Chapter 165 Corpse Slough

At this moment, the chief, Uncle Fei and the others were all stunned when they heard this.

Master Chu smiled faintly: "There was only a pair of Zhu Hansheng's shoes in the Tabalin Temple, and there were no other items. Since the shoes had been stolen by the 'Guardian', I discussed with Mingyue Khenpo and Secretary Xing to use Song Laoguai's back. The bag pretended to be an impostor, and released the wind to lure the "Guardian" to take the bait, but did not inform others in advance to prevent leakage. Song Laoguai set off early to Meili Snow Mountain. Zhu Jianqiang sniffed the fake backpack all the way to find the "Guardian 'Fucked, finally showed up tonight to snatch the rucksack."

A trace of resentment flashed across Uncle Fei's face, but it was fleeting and no one noticed.

"So, Master Chu set up a trap, but Song Diweng died unjustly." The chief said, filled with resentment.

"The shoes are gone, and the hope of finding the Blue Moon Valley is completely shattered." Uncle Fei said dejectedly.

"That's not necessarily the case." Master Chu smiled slightly, and continued, "At least we already know the identity of the 'Guardian'. He is the old lama Baimei Tashi of the Muli Temple."

Uncle Fei looked at Master Chu suspiciously, wondering how he knew, could it be that he saw everything that happened in the tent just now?

Master Chu didn't explain, turned around and glanced at Song Laoguai, and said: "It turns out that the old Lama Tashi sealed his dumb point and activated the zombie point."

"What's a 'zombie cave'?" the chief asked in bewilderment.

"'Zombie Cave' is an extremely weird Sanskrit point in the primitive Bon religion. It controls the human cerebellum, and the body will move mechanically like a zombie. Even if it hits the wall, it can't stop. Chu just heard it. It's the first time I saw it, but he took an arrow at the Huantiao acupoint, and it seemed to take away a lot." Master Chu explained.

"Please quickly relieve Song Laoguai's acupoint." Secretary Xing had no choice but to turn to Master Chu for help.

"Chu doesn't know exactly how to unravel the zombie acupoint, so try taking a pill." Master Chu took out a wax pill from his treasure pouch and crushed it. Inside was a blood-red wax pill with a strong smell. The fishy little pill was stuffed into Song Laoguai's mouth.

Secretary Xing helped Song Laoguai back to his tent to rest.

"Master Chu, what are your plans now?" the chief asked.

Master Chu listened silently, and then said: "Don't worry, although the shoes are gone, someone knows the entrance to the Blue Moon Valley."

"Who?" The chief looked at him suspiciously.

"He's already here." Master Chu said with a smile.

The door curtain was lifted, and You Liang walked in, followed by Ye Lao, Zen Master Gu Kong and others.

"Go master!" Uncle Fei and the chief exclaimed.

"Uncle Fei, chief." Youliang greeted.

At this moment, the chief looked at Youliang silently. Even though he knew the details of his past, it was better not to tell it. use.

"Uncle Fei, Mr. Ye who came here with Youliang knows the sign of the blue moon valley entrance, which is a blue lake under Meili Snow Mountain." Master Chu introduced.

Uncle Fei and the Chief were greatly surprised when they heard this.

"Mr. Ye, how did you know about the Blue Moon Valley Passage?" Uncle Fei asked suspiciously.

"I came from there ten years ago." Ye Lao replied proudly.

"Is Taniguchi a blue lake?" The chief said to himself, "A reconnaissance plane of the Air Force found a lake back then. The water quality is as clear as sapphire, but it is surrounded by glaciers and snow peaks, and there is no passage. "

At this time, Can'er interrupted and said, "We have been looking for that blue lake for several months, and we have traveled all over the Meili Snow Mountain, but we still haven't found it."

"It's true that Taniguchi is by the lake." Ye Lao insisted.

"There is no such blue lake in the Meili Snow Mountain area." Can'er was absolutely sure.

"Could it really be that time and space drifted, and the lake disappeared out of thin air?" You Liang thought of the old Lama Tashi's words, feeling puzzled.

Master Chu pondered for a moment, then asked Can'er: "How did you know that the lake is the sign of entering the valley?"

"We don't know, Khenpo Mingyue ordered to find it." Can'er replied.

"This old Tashi old lama has weird kung fu, which is different from the martial arts of the Central Plains, and he made a decisive and fierce attack secretly. Song Diweng recalled and recognized him under the effect of the 'soul-destroying charm', and he did it easily under the eyes of everyone. It's really embarrassing to be silenced." Master Chu squatted down, carefully inspected the little dwarf's body, and finally found a thin hole between his two eyebrows, penetrating into the skull, but he did not find a steel needle. Type of hidden weapon.

Zen Master Gukong said: "At that time, I heard a very slight sound of breaking through the air. As far as I know, there is an ancient hidden weapon in the primitive Bon religion of Tibet called the 'Blood Curse Needle', but it has been lost for a long time. Maybe the old Lama Tashi used it. It is this kind of hidden weapon."

"What's the 'Blood Curse Needle'?" the chief asked, stroking Song Diweng's cheek with his palm. This little dwarf is the most loyal, and he will never leave him no matter whether he is in office or in the field.

