Chapter 34 Strange Dream

At the same time, Tianjin.

For Zhang Yicheng, tutoring for homework is tantamount to punishment; for Zhou Yunran, tutoring for Zhang Yicheng is tantamount to an even greater punishment.

Zhou Yunran's tutoring ideas were nothing more than the traditional tutoring methods of "If you have any questions, just ask me, and I'll tell you if you don't know." However, Zhang Yicheng opened the exercise outline and was stunned for a long time, but he didn't even ask a question.

"You can do all these questions?" Seeing Zhang Yicheng frowning and saying nothing, could it be that he can do all these questions? Are you pretending to be bad at studying?

"No…" Zhang Yicheng shook his head.

"Why don't you ask me…" Zhou Yunran was quite stern.

"I don't know where I wouldn't…" Zhang Yicheng's eyes were extremely innocent.

"You did it on purpose, right? Is that possible?"

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"It's not that I don't know the question, it's that I don't know how to ask it… Please tell me how to pronounce this symbol first…" Zhang Yicheng pointed at the "∑" in an algebra question and said aggrievedly.

"Oh my God…" Zhou Yunran slapped her forehead with a look of despair, "How did you graduate from junior high school?"

"Could this thing have appeared in junior high school?" Zhang Yicheng flipped the textbook over and over and changed the angle, "It doesn't look like it. I haven't seen such a thing in junior high school…"

"I fainted…" Zhou Yunran was helpless, "Forget it, let's make up for the chemistry first today…"

"Okay, chemistry is my strong point…"

"You start with the first chapter of the comprehensive exercise outline. If you have any questions, just ask me…" Zhou Ran said tremblingly, "If you don't know this, you don't know how to ask it?"

"No, no, this will definitely be asked…" Zhang Yicheng was quite confident, "Come on, look at this question: Put Fe, Cu, Fe2+, Fe3+ and CL12+ in the same container to fully react. If there is Fe left, then There can only be… Alas, do you think these grandsons are full of food? What if they mix so many things together and blow them up? And what about 'if there is iron left', how did he do it? Do you know there is a surplus of iron?"

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"Is this… your problem?" Zhou Yunran was about to die.

"No, no, no, I just think these questions are too mentally retarded…" Zhang Yicheng chuckled, "Look, look, there is also this question. According to media reports: There were lawless elements in society who used brass (copper) , zinc alloy) to carry out fraudulent activities by pretending to be gold. Please design an experiment to identify brass and gold. Please look at the answer below: Put brass and gold into dilute nitric acid respectively. The dissolved one is brass, and the unreactive one is Gold, don’t you think this is a lottery? In order to prevent fraud, I have to carry a bottle of nitric acid with me. If there is a bottle of nitric acid on me, I have to identify it, so I can just splash it on my face, okay?”

"Hahaha…" Zhou Yunran rarely smiled happily, "Can you be more serious…"

Unknowingly, it was already late at night. Instead of improving Zhang Yicheng's level, Zhou Yunran's level actually dropped…

After bidding farewell to Zhou Yunran, she returned home anxiously. The first thing she did was turn on the computer to play games. She was delayed for several days, but she didn't even pass a single boss. What's the point?

However, just when he entered the game screen, Zhang Yicheng almost hit the screen with a dizziness like hypoglycemia. After that, his two eyes were like rubbing sand, and the upper and lower eyelids kept fighting. At first, Zhang Yicheng thought that he was overdoing his homework with Zhou Yunran, and secretly went outside to wash his face with cold water. Unexpectedly, as soon as he returned home, he couldn't stand it any longer, so he had no choice but to turn off the computer and sleep. As for why he was suddenly so sleepy, Zhang Yicheng himself wondered. This was the first time in the past three years that he had given up playing games due to lack of physical strength. Could it be that excessive use of the brain caused premature aging?

"Zhang Yicheng, where is your father?" In the haze, Zhang Yicheng seemed to hear someone speaking in his ear. The voice was very familiar, but he couldn't remember who it was for the moment.

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"My dad?" Zhang Yicheng opened his eyes in a daze, feeling that he couldn't see his fingers. He touched around and felt that there seemed to be a stone wall around him, which was damp, and he didn't know where it was.

"Zhang Yicheng, where is your father?" At this moment, Zhang Yicheng heard the voice just now again.

"Yeah, where's my dad?" After hearing this voice, Zhang Yicheng began to wonder inexplicably. In his memory, the last contact with Zhang Guozhong seemed to be a long time ago. If it weren't for the reminder of this voice, he would have almost forgotten it. And a dad.

