Chapter 221

On the top of the West Peak, Chung Yixian, who had been staying out of the way, caught a glimpse of the chubby baby holding the "Dunhuang Nightmare Picture", and couldn't help but said in amazement: "The living master ran out, and his body would be broken in the sun."

"What 'teacher'?" Du Shiniang asked her in surprise. (

Chung Yixian roughly explained the origin of the baby, which was also told by Youliang on the train.

Liu Shisan smiled wryly, sighed and said: "Although this boy Youliang has many adventures, it's a pity that he has a stubborn temper and lacks alertness. Judging from today's situation, if he sacrificed his life to protect Miss Erya, he might both perish on the West Peak. "He knew that with his little efforts, he couldn't save the two of them.

Professor Guan also shook his head helplessly.

At this moment, Huang Laoyan was staring at Concubine Dong Gui intently, and was puzzled to find that she had recovered her previous appearance, still as pretty and charming as before.

Concubine Dong Gui threw herself into his arms, talking eagerly, pointing to Youliang and Erya who were besieged on the edge of the cliff, as if she wanted Huang Laoyan to rescue her, but no one else could hear it, probably Only Huang Laoyan can understand what she means.

"You mean you want me to save him?" Huang Laoyan asked.

Concubine Dong Gui nodded vigorously.

Huang Laoyan scratched his belly, and let out a "ha-chi" sound in his throat. The sound was very similar to that of a pig's strong voice. He turned his questioning eyes to Uncle Fei.

Uncle Fei was still not sure whether he could completely control him, so he decided to test it again, so he coldly ordered: "Huang Laoyan, go and kill the three people in the mask."

Huang Laoyan replied respectfully: "Yes, master."

He turned around and took a few steps forward, then rubbed his palms and sent out a seven-colored nightmare light towards the mask, the temperature inside the mask suddenly rose.

At this moment, the second treasure of Maoshan was tightly protecting the old nun, and the curled and coked beard and hair burst into flames, and the thick smoke billowed in the mask, which looked like a black smoke column covering the bowl from the outside. .

People heard a hoarse voice from inside: "Lao Ni, Mao Da's true love for you will never change until death."

"Wuuu, so is Mao Er." The cry was so miserable that it broke the hearts of those who heard it.

"Oh, it's the old nun who failed you two brothers." A long sigh came from inside the hood, and then fell into a deep silence.

Maoshan Erbao and Lao Ni were burned alive by Huang Laoyan.

Daoist Wei beat his chest and cried loudly beside him, Brother Bao, Xiao Linzi, Chung Yixian and others were all stunned.

"Well, 'a man who is about to die has good words' is enough to show the true feelings between the two of them." Du Shiniang said quietly with red eyes.

"Brother Youliang" at the edge of the cliff, Erya came to her senses and saw clearly that she was lying in Youliang's arms, a zombie Taoist priest and four evil blood demons , and tears of joy flowed down her ugly and wrinkled face.

"Go, get out of the way!" Xue Daochan had already issued an ultimatum.

Youliang smiled gently at Erya, then raised his head resolutely, his dark eyes were already blood-red, facing the three peerless masters in the world, he gritted his teeth and said: "Forgive me. "

"If that's the case, don't blame us for being rude." Xue Daochan 's green light suddenly shot up.

Young Nightmare has already lost his skills, just relying on Youliang, he will never be able to resist his own "Green Demon Phosphorous Fire", Xue Daochan thought to himself.

Youliang saw a ball of green energy rolling towards him, he didn't know what it was, anyway, he didn't know anything else, so he could only use the palm of his hand to deal with it, so he stood up with a single palm, and Laogong acupoint issued a strong The old Yin Qi hit him head-on.

"Green Demon Phosphorus Fire" is a kind of yin fire, which is different from the scorching open fire. It looks like there is no fire, but it is easy to wear when it touches the clothes. One hundred times sulfuric acid.

The cyan phosphorescent fire met Mengyi Palm in mid-air, and Youliang's Laoyin Qi was extremely cold, even Zen Master Gukong couldn't compare with it. But the sound of "sizzling, hissing" can be heard endlessly, and white water vapor diffuses everywhere, covering the figures of Youliang and Erya.

After a while, before the mist cleared, a hand suddenly stretched out from the mist and grabbed Xue Daochan's right arm, and blamed him for thinking that Youliang was not his opponent at all, so he was negligent and did not take precautions.

Xue Daochan quickly mobilized Qingmang to fight back, but unexpectedly, he suddenly felt the gates of Lingdao, Tongli, Yinxi, and Shenmen acupoints lined up side by side at the Shaoyin Heart Meridian on his wrist opened wide at the same time, and the true energy in his body gushed out like a flood. This time he was scared silly, how could this happen? In astonishment, he struck out his left palm with all his strength, but his arm only lifted a little and then dropped down, limp and powerless at all.

Jia Daochang's expression changed suddenly when he saw it from the side, and he exclaimed in surprise: "The bardo sucks corpses!"

