this, Zhengyu's Yunnan arabica coffee!"

"Oh… thank you so much!" Zhang Yicheng stood up quickly, "Boss Dong, you are so polite!"

"I'm not disturbing you, right?" Boss Dong put down the coffee and turned around to go downstairs, "If you need anything, just shout and I'll bring it to you! These two cups are free!"

"Brother Dong," Zhou Yunran suddenly stopped Boss Dong, "How old is your house?"

"Don't talk about it for two hundred years!" Boss Dong became excited when someone asked about the history of the ancient house.

"Is it related to Du Wenxiu?" Zhou Yunran continued to ask.

"Yes! When Du Wenxiu first occupied Dali, this courtyard was his temporary headquarters. Later, when Du Wenxiu built a general's residence, he awarded the courtyard to one of his generals named Ma Rong. After Du Wenxiu's fall, this house was awarded to a deputy general by the Qing army commander Cen Yuying. Later, the deputy general returned to his hometown and gave the courtyard to a scholar to open a library!" Boss Dong's face was full of interest, Qian Jian was in Zhang Yicheng Sitting cross-legged next to him, he pointed to the bookshelf not far away, "Did you see the plaque on the bookshelf? That was an object left over from the original uprising. I rescued it from the storage room. I was almost regarded as a Throw away the rags.”

Following Boss Dong's direction, I saw that there was indeed a fragment of a plaque in the bookshelf, with the four words "Revolution Chen Lixin" written on it. The inscription on the plaque was already incomplete. But the four big characters on it are still intact.

"Renovate the old and establish the new?" Zhou Yunran seemed thoughtful, "Brother Dong, can I see this plaque?"

"Okay…" Boss Dong nodded.

"It's so strange…" Zhou Yunran stood up and walked to the bookshelf, reaching out and knocking out each word of "Ge Chen Li Xin", "Dong…Brother Dong, can you remove…this plaque…" Yet?"

"Ah?" Boss Dong was stunned, "You…what do you want…to do?"

"Of course, enough is enough…" Zhang Yicheng was also a little embarrassed. Although Ruan Yi was worthless in the eyes of the landlord, it was a treasure in the eyes of Boss Dong. Even though Boss Dong was quite polite, he couldn't be so indifferent. …

"I suspect that this plaque is hollow," Zhou Yunran pursed her lips and said, "Brother Dong, that guest named Tong is a descendant of Du Wenxiu, did you know?"

"Uh… I really don't know about this…" Boss Dong shook his head, "What does that have to do with this plaque?"

"You see, the word 'tong' is written with the word 'Li' on the top and the word 'Li' on the bottom, which is the single side of 'Li', so I suspect it has something to do with the word 'Li' on this plaque!" Zhou Yunran said.

"Of course, when this plaque was written, there was no word "Jian Xiu"…" Zhang Yicheng said. "That's not how the traditional Chinese character 'li' is written!" Speaking of traditional Chinese characters, Zhang Yicheng knows a lot. The traditional way of writing "li" is "里".

"Hmm… It seems to make sense." Despite Zhang Yicheng's disbelief, Boss Dong quite agreed with Zhou Yunran's analysis, "Then what do you think Du Wenxiu might be hiding?"

"It's like a suicide note… I don't know…" Zhou Yunran shook her head, "I also guessed."

Let me take a look…" Boss Dong simply took the broken plaque off the bookshelf, turned it over and started tapping on the back of the plaque. After a few taps, he frowned, "It seems to be hollow…"

Boss Dong knocked on the place on the back of the plaque that made an unusual sound, and then looked at the front. It seemed that it really was the place with the word "Li". "Xiao Zhang, there is a clay pot under the coffee table, and there is a bottle opener inside. Please pass it to me…"

Seeing this, it seems that Boss Dong wants to remove the plaque himself. "Boss Dong,…you have to think about it…" Zhang Yicheng gingerly handed the bottle opener to Boss Dong.

"If there is nothing, please don't blame us…"

"How can I blame you… Anyway, I smashed the back, just put it on display without delay," Boss Dong smiled, took the bottle opener and popped the back of the plaque, "Haha, it's really hollow."

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