"Am I dreaming?" Standing up, Zhang Yicheng touched his body, and it felt real. He seemed to be wearing clothes he had never seen before, and he was carrying a large canvas bag for holding magical instruments on his back. He weighed it and felt very Shen, you should have brought everything you need to bring.

"Dad!" Holding the stone wall beside him, Zhang Yicheng shouted to the person in front of him. As he shouted, he felt that the stone walls on both sides suddenly disappeared, and the surrounding space suddenly became brighter. Seven or eight meters away from him was a waterway that led directly to a cave in the distance. There seemed to be a person lying next to the waterway.

"Dad…is that you?" Zhang Yicheng wanted to look for him, but his legs felt like they were filled with lead. He wanted to move forward but couldn't move forward no matter what.

"Go find your dad!" The voice in his ears seemed to be getting farther and farther away… "Dad!!" Zhang Yicheng suddenly sat up and saw the sky was bright outside the window. It was definitely a rare good weather. He looked up The clock on the wall said it was almost 9 o'clock. It seemed like I had a dream just now.

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"Damn, it's really a dream…" Just when Zhang Yicheng woke up from his nap, he suddenly heard a strange voice clearly in his ears that sounded like a dream, "Go find your dad!"

"Holy shit…" Zhang Yicheng's head buzzed and he immediately woke up. Isn't this voice the same "immortal" voice that led him to subdue Zhou Sen and rescue Zhou Yunran not long ago? "Go find your dad…what do you mean?" In confusion, Zhang Yicheng picked up his cell phone and dialed Zhang Guozhong's number. It said that the phone was turned off. When he dialed Liu Tou's cell phone again, it was still turned off.

"Why don't any of these crooked old people open their mouths…" After hesitating, Zhang Yicheng dialed the number directly to the Inn on Eight Thousand Miles Road. After asking, he found out that Zhong Guiling, Zhang Yicheng , and the other three had set out early in the morning. Entering the mountains.

"Mom!!" Zhang Yicheng shouted with all his strength after hanging up the phone.

"What's the matter?" Li Erya, who was drying clothes in the yard, seemed to hear Zhang Yicheng's voice and trotted into the house.

"I have to go find my dad!" Zhang Yicheng got out of bed, "Hurry up and get me some money!"

"Why are you looking for him? What kind of evil moth are you thinking of again?" Li Erya frowned with his hands on his hips.

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"It's not a demon moth… it's God's will…" Zhang Yicheng said casually, "The gods gave me a dream today and asked me to find my dad!"

"The will of the gods?" Li Erya almost made Zhang Yicheng angry to death, "I think you are quite amazing! Your dad said, let me watch you study! You are not allowed to go anywhere except school! There are still ten more days It’s just the exam and you can’t just sit back and relax?”

"Mom, do you know that I caught bad guys two days ago?" Zhang Yicheng looked nonchalant, not caring about the exam at all, "Outer Ring Road, such a cornered community, do you know how I found it? Zhang Yicheng squinted and said, "Didn't my dad tell you that I have a fairy attached to me?"

"Huh?" Li Erya was also stunned. It seemed that he had indeed heard the old man say two days ago that his son had some kind of great immortal attached to him. He seemed to be quite powerful, because his father had been tormented by gods and ghosts for many years. He said When it comes to gods and ghosts, Li Erya is even more convinced than Zhang Guozhong, "He seems to have mentioned it…"

"You're right…" Zhang Yicheng said calmly, "At first, it was the god in me who guided me to find that place. Now the god in me is guiding me to find my dad! Do you think I should go?"

"Ah?" After hearing what Zhang Yicheng said, Li Erya immediately panicked, "Then your dad won't be in any danger, right?"

"Don't think nonsense!" Zhang Yicheng curled his lips, "The gods just told me to look for it, and nothing else! Who knows what's going on? Maybe it's about picking up the wallet and winning the lottery? The gods asked us to do this, we Just do as you're told, don't ask anything else, it's all secret and must not be leaked!"

"Then your exam…" Li Erya was still worried.

"What kind of test? What kind of test should I take if I buy a lottery ticket and win 1.8 million on the way…" Zhang Yicheng seemed a little impatient, "Okay, okay, you get me some money, I'll go Find my dad…" As he spoke, Zhang Yicheng dialed Zhou Yunran's number. He dropped out of school just after making up one class. He had to say hello to this girl no matter what, right?

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