Although his voice was not loud, Zen Master Gukong was shocked when he heard it. Legend has it that Guo Pu, a master of mathematicians in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, created this technique, which can be called "the first magic technique in the Central Plains". Extreme eas;. However, this frightening sorcery has been lost after his death. Many people in the rivers and lakes of the past dynasties have searched all over the Central Plains, but to no avail. How could this young monk understand this technique?

Suddenly, Zen Master Gukong gave a shock. He remembered that when he saw him for the first time on Yuelu Mountain, he found that the strong old yin energy in his body was rare in the world. He thought it was innate in the world. It seems that it is caused by sucking a lot of other people's true energy. I have been with him for a long time, and I have also taught him the "Dream Legacy Magic Art", but I didn't realize it at all. If this is the case, then this person's city is simply unfathomable, and it is really terrible.

Thinking of this, a layer of cold sweat broke out on Gu Kong's forehead.

At this moment, Xue Daochan's face was as golden as paper, pale and bloodless, his lips moved twice but he couldn't speak, his begging eyes looked weakly at Zen Master Gukong.

"Although this evil 'bardo sucking corpse' is extremely vicious, it is still not enough to suck people from a distance. Master, be careful, don't get close to him." Daoist Jia kindly reminded Zen Master Gukong, and at the same time once again Opening the navel of Heibuliuqiu, he exhausted all his strength and sprayed a beam of zhenqi the thickness of a finger towards Youliang, and it roared through the air.

Youliang grabbed Xue Daochan's hand and turned his body, with a "bang" sound like a blow, the beam of true energy hit his back in an instant, and the transparent cicada wings that Wu Chan hadn't retracted couldn't withstand the Quanzhen sect's attack. The Xuantian Gangqi suddenly broke into pieces and scattered down like snowflakes.

Xue Daochan shuddered from the pain, but he couldn't cry out.

"Amitabha, please stop, don't hurt Benefactor Xue." Zen Master Gu Kong hurriedly begged.

Jia Daochang let out a muffled snort, his body moved forward involuntarily, his facial muscles twisted, Xuantiangang Qi was continuously snatched away by the "bardo-sucking corpse" through Xue Daochan's body, and he tried hard to close it. The belly button was closed, but the beam of true energy still gushed out like a sea wave.

"You Liang, hurry up and stop!" Han Sheng in the distance saw that something was wrong, and his figure flickered towards him, but he didn't know how to stop it.

Youliang is also involuntary at this moment, the witch cicada has been cultivating underground in the "spiritual field" of the Sutra Pavilion in Yuelu Mountain for more than a thousand years, and the corpse's aura is extremely strong and escapes from the ground, so there is a "firefly" landscape. Guo Pu's "Corpse Suction" is his nemesis. Once he eats the marrow and knows the taste, he can't control it, and he can't stop it.

Youliang only felt the incomparable comfort of all the bones and nine orifices in his body, and he was even a little intoxicated by it. After a while, a stream of authentic Xuantiangang Qi struck in the corpse air, which was the pure Xuantian Gang Qi of Quanzhen Sect. violent tremors.

Suddenly, a warm qi rose from the dantian, surrounding and swallowing all the external qi in the body, and I felt a burst of relief all over my body. What he didn't know was that the Qi of "Bitting Needle" was being fused and absorbed with its extremely powerful ancient energy and transformed into used, which greatly improved Youliang's skill, and finally he could use "Bitting Needle" after completing his meritorious deeds. Even though I don't know how to use it.

Jia Daochang's complexion was ashen, and his whole body was shaking like chaff. If the Xuantian Gang Qi dissipated, he would lose his life. Unexpectedly, he tried his best to avoid physical contact with Youliang, but he still failed to escape the "bardo sucking corpse **" claws.

Han Sheng saw clearly from the sidelines that Daoist Jia's life was hanging by a thread, so he had no choice but to hastily order Shen Caihua: "Hurry up and save Daoist Jia with the 'Eighteen Forms of Wishing You'."

"Om oh, Nangjieshanatagahala…" The Sanskrit sound of the witch curse sounded, and the ghost baby had already suppressed his anger, and he raised his index finger and slashed fiercely at Youliang's arm.

You Liangyin caught a glimpse of a light blade striking in the air, but the Laogong acupoint on his left palm was stuck to Xue Daochan's wrist and was still greedily sucking the corpse's breath.

In an instant, the red blood mist all over the sky flew up, but when the forearm felt cold, the air blade of "Tianmen opened" instantly chopped off Youliang's left forearm all at once.

With a scream, You Liang shook his body, looked down at the blood gushing out of his left arm, and one hand had already fallen to the ground.

Both Xue Daochan and Jia Daochang collapsed, the true energy in their bodies was running out, and they were both struggling to survive, looking in a state of distress.

After Han Sheng's initial shock, he hurried forward and said, "You Liang, let me stop the bleeding quickly."

Youliang's face was pale and frosty, he tore off his skirt and tightened his broken arm, and said calmly, "Aren't you going to let Erya go?"

"Amitabha, go, take her away, the old monk will not embarrass you any more." Zen Master Gukong sighed.

"Hmph, want to leave? It's not that easy." Suddenly there was a sneer.

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