"It is said that the essence and blood of a hundred-year-old boy's body is turned into needle gas, which is shot from between the eyebrows to injure people invisible, and disappears without leaving a trace when it enters the body. Imagine that life is rare in seventy years, let alone maintain a boy's body, so There have been very few people who have achieved this skill in ancient times." Zen Master Gu Kong explained.

"Uncle Fei, have you met him?" Master Chu glanced at Uncle Fei.

Uncle Fei sighed, and said: "I'm ashamed to say it, but seeing the red cassock flash, the backpack disappeared, and the speed of movement is unimaginable."

Master Chu blamed himself, "It's all because Chu didn't think carefully, and surprised Uncle Fei."

"What are you going to do next?"

"Look for that blue lake." Master Chu replied.

"Youliang!" Er'er called from outside the tent, she found that there was a lot of voices on the side of the big tent, and she saw Youliang's figure unexpectedly.

"Really?" Youliang walked out of the tent.

"Come on, Er Ya is sick." Er Ya didn't care to say anything else, and dragged him away.

In the tent, Erya was lying unconscious under the quilt. The skin below the neck was swollen and discolored as if soaked in water for many days, and her bare hands were full of wrinkles.

"Two Ah" Youliang rushed forward in shock, and hurriedly asked, "What's wrong with her? When did you come here?"

Xiaoyue blushed when she saw Youliang, and said, "Erya brought the scroll of "Dunhuang Nightmare Picture" from the capital city to the northwest of Yunnan, and wanted to find an expert who lives in seclusion in the Blue Moon Valley to rescue you from the painting. It was discovered on the plane that her feet were white and numb, and it became more and more serious on the way, and she suddenly went into shock just now."

"Xiaoyue," Youliang recognized her as the female military doctor who was with Dean Cong, and the cricket on Mount Heng who had a crush on Xue Daochan, "You and Erya came to Tabalin Temple together?"

Xiaoyue nodded: "Yes, Nika said that her master knew that this disease was called 'corpse slough', but he lived in seclusion in the Blue Moon Valley."

"We must find the Blue Moon Valley." Youconscience secretly said, Zhu Hansheng must also heal Erya well.

"Go to master, last time your amputee friend left without saying goodbye, is he okay now?" Xiaoyue said apologetically.

"He's fine." He didn't care about Lao Bai's life if he had a conscience.

At this moment, Zen Master Gu Kong, Xue Daochan, Taoist Master Xufeng and Ye Lao walked in.

"Go, I heard that Erya is sick?" Zen Master Gukong asked.

Daoist Xufeng stepped forward to investigate, a little puzzled: "It's strange, the skin is swollen and discolored, and the pulse is still beating strongly . Daoist Zombie Four Evil Gorefiends , but the person is unconscious."

"Master Dao, this disease has never been found before. Nika said it was called 'corpse slough'." Xiaoyue explained from the side.

"Corpse slough?" Daoist Xufeng was taken aback when he heard this, and said slowly, "In the "Supreme Secret Essentials" written by Yu Wenyong, Emperor Wu of the Northern Zhou Dynasty, there was a record of 'corpse dissection', which is called 'husband's corpse dissection, whose shape is Transformation, the practice of sloughing out the true nature, and the escaping and changing of the body, such as the skin and bones of a cicada, those who lose their bones or only leave bones or clothes are all called cadavers. I don't know if this "sloughing out" is the same. "

"The Taoist's 'decomposition' means ascending to immortality. The old monk thought that although the 'corpse sloughing' is also a kind of transformation, it is not from the world, but like Mr. Xue's cicada sloughing, it is a transition in practice, but Erya is currently The condition of the situation seems to be some kind of distortion." Gu Kong Zen Master pondered.

"Master, what do you mean by 'distortion'?" Conscience was burning with anxiety, and finally found Erya, so don't make any trouble again.

Zen Master Gukong looked at Youliang with gentle eyes, and after a long time, he slowly said: "Go, you are clear about Erya's life experience, she is a young nightmare, she didn't hatch according to the common sense, and she went crazy after going through ups and downs. And if there is distortion, you have to be mentally prepared, she may slowly die out."

Someone said in surprise, "Master, you mean?"

"I'm afraid she won't be able to wake up again." Zen Master Gukong looked very serious.

"No, it won't," You Liang shook his head, tears streaming from his eyes, "Erya can't fail to wake up, I must save her."

Zen Master Gu Kong walked out with a sigh, Xue Daochan and Daoist Xufeng didn't know how to comfort him, so they had to leave silently and let Youliang stay by Erya's side alone.

"Youliang, Erya has had a miserable life since she was a child, and now she just has a sweetheart and she is about to let go. It's really pitiful." The son can't comfort others, and she just goes to Youliang's sad place.

"Where there is struggle, there will be sacrifices. Dead things happen often, and they may be heavier than Mount Tai or lighter than a feather." Secretary Xing came behind him at some point, reciting a famous quote from a great man in his mouth, and then whispered in his ear, "Actually, those words It’s all a lie, of course it’s better not to die.”

Ye Lao stepped forward to take a look, and then signaled Youliang to follow him outside, his dumb acupuncture points had already been unlocked by Zen Master Gukong.

Seeing that there was no one around, Mr. Ye lowered his voice and said, "Only Zhu Hansheng can cure your little friend."

"It was Tashi who said that the blue lake had disappeared." Youliang said dejectedly.

"I still have a shortcut." Ye Lao smiled mysteriously.

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